Nowadays, Collar neck blouse designs are the most preferred style. Women love to wear various blouses for a unique, trendy look. With ready-made blouses available in every colour, you do not need to wait for tailors to stitch your blouse. A blouse with a collar is the best choice due to their easy availability of amazing designs. They can be custom fit for your size. You can have many blouses for a single saree but create a new look each time.

Amazing Collection of Saree Blouse Designs with Collar Neck:

Here are the 20 different collar neck blouses for women with images on special occasions.

1. Fancy Collar Blouse:

This designer collar neck pattern can be created by mixing multiple fabrics like raw silk, net and sequins. The puff sleeves add a feminine look to the blouse. This pattern highlights the shoulder and neck area. The best feature of this blouse is its versatility in matching multiple sarees.

2. Back Open Collar Blouse:

This beautiful back open pattern is another style of collar blouse. It comes with a heavy pattern on the neck that has buttons to open. One can opt for a Dori or tassel attached to the neck for a graceful look. The entire back and neck area are highlighted with work.

3. Mandarin Collar Blouse:

It is red colour Mandarin Collar neck blouse. The outer side of the blouse is covered with a net. The blouse is padded for a smooth finish; The mandarin colours are great for people with long necks. They offer the best coverage, and keeping the fabric light creates a comfortable yet sensual look.

4. Lace Blouse with Collar Neck:

This lace work blouse has a full collar and a side opening. The shoulder part of the blouse is generally kept transparent, whereas the bust is covered with a shiny material as the lining. This blouse is usually padded and is the perfect choice for flowing sarees.

5. Stylish Collar Neck Blouse:

It is the latest collar neck blouse design. It is a combination of lace and transparent fabric. Excellent lace work is stitched on the neck and sleeves. Plus, graceful pleats are given below the collar neck. One can create that picture-perfect look by opting for a contrast colour blouse.

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6. Designer Collar Blouse:

This high collar wale blouse has a unique design with both high necks and a deep-cut neck. One can get the lower neckline deep to reveal the cleavage area and look sensuous by opting for a high neck on the upper portion.

7. Net Collar Neck Blouse Design Front and Back:

In this blouse, the net fabric is used on both sides. Blending the net fabric with sequins allows one to create an elegant look that can be opted for both night and day parties. These blouses are perfect in colours like black, gold, silver etc. and can be reused on multiple sarees.

8. Latest Collar Blouse:

This trendy neck design combines a square neck pattern with a collar. Mixing different pieces of fabric can create a unique design to suit the saree. Using contrast colours and matching laces can look at a whole new level.

9. Shawl Collar Neck Blouse:

Shawl collar necks are great for a vintage look. They create that perfect antique look, especially when teamed with brocades. The shawl collar necks come with a thick and heavy neckline. The collar part is highlighted with contrast or printed fabric, keeping the rest of the blouse plain. They are the perfect match for light and muted colour sarees.

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10. Polo Neck Collar Blouse:

Polo necks are not only great for shirts, but they make beautiful blouse patterns. When made with light material, these neck blouses can transform the whole look and make you shine. You can opt for both traditional and western sarees.

11. Stand Collar Blouse:

The stand patti blouse design comes with collars highlighted in Kundan work, cutwork and even embroidered thread work. These modern collar neck blouses are great for sarees which are usually simple and need that little touch to create a grandiose look.

12. Coat Style Collar Blouse:

The coat style fashion blouse or the Angrakha collar neck design perfectly harmonises elegance and grace. It is great for a formal look and traditional events where one wishes to sport a sober yet unique look. Adding a gold or silver collar to the blouse can be an accessory, and one need not wear heavy neckpieces.

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13. Band Collar Blouse for Bride:

This blouse pattern comes with heavy embroidery on the neck and one side of the shoulder. This is great for young girls and brides who wish to wear it with a lehenga or a flowing saree. The blouse will instantly transform even the simple saree into a vibrant outfit.

14. Butterfly Style Collar Blouse:

The butterfly pattern blouse is the latest collar neck design on the market. It comes with a winged collar that gives a beautiful look to the blouse. Care must be taken to design the blouse in a plain fabric with minimal embellishments. This blouse is perfect for printed and designer sarees inflowing material.

15. Half Collar Neck Blouse:

The half collar neck is ideal for your workwear, whether a teacher or a politician. This neck comes with a simple collar, with a v cut on the front. Embellishments on these types of blouses are quite minimal to avoid glary looks. These blouses are best suited for cotton and the latest linen sarees.

16. Shirt Collar Blouse:

Shirt collar type blouses are ideal for workwear. This saree jacket comes with a full shirt collar and front buttons. Blouses of this type are best for formal and office wear. Hence one must keep them simple. Also, one can experiment with small prints and motifs when teaming them up with plain sarees.

17. Chinese Collar Neck Blouse:

This is a Chinese collar blouse. Nice embroidery is done on a collar and at the end of the sleeve and blouse. The embroidery highlights the neck area; based on the occasion, one can opt for simple to heavy. By opting for embellished lace, one can get the perfect outfit designed for a wedding.

18. High Neck Collar Blouse:

This high-neck collar blouse is great for simple sarees, with which one prefers a standout blouse. The front portion of the blouse comes with a matching or contrasting fabric patchwork, usually in prints. It is great for contrasting colour silk sarees and matches flowing transparent fabrics.

19. Checks Collar Neck Blouse:

20. Stone Work Collar Neck Blouse:

Hope the above catalogue of collar neck blouses has given you great ideas for your next look. Whatever saree you may opt for, choosing the right collar for your neck can transform you into a diva. Collar neck blouses are an amazing option for women with thin and long necks to divert attention. They are also a great choice for people who wish to create a heavy look with minimal accessories.

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