Seeking for the perfect summer call sun shades for you to hang on at the beach or the summer hot sticking streets, and then get through the breath taking and absolutely light weight and statement making retro chic cool colorful sunglasses. The sunglasses will not only protect your glamorous eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sunlight but also light your face with a warm glow with the pastel frames and retro mirror shine shades.

Whether it is the blush pinks and purples or the hot reds and shinny blues. From the neon sparkling shades to the matte colors, the colorful specs give you the perfect retro look to spend a frolicking beach moments on a summer day off. The ultra-glam sunniest with the white thick frames or the extra statement making bejeweled frames with motifs of flowers or diamonds looks amazing.

Stunning outfits like cool jackets and shorts or the high waist short skirts and halter tops look brilliant pair with these Dino- tactic shades. The super cool colorful shades will not only change your facial expressions but also give you an entirely new image. In fact people even come to judge you with your dressing and personality with the way you bring out yourself.

Colored Lens Sunglasses for Different Faces:

Here is a list of some best branded sunglasses with different colored lenses for men and women in india.

1. Ultra Cool Red Shaded Mirror Lens Sunglasses:

Ultra cool red shades lens coloured sunglasses looks superb on men and women. A large Semi round shaped lens looks brilliant. A golden frame on the red shades complements the pair to the best.

2. The Black Shades Sunglasses:

The ever green black Coloured sunglasses are a pair that everyone must have for the outing. The black matte shade with a black frame looks exotic. The extra black tone also suits best on fairer skin. The bright sunny day opts for such a glamorous sun shades.

3. Mercury Silver Coloured Sunglasses:

The mercury silver sunglasses color is for the magnificent look for the ones wanting a spectacular impact on the others. The silver mirror lens provides an adequate protection from the sun rays and provides protection from the ultra violet rays from the harmful rays of the sun. Apart from them that it provides a high level of color and contrast acuity.

4. Brunette Green Colored Sunglasses:

Make your summer shine with the brunette green mirror lens shades. The brilliant round cut and a golden frame the green brunette colored lenses sunglasses will bring you a look chic cool retro image on you.

5. Sunglasses Grey Shades:

The retro impact of the super coolest image can be brought with the grey sunglasses color mirror lenses shade for you to make on others. The superb cuts of the glasses covering the entire eyes and almost the chic and eyebrows the specs give you the ultimate trendy look.

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6. Pink Coloured Sunglasses:

The most impressive pink shades for men can be the rose gold frame and the pink shade sunglasses with colored lenses make you look a bit fresh from the regular pale look. The stylish out of the blue look will also match with your pink work out t-shirt dynamically.

7. Transparent Sunglasses:

Getting a bit of professional look with the most rich and classic pair of goggles yet transparent and nude are the transparent color sunglasses. They do protect from the sunlight rays harmful to the eyes and at the same time look incredible appropriate for a businessman impression.

8. Photo Chromic Brown Lens Sunglasses:

See the world with the new shade of brown that makes the sight mesmerizing cool and soft on eyes. The chocolate brown matte color sunglasses look glorious. The semi circular glass cut and complementing frame looks astounding.

9. Yellow Fashion Sunglasses:

These amber yellow sunglasses with colored lenses look eye popping and mind-boggling. The thick yellow frames high light the face and gives a fashionable look to your image. The grandiose look with the same color dressing and open hair will give you a model image.

10. Coloured Red Sunglasses:

The super tinted red coloured lens sunglasses with contrast black frame looks arresting. Men with an impressive nature can get a outstanding look with these red and black sensational goggles for a graceful entry at a celebration.

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11. Purple Oversized Lens Sunglasses:

To grandeur the super natural yet impressive girlish look with the oversized purple colored lenses sunglasses look pretty-pretty on sexy girls. A high on summer day is calling for these shades to exquisite your beauty.

12. Blue Colored Men’s Sunglasses:

Finding a perfect picturesque look for your handsome partner? Fine looking blue coloured sunglasses are faultless for him. The golden frame and blue mirror lenses look flawless and incomparable choice for a perfect sunny day with your love.

13. Gold Mirror Shaded Sunglasses:

When the world gets shinny with the graceful sunlight why not shine the day more with the golden touch of the perfectly round shaped gold mirror coloured sunglasses. A perfect rose gold frame suits perfect for the shades.

14. Silver Pink Mirror Lens Sunglasses:

The pale pink and a bit of bronze shade for the goggles look incredible and incomparable on a bright sunny day on the beach. An impressive model like look with the perfect high hanging shape of the shades match beautiful with the silver pink mirror colored lens sunglasses.

15. Black Purple Sunglasses:

The astonishing bold look from the black purple sunglasses color makes your look stunning. The large glasses cover your face with a ping of glamour. A perfect bold look with dark shades is the best choice for a bold and beautiful image.

The mirrored shine spectacle suit as much as the colored goggles. When opting for the retro impact, the neon colors and dynamic statement frames give you the perfect blend to the ongoing trend. You can even skip the mirrored version of the sparking goggles and choose the Beatles inspired lenses which reflect the rainbow colors. The way you dress up with the glasses is also most important as the retro look of colored sunglasses give a funky straight away standing look.

The shape of the goggles also matter much with the color of the shades. The auburn and mod shapes and the bold extra large shapes look eye catching and outstanding. While the mini round colored goggles suit the small faces and look best for a professional outing. The street style yellow and brown shades choose the shout out shades.

Perfect blend of colors for your completion gives you the trendsetter impression; hence choose an extreme opposite loud color to give you the perfect change you want this summer.

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