T-Shirt is apparel which everyone loves. Along with time, T shirts have evolved into many different styles and patterns. The major groups of T-shirt lovers are college students. Not only boys but even girls love to wear this magic apparel. The basic reason for the T-shirt love is how it makes you feel comfortable. Wearing college T-shirts with jeans was and will always be in the trend.

Best and Trendy Collection of College T-Shirts For Girls and Guys:

There are many college t-shirt designs, but some of the famous college T-shirts are,

1. Polo College T-Shirts:

The polo t-shirts are the ones with collars and tight short sleeves. These college tee shirts can be worn for formal and casual occasions in college. Polo gives your upper body a strong look; therefore, people prefer this t-shirt to show a good physique.

2. Plain/ Solid College T-Shirts:

The solid t shirts are the ones which do not have any print. These solid t shirts can have different neck and sleeve patterns. Solid t shirts are always on trend and can be worn on any occasion. Students prefer solid T shirts as their College team t-shirts.

3. V- neck T-Shirts:

This is a famous T-shirt college students prefer to wear in their wardrobe. The V-neck T-shirts are best suited for students who want to show their abs and biceps. These T shirts are the favourite among the boys.

4. Funny Print T Shirts:

Anything funny attracts attention for which college students starve. Funny college printed T-shirts are the trend because the funny print attracts people’s attention. But while selecting funny print for college, you should keep in mind the type of message that the T-shirt depicts. It is better not to make anyone feels offended.

5. Sports T-Shirts:

College sports meet is an important event for every student. The college sports T-shirt gives the students the zeal and enthusiasm to represent and perform well in their respective sports. Sports T-shirts come in various prints and patterns to choose from.

6. Stripped T-Shirts:

Striped T shirts are always in trend. The striped T-shirts give an old look, thus making them vintage college T-shirts. Stripes can be in a vertical or horizontal pattern. The vertical pattern makes the person look taller and vice versa.

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7. Graphic T-Shirts:

The graphic T shirts are found in the trendsetters’ wardrobes. The graphic print includes bold fonts and prints, slogans, 3D images, abstract images, etc. Thus making these T shirts look different from others. These graphic T shirts are casual ones, not suggested for any formal occasion.

8. Full-Sleeve T Shirts:

The college long sleeve T-shirt is another trend. These T shirts give a very different look altogether. Full sleeved T shirts can be worn in light winters, but they are not recommended for the extremely sunny season.

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9. Hooded T Shirts:

Hoodies are very popular among the young generation. The hooded T shirts give a classy and sober look, thus making such T shirts a favourite among college students. The hood can be a style statement and help avoid sunlight, wind and even rain showers.

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College time is the best phase of a person’s life. It is the most dream phase for people. The lucky students who enjoy this life should possess the above classic young college T shirts in their wardrobe.

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