Corduroy is cotton itself but heavy in weight and durable. It is used to make trousers, jackets and shirts. It is extra soft and luxurious in look. We get to see mostly vertical stripes in it. A Corduroy blazer is also awesome to wear. It will look rich to wear. Men and women can have a corduroy blazer to give a pleasant sense of mind. It is available for kids too. Though it is not like a regular blazer, it will be different. People will like to touch corduroy fabric over and over again. It gives physical relaxation to the body.

Latest and Beautiful Designs of Corduroy Blazers for Men and Women in Trend:

Here are the 9 modern, perfectly suited corduroy blazers for gents and ladies fashion in India.

1. Cute and Stylish Corduroy Blazers for Kids:

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This kid is looking more than cute in this tiny corduroy blazer. He gives such an amazing smile. The tiny boy with a tiny blazer and tie on the neck is catching the attention of everyone. People will like to play with this kid. Such a darling kid he is looking.

2. Mens Corduroy Blazer in Black:

Image Source: Pinterest

This is for men who like to look cool. He looks ultra-fine in this blazer. It is blue in colour and nice looking. He looks smart in this casual wear with an enchanting personality. This blazer will make him apart from others.

3. Corduroy Blazers in Women’s Fashion:

A woman looks gorgeous in this corduroy blazer. She has tied one scarf on her neck, giving an adorable image. The lady looks sweet and charming. This blazer will look good in the open rather than tied with the button.

4. Corduroy Long Blazer Jacket:

This is a corduroy blazer jacket in pink colour. It is like a winter jacket only. Pink colour blazer jacket will look beautiful on ladies. Ladies will look lovable and adorable in this blazer jacket. Its thick fabric will protect ladies from the cold.

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5. Boys Corduroy Blazer:

Image Source: Pinterest

This corduroy blazer looks fantastic on a boy with a shirt and jeans and a bow on the neck. The boy appears to be pleasant in this blazer. You can even use it as office wear. Ihasng very broad collars and a little short sleeve. It is endearing.

6. Slim Fit Corduroy Blazer for Men:

This is a slim-fit corduroy blazer for men. It is giving a good combination with a white t-shirt and jeans. It is a new arrival in the market. It is a stylish casual blazer apt for the party. Man will appear to be well-formed and stunning in this slim-fit blazer.

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7. Trendy Men’s Corduroy Blazer:

Image Source: Pinterest

It is a trendy pink colour blazer. Different pleats are stitched on one side of a necktie. It is attractive. The new design looks charming and invites compliments from others. It is one button with a long sleeve. It has features which arouse interest.

8. Slim Fit Floral Print Corduroy Blazer:

This corduroy blazer has a floral print of white colour. The beautiful flower is printed on it. It is going to look casual and pretty on young guys. One mostly uses it at a reception party. Man will arrest the crowd’s attention with this interesting blazer.

9. Latest Corduroy Blazers in Girls Fashion:

Image Source: Pinterest

It is a long-length corduroy blazer. On the neck, there is fur. This fur is detachable. It means you can remove fur whenever you want it. The skin on a blazer is a new concept. Ladies will be inspired to buy this blazer for want of fur. This is extremely fascinating.

A corduroy blazer is one of the types of blazer which is usually longer. It is available in every colour with the quality of winning hearts. Corduroy is generally a thick fabric with a silky and velvety touch. It involves a subtle effect with indistinct warmness. It is not harsh on the skin. It gives an affectionate and sensitive image to the public. It is a soft fabric.

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