9 Modern and Stylish Contemporary Living Room Ideas

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Living room is the face of any home. A well arranged living room creates an everlasting impression of house owner in people’s mind. With a pleasing combination of cushions, sofa set and tables one can give gorgeous look to your living room. It exhibits your true taste of items and willingness to decorate your living room. The more you spent on decorative items, the more attractive your living room can be. Some designs of living room are so heart captivating that you won’t feel like to leave the room. One can sit ideally for the whole day in your living room provided if the living room design is such.

Latest and Beautiful Living Room Ideas in Contemporary with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 living room in contemporary designs.

1. Light Filled Living Room:


This contemporary living room furniture is fully light filled up. On ceiling and photos light is attached and it’s brightening. Near soft sofas, blue colour stool is kept. The fire is burnt up on fire place and nearby there is white table which is plant on it.

2. Classic Contemporary Living Room:

Classic Contemporary Living Room

This living room set is totally arranged in a classic way. It is having pretty sofa and in middle of sofa, there is a round thick cushion beneath black table. The room is so spacious that it includes wooden modern cupboard and stylish long dining table.

3. Whitish Contemporary Living Room:

Whitish Contemporary Living Room

It is pure white living room contemporary design. Each wall, sofa, table, cupboard and even flower pot is white. On ceiling, lovely lights are shining and the room is having big windows. The design of sofa is though white plain but it is stylish too.

4. Designer Textured Living Room:

Designer Textured Living Room

This contemporary living room idea is on modern theme. Here the wall is having exceptional texture and it is also having designer lamp. White sofa is having bright orange cushion cover which is the highlight of this room. Even the chair design is so unique one.

5. Oceanic Blue Living Room:

Oceanic Blue Living Room

This living room contemporary design is having oceanic blue theme. There is bright blue sofa with outer bluish atmosphere. The carpet on the floor is printed and there is small designer chair. The living room is attached with open kitchen and it is looking just fabulous.

6. Inspiring Living Room:

Inspiring Living Room

This contemporary living room furniture designs are simply inspiring one for small room space. The wall is having attached L shape sofa and rest there are few stools to sit. Bright cushions are there and middle wood table is decorated with glass. Perfect utilization of space is done behind sofa area.

7. Bright Living Room:

Bright Living Room

It is so bright and colourful design of modern living room contemporary furniture with orange colour ceiling and orange wall décor behind television. Full size sofa is placed with glass table in between and red fur carpet. Stylish bulbs are hanging over sofa and even curtain pattern is new.

8. Elegant Living Room:

Elegant Living Room

This contemporary living room decor is just elegant work of art. A big sofa is having colourful plain cushion and behind it simply astounding wall decor. Attractive photo frame is hanged and beside it round clock. Charming flower pot is adding glamour to this living room.

9. Modern Decor Living Room:

Modern Décor Living Room

This contemporary living room is having enchanting sofa design with a mixture of plain and prints. The carpet also possesses colourful square work and few small tables are arranged which looks as one. Very big photo frame is hanging with combination of various photos.

These are only few contemporary living room designs but there can be few more. If you also have craze of giving smart look to your living room, just go for it. You can use your own ideas to décor your living room and give an awe inspiring look to it. By your own creativity, you can inspire other people too. Seeing such unique designs of living room people can’t stop themselves from praising your living room.

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