Cornrow braid hairstyles are one of the hottest hair trends of all time in the contemporary era. Originated from African and Caribbean regions, cornrows are protective hairstyles with natural hair that are easy to take care of and maintain. They can leave your hair and scalp healthy and moisturized and are among the beautiful sleek and stylish hot hairstyle options for both genders.

If you are considering getting cornrow braid styles, booking your appointment with a professional is always advisable and ideal. We have compiled the best and trending cornrow braids hairstyles trending globally this season, and you can easily have a look to narrow down your best preference.

Best and Trending Cornrow Braid Hairstyles in 2023:

Let us get going and check out the most contemporary, stylish, hot and sleek cornrows globally. They sure will impress you just like they did to us. Here we go!

1. Cornrow Braids Ponytail:

We can’t get over this intricate, exquisite, beautiful cornrow braids ponytail hairstyle. The braided ponytail is among the top trending cornrow hairstyles for women in the current contemporary era, with its feminine, youthful look blended with a sleek, unique and distinct appearance. The hairstyle is perfect for women with any natural hair texture and medium to long hair length. It is straightforward and convenient to maintain and gives you the spot-on edgy fashion statement without compromising your hair health. Isn’t it all that we dream of?!

2. Lemonade Cornrow Braids:

Did you ever hear about the recent trending cornrow lemonade braids? If not, you must check this out. We definitely won’t say that lemonade braids are the new turn from fashion town, for this hairstyle has existed in the fashion culture for many generations. Yet, they sure did come back huge in the contemporary fashion world with a bang, especially after Beyonce made an iconic look in one of her albums. So, if you too love such unique and bang-on style statements seamlessly, this red cornrow lemonade braids are for you.

3. 2 Cornrow Braids:

If you want to begin it simply, this 2 cornrow braids style is a perfect choice to flaunt. The two cornrows braided hairstyle is eye-catchy, elegant and classic; it will stay as a timeless trend giving out vibrant feminine contemporary vibes. The braids style suits women with long hair and any hair texture. Try it out, and you can see how gorgeous it stands yourself!

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4. Blonde Cornrow Braids Hairstyle:

You can even try out the cornrow braids with blonde hair, and here is the latest trend. The 4 cornrow braids hairstyle seen here is the trending hair makeover look in contemporary times. It is intricate and exquisite and is a perfect choice to give out the timeless, beautiful look anytime. The blonde cornrow braids will stand out in the crowd and stays distinct amidst other natural hairstyles around you. Isn’t it pretty?

5. Side Cornrow Braids:

This is currently among our top favourite and elegant choice – the side cornrow braids with loose hair. We love how gorgeous and feminine the hairstyle is, with simple cornrows at the same and the open hair left out. It is the perfect choice for party style, with elegant hues and a beautiful mesmerizing feel. This side cornrow braids hairstyle variant seamlessly fits in a myriad of occasions and lets you style beautifully with several outfits. Women with straight, wavy or curly hair textures can try it out.

6. Cornrows with Box Braids:

If you are bored of the casual cornrows or braiding variants, this is a huge trending and unique look to try out. The cornrow with box braids hairstyle is an excellent choice to try out if you have short length hair. The small length hair African cornrow box braids fit in perfectly to give a distinct look. This versatile style seamlessly fits women across age groups and with any natural hair texture.

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7. Mohawk Cornrows:

The long mohawk cornrow braids are yet another perfect choice if you would love to experiment and go beyond existing cornrows styles. The hairstyle is apt and suitable for women with any hair length and texture. It is the new trending afro cornrow braid hairstyle variant this season and can be tried out in different textures. You can also go ahead with the black hair cornrows or with coloured hair too.

8. Layered Cornrow Braids:

Layered cornrow braids hairstyle is a perfect choice if you have a medium to long length hairstyle. The layered cornrows can look beautiful when braided with a glossy look and long hair length. It is relatively easy to do and can stay on your hair for a long time. It requires the least hair maintenance and yet suits you to match different occasions. Women with any natural hair texture can also try out the layered cornrow braids hairstyle.

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9. Cornrow Bob Braids:

We bet you haven’t come across this variant of the cornrow braids bob hairstyle. This African cornrow braids variant is a blend of bob haircuts in appearance with cornrow braids in the hairstyle. It is unique and new in the fashion market this season, and it lets you feel special with its beautiful look and distinct style statement. You can try out these cornrow bob braids with short or shoulder-length hair and feel gorgeous.

10. 6 Feed in Braids:

Besides two and four braids, we have the 6 feed braids to the back hairstyle too. If you have an eye for braided fashion looks, these long straight back 6 cornrow braids will impress you and will let you have them. The braids look stunning and incredibly gorgeous and are perfect for those with good hair length. It is unique and definitely gives out charming and bold modern vibes. What do you think?

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Additional Tips:

Braids may be easy to maintain; however, they require some care for an excellent shiny and healthy look. Here are some tips in this regard.

  • Cornrow braids are protective hairstyles. Before you get the braids, ensure you prepare well in this regard. Do not go with styled hair and tresses; instead, go with well-nourished hair. For example, avoid going to the stylist to get cornrows with blow-dried hair. Go instead with clean, healthy hair and scalp.
  • Avoid having a greasy scalp; focus on hydrating and having a healthy scalp during the process.
  • After the braids, clean the scalp every week with a damp cloth. Gently move in the damp cloth to remove any excess build-up.
  • Maintain a designated wash day with techniques to manage and maintain hair nourishment. Do not miss out on conditioners and oil treatments.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these stunning and trending cornrow braids hairstyles. These braids styles are a perfect trending choice across the globe and are among the most contemporary hot looks preferred across age groups. Let us know your thoughts and which cornrow braids hairstyle you enjoy the most. We love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. For How Long Can These Braids Extension be Left Out?

Ans: Well, you can leave your hairdo for ten weeks or more. But, moving beyond this limit is generally not recommended. Even professional regards that it is entirely upon the person to keep the braids for a loner time and bear the risk. At the same time, it produces some greasy impact along with matting the hairs. So, professionals recommend taking care of the simple things so that the crochet braids can even be worn in the future.

Q2. Will I be Able to Enjoy my Swimming with These Crochet Braids?

Ans: There are some common fears in the minds of the people. They believe that crochet braids do not let them enjoy swimming. You merely need to come out of the notion. Numerous hair s styling pattern has come forward. You have to opt for any one of them, which will ensure that no damage or wear and tear occurs to the braids. Hence, you can enjoy your swimming timing along with these braids.

Q3. How will I Wash my Hair with braids?

Ans: You need to gather a spray bottle to water the hairs entirely along with the shampoo. By the use of the fingertips, you have to massage your entire scalp. In the end, gently wash the hair with proper care. You will ultimately find your hair back in good improved condition.


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