Weddings bring about all kinds of emotions in a bride. There are times when she feels absolute bliss and excitement and then there are those days when she experiences extreme levels of stress and anxiety. It is a known fact that, you think about binge-eating when stressed. It is the sinful foods that you crave for and something to satisfy your taste buds.

When a bride-to-be craves for comfort foods at such times of stress just a few weeks before the wedding, there has to be a way out to cut down on all those calories and everything unhealthy that come with these foods.

Here are the top nine comfort foods for the bride, which will not lead to increased calories and a misbehaving skin –

Best Comfort Foods For The Bride:

1. Dark Chocolate:

Chocolate is possibly the best comfort food you could find for a woman. Eat dark chocolate instead of normal or milk chocolate, for a guilt-free and calorie-free feel-good experience. The dark chocolate that you eat should ideally be unsweetened and contain 70-80% cocoa.

2. Low Fat Yogurt:

Grab a low fat yogurt and team it up with your favourite healthy fruits. This is not only a great comfort food, but is also a good source of various vitamins and other nutrients for your body.

3. Pasta In Red Sauce:

White sauce in the pasta should be replaced with the red sauce, which is the healthier option. The red tomato sauce in the pasta can be teamed up with healthy vegetables with natural anti-oxidants. To add a bit to the taste, add a little grated cottage cheese. To make this pasta even healthier, use whole wheat pasta and cottage cheese made from skimmed milk.

4. Baked Snacks & Nuts:

In times of stress, the best of us crave for something fried and fatty. Such foods can really take a toll on your skin and stomach. The alternative in this case is baked snacks or even nuts. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are rich in healthy fats, and are really beneficial when consumed in moderation. Intake of these nuts in ideal quantities on a daily basis will give your hair and skin a healthy glow.

5. Skimmed Milk-Shakes:

Thick shakes are full of sugar and calories. These calories sure take away the stress, but they come with a huge price. The alternate in this case is, your favourite fresh fruits in skimmed milk. Add these fruits to chilled skimmed milk, blend it into a thick shake and you have a treat for your taste buds.

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6. Fruit Juices:

Fresh fruit juices are one the healthiest foods to have for a glowing skin and fit body. Have these fruit juices without any sweeteners for a healthy, fresh and vitamin-rich treat.

7. Fruits & Vegetables:

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and say goodbye to fatty, salty and spicy food just before the D-Day.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with the necessary fibre which makes you full for a longer period of time. They also contain anti-oxidants which detoxify your body.

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8. Salads:

Eat salads that contain sprouts or lettuce to stay in your best shape on your wedding day. Combine healthy vegetables and fruits in your salad if you want to eat something yummy, yet nutrient-rich.

9. Healthy Dips:

Dips made from low-fat yogurt are a really good option to go with your baked snacks. The other low-fat option is salsa dip.

These dips can be used with your baked snacks, or can also be combined with some fresh vegetables meant for salads.

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This is an absolute low-calorie and nutrient-rich food, without any compromise with the taste and yumminess that the bride craves for in times of stress.


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