A computer table or a workstation has become an integral part of any home’s interiors with the current scenario. These provide an efficient way to work either in an office or at the comfort of your home. The chance of having at least one computer table is a norm and two if you have kids. Let’s have a look into some of the modular computer table designs with images.

Latest Computer Table Designs:

Here are our 15 simple and modern computer table designs that you can incorporate into your home:

1. Wooden Computer Table:

Wood is one of the common materials used for the manufacturing of the best computer table. This is the reason why many of our homes and people in high positions in offices use a wooden computer table. It not only offers a scratch-proof smooth surface for your laptop or PC; it also gives your room a classy and traditional finish.

2. Glass Computer Table Design:

Although very fragile, a glass computer table can be a classy and elegant option for your computer. The glass’s strength makes it easy to handle a laptop’s weight and a separate drawer for the keyboard. Be it home or an office, if you choose glass as a material for your PC table, make sure you handle it with care. The wheels under the table make it easier to move it anywhere.

3. Plastic Computer Table:

This is one of the best white computer tables you can opt for, especially for your home. Plastic is the prominent material used for this table and can be a cost-effective option compared to others in the market. Since plastic is durable and firm, and resistant to corrosion, many people prefer using a plastic computer table.

4. Steel Computer Table:

This is one of the large computer table options, especially if you want to use it in multiple ways. Although this table’s size is big, this might work out beautifully in the interiors if you have a big house. The drawers on the side help store essential files. The durability of steel makes it sturdy and can seat at least three to four people at a time.

5. Plywood Computer Table Design:

If you are a kid from the ’80s or ’90s, you must have had a personal computer table made out of plywood. Although this design might seem old school, it offers excellent storage options without taking up additional space. The surface of a plywood table is smooth and steady. There are many products available in the market that help you make plywood a waterproof option.

6. Iron Computer Table:

Although there is a high chance of rusting, iron is commonly used in the tables’ manufacturing. The stands of the table are made out of iron with a wooden tabletop. Although the design is relatively simple, it is a commonly found option that doesn’t occupy much space.

7. MDF Computer Table:

MDF is a superior material in density and strength compared to plywood and particleboard. The toughness of this table will be able to withstand severe wear and tear in any work environment. The sleek and crip finish of this table not only looks beautiful but adds to the elegance of the room. There is enough space to store supplies on the side.

8. Godrej Computer Table:

Godrej is one of the biggest companies that manufacture furniture in India. This table’s unique design makes it one of the best options, especially if you want a stylish choice. Unlike the typical tables available in the market, there is a locked shelf on the table’s side that will help you store confidential files.

9. Nilkamal Computer Table Design:

Nilkamal is another prominent brand that produces furniture of all kinds. This is one of the latest computer tables with a unique yet minimalistic design that gives you space for a footrest and a strong base to place your laptop or computer. There is a separate sliding option to keep your keyboard and mouse.

10. Designer Computer Table:

Who doesn’t want a unique table all for themselves? A designer computer table is a perfect option for people who don’t want similar designs. You can get them made in order so that they meet all the needs. There are storage drawers on either side of the table, with a unique stand to place a CPU, keyboard, and mouse.

11. Office Computer Table Design:

Unlike the regular options available in the market, this is a creative computer table perfect for official purposes. The unique design of this table effectively uses the corners of the wall, which can be space-effective. The white colour of the table also looks elegant and beautiful across any colour combination of the rooms.

12. Folding Computer Table:

A studio apartment is gaining popularity since furniture usage fits in perfectly without taking up little space. A folding computer table can be a perfect option, especially if you want a prospect that you can fold and keep aside once finished using it. As the name suggests, you can use it efficiently as a PC table and fold it after use.

13. Minimalist Computer Table Design:

Many people love using computer tables that have minimalistic designs. If you are one of them, this table is the perfect choice for you! The simple design is one of the common ones you can find in the market, made with a strong dark wooden tabletop. Although the design is simple, adding a table lamp with a comfortable chair can add a sense of style.

14. Contemporary Computer Table:

This is one of the modern PC tables best suited for both office and homes. This contemporary computer table’s unique feature is the drawers, and the sleek white finish of the tabletop is a cherry on the top. This table’s stand is also thin, unlike the strong legs we can find on many other tables. It easily blends into any work environment.

15. Adjustable Computer Table Design:

Working for long hours has become a new norm for many of us, and it is also a reason why many people are developing health issues. This is why many offices incorporate adjustable computer tables that give you the ability to adjust the table’s height according to your need. You can lengthen the table to work while standing and reduce it to sit down.

Keeping in mind all you want from a PC table, the plethora of best computer table designs presented in this article, will help you make a choice much more straightforward. Smaller desks, or a stylish hutch, depending upon your room’s size, you can choose the one that will help your office space into a retreat beautifully. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!


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