Images of corner showcase designs are filled with stylish and quality material. These corner showcases utilize your space that otherwise goes wasted. You can have a thin sleek design that towers up to the height of the room. You can also have designs that are broad and take up some of the wall space on either end. This is a good way to make your corner work for you. All the knickknacks and items for display can go in the showcase. You can add lights to the inside of the showcase to brighten up the space within. Glass cabinets add a more delicate touch to this.

How To Select Corner Showcase Designs?

You can select a showcase design for the corner of your room based on various points. Take into consideration these factors that we have identified for you:

  • Space: Check the space that you have in the corner of your room. Is there space enough for a full-size showcase or just for a thin tall one?
  • Shape: The shape of the showcase is another thing to consider. It can have rounded curves if it is a thin showcase. If the showcase covers more of the wall space then you can have it flat.
  • Budget: Budget is an important factor as this will determine what type of showcase you can buy. Large ones will be expensive as compared to the thinner ones.

Importance Of Corner Showcase Designs:

Showcase designs for corners are a great necessity in today’s modern homes. We have homes with limited floor space and the corner showcases give you that much-needed extra space. Hall corner showcase can keep all your display items and still give you room to play and keep other furniture. This is a simple addition to your furniture items that adds class and style. The corner showcases can also be wall-mounted which adds to the space-saving theme. So whichever type of showcase you select for the corner of your home, will be a good decision for sure.

Simple and Best Corner Showcase Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 cool and modern corner showcase designs with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Glass Door Corner Showcase Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a gorgeous piece that you can have in your living room. The corner showcase for the drawing room comes with glass doors so that the items displayed inside can be easily seen. You can add light fixtures to the interior of this showcase. These can be turned on at night so that guests can view your display items. This corner glass showcase is made from wood with a glossy walnut finish. This adds class to the furniture item. Glass shelves inside the showcase add openness to the showcase as well. You can have this piece set on the corner of your room where the light reflects.

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2. Cabinet Corner Showcase Designs:

Image Source:

Here is a corner TV showcase design that can fit a large-size TV easily. The top half of the showcase is a cabinet with a glass door. The middle section is a flat shelf on which you can place a TV or a stereo system. The lower cabinets have drawers as well as glass doors to keep extra knickknacks and items away from dust. This is a perfect showcase for most homes that have this corner space that is not utilized. The TV corner showcase gives you extra space on the other walls. You can choose this showcase for its style and utility advantage.

3. Curio Cabinet Showcase Design:

Check out this dark walnut corner showcase design for the living room. The design has glass cabinets and glass shelves with a wood frame. This goes well with other vintage, antique as well as contemporary furniture design themes. The thin dimension of this showcase takes up very little space in the room. You can add it to the existing furniture to keep your display items. Make this curio showcase part of your living room, bedroom or even the dining room. It will add character to the room and give it a sophisticated look. Select this style for its charm and design.

4. Alcove Corner Showcase Design:

Image Source:

Here is a lovely antique-style alcove that you can keep in the corner of a room. The furniture design corner showcase has four levels made from glass shelves. The top framework of the showcase has a curved and carved wooden piece. The bottom half has also the carving done with scalloped edges. The stunning curved legs of the showcase give this piece a regal look. You will surely place all your delicate and expensive pieces of art and crockery in this showcase for all to see. It makes for a wonderful corner showcase for the living room to keep your precious items.

5. Ladder Corner Showcase Designs:

This is a modern corner showcase that has a ladder effect. The triangle shape of this showcase starts thin at the top and gradually broadens towards the floor. Five shelves of varying lengths can help you keep many items for display. This is a perfect wooden corner showcase design that will stand out from the others. Make sure the dimensions will fit your room and that the structure is constructed well. A wall corner showcase that is so stunning is always a best seller. That is why this piece is a popular choice among customers all over.

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6. Hanging Corner Showcase Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Choose this hanging corner showcase if you want your floor space to be saved. This drawing room corner showcase looks like it is floating on the wall. It consists of solid shelves in a beehive kind of pattern. The light-coloured showcase gives your space a bright look. Sadly this contemporary design does not make use of the shelf ends. You cannot keep many large items for display using this unit. The showcase can be just an additional item of furniture that you keep in your home to display a few knickknacks. The modern touch of this unit is what attracts many customers.

7. Zigzag Corner Showcase Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

A cool design feature is a zigzag pattern. This corner wall showcase design has a zigzag edge that attracts many guests. There are five shelves of adequate breadth where you can keep display items. Dark wood polish gives this corner showcase a glamorous feel. It will match with furniture that is also dark in colour. It is a great contrast to the white or light-coloured wall. Choose this corner showcase if you like simple yet attractive pieces of furniture. It doesn’t occupy much space and so it is a great option for small homes with much less floor space.

8. Floating Corner Showcase Design:

Here is a nice floating corner showcase that will work great for a kids’ room or study room. This has floating shelves on either corner of the wall. Made from walnut wood, the colour of this unit is quite bright and sharp. Solid shelves make the unit look distinguished. It works like a corner showcase cabinet without the doors. The open frame of this showcase is great for keeping books and other items. Kids will love to place their daily school stationery and books for display and easy and quick access. You can also use this in the kitchen to keep utensils or spice bottles.

9. Corner TV Showcase Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Having a corner TV showcase is a perfect idea for small homes. This unit combines the placement of the TV, stereo system as well and other curious for display in a compact way. The corner space is utilized brilliantly with the showcase on either end of the wall towering above the TV. The TV shelf is a flat shelf across the corner section of the walls. The TV showcase corner is a bright unit that opens up that space and makes the room bigger. You can place any size TV here so that your flat screen LEDs have a permanent space to be put.

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10. Corner Glass Showcase Designs:

Choose this large corner cabinet showcase for your living room. The glass door cabinets of the showcase add a touch of class. You can place all your knickknacks on the shelves so that they can be seen easily by guests. The glass shelves add an open structure to the showcase. You can place any size items on the shelves and they can be seen through the framework. If you add lights to this showcase you can light it up at night and give the showcase a brilliant effect. Select this showcase for its chic design and utility factor for any room of the house.

Corner showcase designs are a great space-saving idea that is perfect for small homes as well as large homes. This uses up the space that is otherwise kept wasted. The corner showcases can be on the floor or they can be wall-mounted. They can have glass doors or wood ones. You can have lights inside the cabinets and shelves to brighten up the showcase and focus on the lovely things on display. A corner showcase is something that is a good idea for all. Easy to maintain and clean, the items have a proper place to be displayed.


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