Thinking of ink your body with a lavishing tattoo design! How about getting your collar bone inked! Yes, collar bone tattoos are the prime selection for both men and women to highlight the sensual part effectively. The tattoo style relates to an area that is near the chest, and hence, is perfect to make any kind of statement.

Stylish and Cute Collar Bone Tattoos:

Let’s check out some heart-throbbing designs that would encourage you to get it inked on your collar bone.

1. Script Collar Bone Tattoo:

The collection of collar bone tattoos female widely includes script tattoos. The lovely variety of fonts it provides you with would make any quote or statement you believe in highlighted to assemble with your persona.

2. Wave Collar Bone Tattoo:

Small collar bone tattoos have been an illusion for the youth to give their look a different look. Waves have been the best for decorating your collar bone, which indicates constant change, peace, and tranquillity.

3. Fighting Deer Collar Bone Tattoo:

Deer have always been synchronized with nature, and a fighting deer tattoo design has been one of the popular collarbone tattoo males. Made in black and grey ink, both the deer are represented in a fighting position, which shows strength and power.

4. Blue Rose Collar Bone Tattoo:

Female collar bone tattoos are incomplete without rose designs on the list. The blue rose with two dew drops on it gives a realistic touch to the tattoo. The tattoo mesmerizes literature, prosperity, unrequited love, and much more.

5. Birds Collar Bone Tattoo:

Birds have given various cute collar bone tattoos to get inked, especially for the female. The design carries several birds in flying state, which signposts freedom, perspective, liberation, peace, wisdom, luck, love, and joy.

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6. Lion Pattern Collar Bone Tattoo:

Lion gives a sturdy look to the men’s collar bone tattoos. The king of the jungle is widely adopted by the men who are associated with the forest line. The tattoo symbolizes the ability to rule, strength, wisdom, dominancy, and much more. This pattern is best among college boys or in a music band.

7. Eagle Wings Style Collar Bone Tattoo:

The eagle wings collar bone tattoo men give a deep meaning for the person who has inked it. It reveals the positive as well as the negative side of the person, which reveals protection from evildoers, grip, and balance in life, courage, creativity, healing, and much more.

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8. Skull with Roses Collar Bone Tattoo:

Skull and roses have a great area to accomplish an enduring tattoo in the collar bone area. The tattoo is suitable for both men and women, which relates to death, feminine, immortal love, sacrifice, passion, sensuality, and much more.

9. Tribal Collar Bone Tattoo:

The tattoo collarbone leaves a remarkable design when it is given a tribal design touch. The design not only covers the collarbone but also handles the neckline looking like a necklace. When given dark ink with grey shades, it leaves a stout impression.

Final Thoughts:

A tattoo on the collarbone is nearly the dream of every youth these days. The designs are widely loved by those who are looking for a simple and sophisticated yet fashionable look. They generally come with small and cute designs to select from. Girls like to try this style of tattoo pattern; if you use off-shoulder tops, then this style will suit you surely. Get some stylish patterns in a wide collection of collar bone tattoo designs.

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