Which is the best concealer for you? Are you irritated from your dark circles? The finest concealers work secretly devoid of anyone noticing them. Concealers are used to cover redness, even body flaws and pimples. Concealers are a must and unavoidable product which can be layered above the foundation or at the time of using foundation to get a flawless complexion or appearance.

These days there are so a lot of options to choose from, plus cosmetic companies are coming by concealers particularly formulated for acne, dry skin, beneath eyes, oily skin, etc so it become extremely difficult to select the best one for your skin type. Concealer is available in many forms like liquid, cream based, stick, and now you even get them in mousse finish. You should ensure that you apply concealer is a perfect way so that it hides the dark circle and lends you gorgeous look. Note that each woman deserves a great concealer in her life.

Proper Way to pick a Concealer for Dark Circles Under the Eyes:

  • First and foremost pick a concealer which is minimum 2 shades lighter than the foundation tone.
  • After applying the foundation apply 2-3 dots of any liquid or stick concealer over the dark circles.
  • Then with the help of brush or fingers blend the concealer under the eyes. Ensure you cover the skin near to nose and to that it blends flawlessly and lends you a natural beautiful look.
  • Last dab some translucent powder to cover the concealer so that it set the concealer for all day long.

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Perfect Concealers for Cover Dark Circles in Lowest Price:

Here are our 14 best concealers for hide dark circles need to place in your makeup bag.

1. Magnificent Avon True Color Luminous Concealer Stick:

This is a fantastic Indian brand concealer which is pretty affordable for people who have just started applying makeup. This is oil free concealer hides the dark spots without being heavy on looks and blends easily with foundation.

How to Apply:

Swipe the concealer on the dark spots and blend with fingertips and brush. Ensure that you have applied foundation and then apply concealer. This fantastic concealer tries hard to cover the spots.

This cream is dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types and costs you around Rs399/- , rated 3.5 by the users.

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2. Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick:

Color bar Full Cover Makeup Stick is two in one product , a concealer and a foundation that lends a smooth, long wearing and naturally hides all the blemishes, dark circles and lends an even tome to all skin types.

How to Apply:

Dab the product on the skin and then with the help of fingertips blend it all over the skin. The cream has a creamy base, and as it gets a pressure from fingertips its starts blending into the skin in a smooth manner.

This product is available in 3 shades priced for Rs699 and rated 4 by users.

3. Lotus Herbal Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick Concealer:

This is one of the best Indian brands which have introduced a product which acts like foundation, concealer, compact and a sunscreen also. It has a moisturizing formula which blend the skin equally and hiding the dark circles in an effective way.

How to Apply:

Dab the product on the skin and then with the help of fingertips blend it all over the affected area and make you look prettier than ever.

It costs you around Rs345/- and has been rated 3 by users.

4. NYX Professional Gotcha Covered Concealer:

This is an waterproof concealer which effectively covers patches, dark circles, discolorations without caking. It is infused with coconut oil smoothly blends with the skin lending a natural glow to the skin.

How to Apply:

Dab the product on the skin and then with the help of fingertips blend it all over the face and apply some setting powder above it.

It costs you around Rs468/- and has been rated 4.4 by users.

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5. PAC Take Cover Concealer Crayon:

This wonderful concealer comes in 8 various shades and you can pick the one which suit to the skin texture. It suits to all the skin types. It a great product which brighten the under-eye area and its last for longer hours.

How to Apply:

Dab the product on the skin and then with the help of fingertips blend it all over the face and the best part is its stay for longer hours without smearing.

It costs you around Rs595/- and has been rated 4.5 by users.

6. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit:

Nowadays as Bobbi Brown products are obtainable in India also, how can we neglect the prominent creamy concealer kit? It holds a high-coverage creamy concealer together with a setting powder to offer you the perfect flawless finish. This is the best concealers for dark circles under the eyes.

7. Inglot Freedom System Cream Concealer Refill:

This single is a big-budget option. It comes in a little pan furthermore is obtainable in 17 shades to select from which is extremely impressive moreover also is paraben-free. It is extremely creamy, has medium coverage plus ideal for dry below-eye areas as well. Its Price is Rs 250 for a refill.

8. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch:

This concealer is very much famous among the women’s. It’s thick, and creamy plus covers up dark spots, under eye dark circles plus any staining. One friend of mine says she loves it so much for the reason that it covers her deep purple under-eye sockets. Most of the reviewers also recommend using this.

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9. Mac Studio Finish Concealer for Dark Circles:

This concealer comes in a small pot, however it is extremely pigmented plus you require an extremely small amount, consequently lasts tremendously long. It is premium appropriate for acne-prone skin plus it recommends a good full coverage in a distinct layer itself, however can also be utilized for under eyes by proper combination. An extra benefit it encloses SPF 35 and its price is Rs 1100.

10. Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Concealer for Dark Circles:

Image Source: Lakme

This single is a new start from lakme. The surface is extremely smooth approximately gel like plus blends like a dream provide sheer to medium coverage, it is extra suitable to be utilized for under-eye concealing owing to its beam texture. Price: Rs 900. The new launch of Revlon Color stay Concealer is fairly similar. If you have the budget then departs for MAC chooses Moisture Cover.

11. L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Concealer for Dark Circles:

The constancy of this concealer is extremely impressive plus single of my favorites; it is thin however offers average to full coverage plus looks extremely natural even later than layering. Its Price is Rs 875.

12. Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer for Dark Circles:

This single is ideal for natural makeup lovers. It is a correct concealer plus contains various natural ingredient plus fruit extracts. The exposure is fairly good plus covers imperfection truly well along by looking extremely natural on the skin. Its Price is Rs 655. This is the best dark circle cream concealer.

13. Colorbar Full Cover Concealer For Dark Circles:

Image Source: Colorbar

Immediately like the name it offer full coverage plus is extremely creamy in constancy, building combination extremely easy, immediately confirm to set by a light dusting of powder to stop creasing. It is obtainable in 9 shades to select from plus come in a pot packaging. Its Price is Rs 495.

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14. Revlon Photo Ready Concealer For Dark Circles:

This concealer is accessible in 3 shades plus comes in a stick form that is extremely simple to use. It offer light to middle coverage plus is ideal for daily use. Despite of coming is a stick shape it is extremely creamy plus blends naturally into the skin. Its Price is Rs 850.

So now you have got a wide option and knowledge about concealer you can pick the one which suits to your texture and helps to enhance the looks by many folds. They are available in many forms and range so you can decide the one suit the best to hide dark circles and lend you a natural dazzling looks.


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