15 Colored Jeans For Women and Men In Style 2018

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Jeans has always been in fashion and will be. It becomes a bit difficult to choose the perfect pair of jeans according to your choice and fitting. There are so many types of jeans and now they are in so many colors. Withe volve in fashion we have more choices to choose from. Colored jeans come in different designs, styles and fabric as well. These are well suited for any outfit say it party, work or any occasion it suits for all.

Best Colored Jeans For Women And Men 2018:

Let’s find here with mentioned mens and womens coloured jeans in style for 2018.

1. Designer Colored Jeans:

Designer Colored Jeans

This is the most preferred jeans for parties. The designer jeans have rich designs on them along with the rich cuts and fabrics. They form an amazing outfit when paired designer tops. These can be small jeans or long or may have many colors and patterns on it.

2. Formal Ladies Coloured Jeans:

Formal Colored Jeans

These are the formal jeans which can be worn with anywhere, anytime. The best thing about these jeans is they come in different exciting colors as well. With the variant color you can pair them up with multiple tops and form different outfits for multiple days. These jeans color can be worn at offices as well due to their elegance and simplicity. It gives comfort in your outfit.

3. Party Wear Colored Jeans:

Party Wear Colored Jeans:

Jeans can also be a party wear outfit. With the different colors it gives a complete different catchy look to outfit. These colored jeans are a perfect way to wear something colorful and yet elegant. The vibrant colors like red, pink, blue, etc. give a different look instead of the denim pattern ones. You can use top as per your colored jeans.

4. Khaki Colored Jeans:

Khaki Colored Jeans

Khaki is the next color which is famous in every type of clothing. It looks sober and elegant which makes it more popular among the clothing. Khaki looks good with soft colors and gives a graceful style when worn. Now jeans colours also come in Khaki color so which makes it easy to wear and pair up with. These khaki jeans pattern is little different but acceptable by women’s these days.

5. Kids Colored Jeans:

Kids Colored Jeans

Form being a kid or adult you have all the type of cloths you need. There are so many colors that are now available for kids jeans that to with so many colors. The best thing about these jeans is that they come in so many colors. With these colors you can a new outfit for the kids every day.

6. Boot Cut Colored Jeans:

Boot Cut Colored Jeans

When talking about fashion how these can be left behind. The famous boot cut jeans. These were famous back the 80s. Earlier these used to come in only one color now they are in many colors. These boot cuts are wide near the foot and make a wonderful outfit when paired with mixed colors.

7. Flared Colored Jeans:

Flared Colored Jeans

Another famous type of jeans was the flared jeans. Now that they are back in fashion they have come in multiple colors. They look pretty amazing and make an elegant outfit to wear. There are bright colors that can make your flared jeans look amazing.

8. Monkey Wash Colored Jeans:

Monkey Wash Colored Jeans

Monkey wash was another famous jeans type. It had 2-3 colors when it was launched. Now it has many colors in it. The sky blue color looks very pretty on girls. Form sky blue to mint green all different types of colors are available.

9. Skinny Colored Jeans:

Skinny Colored Jeans

The skinny jeans are the most worn jeans. With this new type of jeans becoming popular in fashion the colors also matter. These jeans are sticking to your body and give the shape of your body. There are also many colors in it which looks good when paired up with contrasting clothes.

10. Cuts Colored Jeans:

Cuts Colored Jeans

This is another modern fashion that has become the center of attraction. Also known as the torn jeans, people really love to wear it and are more excited to try them in different colors. Now that there are many colors in it they are worn very commonly and casually.

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11. Colored Boyfriend Jeans:

Colored Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are another thing in fashion for the girls. They want to wear loose jeans and have a complete different style statement. Now that these jeans are in color they want it more. These have become a new trend in womens colored jeans.

12. Colored Cigarette Jeans:

Colored Cigarette Jeans

The slim fit also has few types they are known as cigarette jeans. These have shape like a cigarette and come in a wide range of colors. These can also be worn daily and as casual dress. The jeans colors red, yellow, brown, purple are very much worn by people who like to experiment with colors.

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13. Colored Wide Leg Jeans:

Colored Wide Leg Jeans

These are jeans with wide cuts from the knee itself. These usually came in basic denim colors initially but now they come in any color you wish to have. With these multiple color option these colored jeans womens are worn now with mix and match combinations.

14. Colored Capri Jeans:

Colored Capri Jeans

Capri’s were always in fashion and were good for people with short outfits. With so many colors available Capri’s are worn now with many tops and even mix and matched outfits are also made. They look very cool in colors like white, black, orange, etc.

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15. Cuffed Colored Jeans:

Cuffed Colored Jeans

Last but not the least is the Cuffed colored jeans. These jeans are folded near the ankles to give it a short look. There are many colors in which these jeans come. They are worn casually. They also look very cute in different colors which can make you a new outfit for different days.

These are some styles of colored jeans which are in fashion and with the colorful options available are great to try on. These can be worn at various events like, parties, work places, or even worn casually as well. Try them as per your demand of occasion.

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