Nowadays many people from the millennial generation experience various health issues especially related to the joints and sensory organs. While there are permanent cures on diseases of sensory organs, there aren’t any permanent solutions for certain joint problems, especially related to the leg joints. As a result, mid aged and elderly people are suffering from chronic leg joints disorders like osteoarthritis, ankle pain, hips pain, etc. In such an era of joint problems of your legs, one option which you can completely rely on and which is low cost yet gives good results, is “compression socks”.

These socks are exclusively made for the very purpose of assisting you in times of joint pain and support issues. The leg compression sock ensure maximum support to the part of your leg which is covered. They are comfort fit in nature, i.e. they custom fit to your legs and provide maximum support to parts like ankle, calf, feet, knee, etc. depending on the type of the socks.

Latest and Stylish Compression Socks:

Following are Top 15 types of Best Compression Socks for your better understanding.

1. Compression Socks for Sports:

Sports Compression Socks are very important from your perspective, whether you are male or female, if you are engaged in some or the other kind of sport and facing some or the other joint issues, whether major or minor. This is because; you require an assured safety in the form of a guaranteed support whilst playing your respective sport. This required support and comfort is provided to you by the sports compression sock.

2. Compression Socks for Men:

Compression Socks for Men are exclusively designed to suit men whilst playing some sport, or doing some outdoor activity or else traveling. The design is specifically structured in a robust and flexible manner, since male feet and legs are quite sturdy and broad as compared to female feet and legs. These socks provide maximum support and comfort to men while running or jogging or else even whilst working out.

3. Compression Socks for Women:

With the increased number of women athletes, gymnasts, Olympian and sports celebrities, compression socks for women has become the need of the hour for women as much as men. You can observe that our country has many talented young girls who have chosen some or the other sport as their full time career. One more important reason why compression sock is essential for women is that the frequency of joint related problems is more amongst women as compared to men.

4. Stockings Style Compression Sock:

A slightly longer form of the basic compression socks is known as the thigh high compression socks. Normally compression sock is devised to cover portion up to ankles, calf or knees. But stockings style is a little longer form of compression sock extending up to your thighs length. It is stretchable and therefore can fit any man or woman. But 99% this type of socks is worn by women only.

5. Compression Socks For Athletes:

Athletic compression socks are another popular variant of the compression socks. This is because many sports personalities, who don’t opt for the conventional options like running, go for some unique form of Athletic activities. So their activities are quite difficult and complex which make them most prone to acquire some or the other sort of injury. This is avoided with the help of compression sock.

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6. Ankle Length Compression Sock:

The major aspect of gym apparels nowadays is the ankle compression socks. These socks only just fit your ankle length but they are popularly worn at the gym by everyone as they open up many leg movements possible and also provide you maximum natural flexibility.

7. Long Compression Socks:

The Long length or plus size compression socks are even bigger than the stockings style compression socks. They almost appear like a normal pants shape. They acquire the shape of your legs up to your hips and cover your waist as well. They thereby support your joints, feet, hips, etc. and provide optimum comfort.

8. Compression Sock for knees:

These are the most basic version of compression socks also known as the knee high compression socks. You can see these socks commonly worm by many men and women when they are outdoors doing some relaxing activity or sporting activity. These socks are also common among some football players.

9. Pregnancy Compression Socks:

Clothing decisions during pregnancy can be confusing and difficult to make. As it is important to look after your health during this period, you must ensure that you don’t put too much stress on your legs and joints. To avoid absolutely any potential pregnancy injuries, there is compression socks pregnancy design, exclusively made for the pregnancy period.

10. Modern Style Compression Socks:

These days, there has been a modernization of each and every old style in almost all the walks of life. Be it music or furniture or be it clothing. One such product of modern style in clothing, are the stylish compression socks. These socks infuse modern vibrant colored patterns in the simple compression socks giving them an urban classy look.

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11. Multi-color and Patterned Compression Socks:

Having an attractive color combination in your clothing is very important to you, especially if you are a girl or a woman. You are very specific and choosy about your wardrobe and your choice of colors’ is fixed. Therefore, an interesting invention in clothing industry has been made in the form of multi-colored clothes with different patterns on them so that they are liked by all such color centric people. As a result of this invention, we have the colorful compression socks designs.

12. Traveling Compression Socks:

Many people experience discomfort in their legs and joints while traveling. This is mainly because of the insufficient movement ability and also due to the minimal leg space available in the traveling vehicle. As a result there can be problems like stiff joints, painful muscles, etc. As a solution to this problem, you can use the compression socks for travel, while traveling.

13. Night Wear Compression Socks:

Many people prefer exercising at night time as they are mostly busy with their work and other important responsibilities during day time. As a result you see many people running, jogging, brisk walking, etc. at night. To ensure maximum safety while jogging at night, so that vehicles and other people can spot you from a distance, you can go for the neon colored night compression socks which glow in the dark environment.

14. Compression Toe-Socks Over The Calf:

A Monumental invention in the socks segment, especially for the runners and sprinters, is the toe-socks design. The design gives the socks a 5 finger pattern which custom fits all the 5 fingers of your feet, thereby giving you a better grip and a more comfortable feel whilst running or jogging.

15. Drystat Compression Sock:

Drystat is a unique material which evaporates sweat instantly and also gives you a lightweight soft feeling when you wear it. It is therefore the best invention till date in the sports wear industry. Therefore, Drystat compression sock is the best option currently for long period professional sports players.

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Thus, you have now seen that present generation consists of many people, both men and women, struggling from a lot of leg injuries related to the joints, feet, hips, etc. Instead of going for the expensive surgeries and treatments, you can simply go for compression wear. Compression socks are perfectly devised to support you and help you combat all such legs related issues.

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