If you are into watching Hollywood movies of the ’70s and ’80s, you must have noticed many women wearing stringy garments around their waists. That’s called a Corset! It is designed to lend a curvy shape to a woman’s waistline. This iconic Corset is now a part of the Indian ethnic wear segment to create a sensational crossbreed called the Corset Saree Blouse! These blouses imitate a corset style with a lighter feel than the original one. Many celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have rocked them on the red carpet. It’s time to take some fashion inspiration with these latest Corset saree blouse designs.

Features Of A Corset Style Saree Blouse:

So, what exactly is a Corset Style Saree Blouse? These points can help you understand them in detail:

  • A Corset blouse is an Indian saree blouse stitched as a corset.
  • It is a back open blouse, usually with a zipper, buttons and a tie-up lace.
  • Unlike the normal blouse, a corset blouse is waist-length, only to the bust line.
  • This type of blouse is specially made for slim and curvy women.
  • Although the original corset was made for heavy-waisted women to look slim, this blouse doesn’t have a lot of padding inside to camouflage your bulk.
  • You can wear these blouses with sarees made with flowing fabrics like chiffons, georgette, Chinon, net, and lace.

How Corset Blouses Can Flatter Different Body Types:

Corset blouses are not limited to a specific body type and can be incredibly flattering for many figures. They have the unique ability to enhance and accentuate the natural curves of various body types. Here’s a closer look at how corset blouses can flatter different body types:

Hourglass Figures:

  • Corset blouses perfectly match hourglass figures as they emphasize the waist, creating an exaggerated shape.
  • Opt for corset blouses with boning or structural elements that define and cinch the waist, highlighting its narrowest point.
  • Choose corset blouses with sweetheart or V-necklines to draw attention to the bust and balance the curves.

Pear-Shaped Figures:

  • Corset blouses can help create a balanced silhouette for pear-shaped figures by accentuating the waist and adding volume to the upper body.
  • Look for corset blouses with ruffled or embellished busts to draw attention upward and create the illusion of a fuller chest.
  • Pair corset blouses with A-line skirts or wide-leg pants to balance out the hips and create a harmonious figure.

Apple-Shaped Figures:

  • Corset blouses can create a defined waistline for apple-shaped figures, providing a more hourglass-like appearance.
  • Opt for longer-length corset blouses that cover the midsection and create a streamlined look.
  • Choose corset blouses with vertical details such as princess seams or vertical stripes to elongate the torso.

Athletic Figures:

  • Corset blouses can add feminine curves and softness to athletic figures by creating the illusion of a more defined waistline.
  • Look for corset blouses with adjustable lacing or cinching options to customize the fit and create the desired silhouette.
  • Choose corset blouses with details like ruffles, pleats, or peplum hems to add volume and enhance the curves.

Petite Figures:

  • Corset blouses can elongate the frame of petite figures and create the illusion of added height.
  • Opt for corset blouses with a cropped or shorter length to visually lengthen the torso and create proportion.
  • Choose corset blouses with vertical patterns or vertical boning details to create a lengthening effect.

Remember, experimenting and trying different styles is the key to finding the right corset blouse for your body type. Don’t be afraid to explore various fabrics, colours, and details that enhance your unique features and make you feel confident and beautiful.

Stylish Designer Corset Style Blouses for Women with Images:

Here we list the 20 latest corset blouse designs in women’s fashion to wear at special occasions and events.

1. Maroon Corset Blouse:

Check out this regal-looking maroon corset blouse in velvet material. It takes inspiration from the ever-popular Baroque fashion in Zardosi work, tassels and even the tie-up back neck. The strapless blouse can be used on both Lehenga and a saree. Wear this blouse to flaunt your well-toned shoulders.

  • Blouse Design: Maroon Velvet Corset Style Blouse
  • Material: Velvet

2. Dupion Silk Corset Blouse:

This blouse is specially created to make you look flamboyant. It is designed with a premium quality Dupion silk fabric embellished beautifully with all-over Zari work. The floral embroidery in pink and black hues adds a classy touch to your outfit. You can pair this blouse with your skirt, lehenga and even saree.

