Constipation is a normal problem found in children and definitely being kids they are least bothered about it. If a child has three or less than three bowel movements in a week, he/she is considered constipated. This may be due to hard, dry and large amounts of stool.

Constipation occurs when the muscle contraction in the intestine is too slow to push the stool out of the system or there is a lack of water in the stool to soften it and move it out of the intestine. It is extremely painful and makes your stomach bloated. Children who suffer from the problem are generally the ones drinking less water, consuming low-fibre and high-fat diets and exercising less. Simple and necessary changes in the diet of a child can relieve you as it is of a temporary nature.

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Constipation in Children:

Constipation in kids should be dealt with differently from constipation in adults as the reasons underlying is different.

Kids font tend to go to the bathroom even when the urge is strong probably because they are too lazy or busy playing a fun game. This may sometimes lead to the problem of constipation as the stool goes up and doesn’t come down later on when they strains hard too.

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Stress is another factor which leads to constipation in kids. This stress is certainly different from the stress adults suffer from. The factors of stress may include when they are anxious about something, fights at home between elders, going to a new school, fear of teachers and making new friends. Emotional ups and downs can cause constipation in children.

Other causes of constipation are low fibre diet, medications, specific diseases and conditions, and ignorance of urges. So while dealing with this problem in children one should take care of their diet, medication and behavioural changes.


Hydration of Body:

Most of the children don’t drink water even if asked to. Force them into drinking water and try to make them inculcate this habit in their routine. Ideally, 6-7 glasses of water should be consumed daily. In case of constipation, the consumption should be increased by 4-6. Practising it daily helps a lot in relieving the problem of constipation. Additionally, it washes out the toxins and waste out of your body.

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Fiber Rich food:

Food rich in fiber helps to easily pass the stool out of the system. So inculcate a healthy, fiber-rich diet in your children’s regime. Some examples of fiber rich foods are whole-grain bread and cereal, vegetables, beans, and fruits.

One should not eat all of them at a time. Make them eat little so that their body gets used to it and it gets effective with time.


These tiny brownish seeds can do wonders in easing constipation. It is enriched in fiber. It can be sprinkled on cereal and yogurts and mixed into smoothies.

Banana with Warm Milk:

Children should eat banana slowly and chew it well with a glass of warm milk. The banana should be very ripe or it may work the other way round. It works very well in their case to pass the stool out of their body.

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Behavioural Changes:

Children don’t go to the washroom daily to pass out the stool out of the body. So they should be encouraged to go to the bathroom daily for easy stool movements and healthy system maintenance.
They can be enticed with deals like toffee or candy so that they work hard regularly and make it their daily habit.

In case the problem is intense a doctor should be consulted. Proper care and medications may work well, along with certain changes in the diet and regular habits.


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