Bangles have been the most important and the awesome looking accessories worn by females since decades. The bangles are being worn in Asian countered and now in many other countries also as it give the women a classy and fashionable look. Colourful bangles are one of the finest ways to display the world your style and exclusive looks. The multi colour bangles are made of plastic, wood, different types of threads and metals. It’s even available in different shapes like round, rectangle and many other different geometric shape.

Indian Bangles in Multi Colours:

Let’s have a look at top 9 designs of colourful bangles:

1. Silk Thread Colourful Bangles:

The bangles are made of silk thread giving the bangles a shining look. On the bangle amazing colour combination is used, the strips pattern of light and dark thread gives a beautiful appearance to the bangles, thus can be graciously worn on any occasion you wish.

2. Designer Colourful Bangles:

This type of designer colourful bangle is painted in an artistic way thus giving new looks to the bangles as well to the hands of the wearer. The wearer of the bangle cannot be left noticed by every eye thus helping you to create your own persona and style.

3. Multi Colored Wooden Bangles:

This type of colourful bangles looks awesome when worn on parties as you can mark your fashion in the crowd by wearing such unique and gorgeous things. The bangle is created with wood and looks great when worn with any kind of apparels you wear and lends you that exclusive and modern appearance.

4. Multi Colour Glass Bangles with Sprinkles:

Glass bangles are loved and adored by females as it makes them appear remarkable and attractive when worn. This type of multi colored bangles can be worn on daily basis, smart office wear and even gives you a chic look when worn to collage also by teenage girls. The bangles have golden sprinkles spread thus making it appear very beautiful.

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5. Stylish Colourful Bangles for Girls:

Colourful bangles lend a beautiful look to the girls and give a sophisticated appearance. The bangles have golden zari wrapped all round the bangle and the small cute colourful fabric flowers studded on top of the bangles enhances the look of the wrist and the wearer. The bangles appear pretty when worn to collage and even at evening parties also.

6. Jhumka Style Thread Bangles in Different Colours:

This type of bangles lends you a traditional and ethnic looks when worn. The bangles have jhumka hanged thus making it appropriate and to be worn at any wedding as well to any auspicious occasion, making you appear fabulous and different from others.

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7. Simple Metal Colour Bangles:

Metal bangles are adored by girls as it’s have a lustrous look and very easy to wear unlike glass bangles. The metal bangles are available in many designs and pattern and you can pick the one according to your style and mark an impression and appear fashionable in front of your friends and colleagues.

8. Rainbow Pattern Acrylic Bangle:

This type of colourful bangles looks like as if rainbow has appeared and makes you appear colourful and beautiful like rainbow. The bangle is made of acrylic and its very handy to use as its bangles are light weighted and is good for office use as well for daily usage also.

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9. Colourful  Mirror Work Bangles:

In between the bangles the small attractive bangles ate studded thus giving a new and attractive look to bangle as well to the wearer hands. The bangles can be matched with any outfit as well to any occasion and parties.

Multi colored bangles are found in many designs and pattern and you can dress yourself and look colourful and beautiful, attractive like the bangles. Colourful bangles are very eye catchy and make even you get attracted to it easily, thus making the wearer also noticed even in the crowd. You can pick the one according to your choice and pocket size and get a chic look.


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