The first wallets were with draw-strings as they carried only cash and coins. These wallets were tied up to their belts. A Wallet is a tiny tool used for storing cash and coins. It is often pocket-sized. Of late a lot of other articles, including cash, are stored in a wallet like credit cards, ID cards, license etc. It is often made of leather or fabric. Earlier only men used wallets and women used purses. Nowadays a female version of the wallet has come up. Women carry wallets inside the purses.

Latest and Stylish Color Wallets Designs for Gents and Ladies in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 9 colour wallets.

1. Stainless Steel Silver Black Wallet:

This Amazing Stainless Steel Wallet is excellent to carry credit cards. It comes with an RFID Protection which helps in protection of the credit cards from theft. It has 3 credit card slots and an ID window.

2. Women’s Pink Medium Wallet:

This pink stylish wallet is chic and trendy. It has ample space to carry a woman’s daily essentials – cash, ID cards, credit cards, etc. This wallet is water-proof and long-lasting too.

3. Colourful Printed Wallet:

A wallet with a print, It has two zippered pockets and can hold credit cards and coins. This wallet is sassy and cute– a sure capture by college teens. It also has a wristlet that helps you to cling to it while shopping.

4. Women’s Cosmetic Black Traveler Wallet:

It is a fantastic wallet specially made for women as they can’t travel without cosmetics. It is a Roll n go type of wallet for carrying jewellery, cosmetics and toiletries all in one wallet. In spite of carrying all this, it is not bulky. It has 4 zippered compartments to carry all the stuff. It also has a hanging loop and can fold up into a wallet with snap closure, a must for all women.

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5. Multicoloured Ethnic Style Wallet:

This is an ethnic hand-embroidered wallet. It has 2 zipper closures. These wallets go with any ethnic wear be it a saree, a colourful lehenga or trendy Kurtis. This wallet is a must for every girl’s closet.

6. Women’s Dark Pink Leather Coin Mini Wallet:

This wallet defines simplicity as well as utility. It can hold cash, cards and coins as well. It is a bi-fold kind. And all the material is easily accessible. There is a zipper to close up the wallet to ensure nothing falls off. It also has a cute tassel strap for decoration which is also detachable.

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7. Men’s Special Brown Color Wallet:

A unique wallet for men, it has the image of US $100 bill printed on the outside. This wallet comes in two shades of brown. It is made of faux leather. This wallet has space for around 5 cards and cash.

8. Card Holder Tan Slim Wallet:

This wallet is made from genuine leather and has strong durability due to its high-quality material. It has 6 to 7 slots for cards. The middle compartment has a zipper.  A lot of material can be carried without making the wallet bulky. It also has an RFID blocking to prevent theft.

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9. Brown Soft Trifold Wallet:

This wallet represents class and style. It is made from dark leather and has a nice pattern on the inside. It has 8 slots for credit cards, 3 windows for ID. It also has 2 compartments for notes and a coin pocket with a snap closure. There has been a provision made for keys additional zipped compartment, the contrast colour topstitching adds to its beauty.

Today s’ wallets come in a variety of styles and material. Varieties like washable, water-proof, theft-proof, plain, neon, patterned and skinny have loomed up. There are also cheque book wallets which are designed to hold our cheque books as well. You can check as per your budget by online shopping option. Select from a wide collection of colour wallets which will suit to your personality.

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