  • Blouse Design: Dupion Silk Black and Pink Corset Blouse
  • Material: Dupion Silk

3. Black Baroque-Inspired Corset Blouse:

This black corset blouse is sure to take your breath away. The baroque-styled blouse adds sheer magic with net and shimmer fabrics. It gives a perfect silhouette to your body with the right blend of stitching techniques. This is what we call a perfect marriage of English and Indian fashion.

  • Blouse Design: Black Baroque Style Corset Blouse
  • Material: Net, Shimmer

4. Sheer Style Corset Blouse:

Confident about your body? Then, try this hot corset blouse, trending in the glam industry. The blouse is made with an elegant lace fabric, whose sheer effect is retained on the waistline. The bust portion is well covered with inner padding to offer the right structure to your body. It is best worn with lightweight, flowing sarees.

  • Blouse Design: Black Netted Corset Style Blouse
  • Material: Net

5. Front Open Corset Style Blouse:

This corset-style blouse results from a creative experiment by the designer! It is made with contemporary fabric that sticks to your body and defines your curves. The front zipper makes it easy to wear the blouse and adds a touch of a metallic effect. Pair it with light sarees to steal the show!

  • Blouse Design: Blue Zipper Style Corset Blouse
  • Material: Elastane

6. Multi-Colour Strapless Corset Blouse:

We have saved the best for the last! This designer corset blouse tops our charts this season. This patchwork blouse is made using a seamless blend of different fabrics. Brocades are cut into strips, joined, and embellished with embroidered patches. Wear this to a party, and you will sweep everyone off their feet!

  • Blouse Design: Multi-Colour Strapless Corset Blouse
  • Material: Brocade and Patches

7. Bronze Corset Blouse:

This is a beautiful Bronze colour corset blouse. Green saree with flower work on only shoulder Daman is looking fabulous. The work on the corset blouse will glow in the lights. The glow will indirectly reflect on your face too. It will be the first choice of ladies. A lady will look appreciable in this.

  • Blouse Design: Gold Sequin Corset Style Blouse
  • Material: Sequins

8. Latest Corset Blouse:

This is an extremely stunning corset blouse with short sleeves. The sleeves are made of net fabric. It has trendy work on the front side of the blouse. The Daman of the saree will be kept on one side only. It would help if you did not cover the work of the blouse with Daman. It is intensely impressive. This is one of the best Indian corset blouse designs.

9. Corset Blouse with Embroidery:

In this corset blouse, the backside is embellished with embroidery work. A scooped cut in the shape of Diya adorns the backside. The blouse looks fantastic with a plain silk saree. It will give you a rich look. The blouse seems expensive too. It is tremendously exceptional and prominent to wear.

  • Blouse Design: Silver Corset Style Blouse With Lace Patch
  • Material: Satin

10. Corset Style Blouse:

This is a lightweight, awesome corset-style blouse in black colour. It is a full sleeve and floral print on the side of the corset blouse. An orange and black colour combination of saree is new. A messy square pattern is designed on the sleeves, which looks unusual. It is magnificent in its simple design yet lavishing.

  • Blouse Design: Black Georgette Corset Style Blouse
  • Material: Georgette

11. Corset Style Wedding Blouse:

This blouse is inauspicious red and is designed to wear for a bride. A beautiful cut on the neck has given an amazing pattern. Golden colour work is designed on the blouse. A simple saree is worn though expensive, to highlight the corset blouse. It is meeting up with the required standards.

  • Blouse Design: Maroon Color Corset Style Blouse With Embroidery
  • Material: Chinon

12. Indian Corset Blouse:

It is a typical style Indian corset blouse and in regular golden colour. Ladies prefer a golden blouse that it gets matches most of their sarees. It is sleeveless, and the neck is designed with a net fabric. It will look best in a hot red and romantic pink colour. It will look truly gorgeous.

  • Blouse Design: Gold Sequin Corset Style Blouse With Illusion Neck
  • Material: Sequin

13. Corset Blouse for Lehenga:

It is a pink colour corset blouse for a lehenga. The whole lehenga looks astounding. This blouse gets to start with the chest portion. It does not have any fabric on the shoulder area. This type of blouse is worn at a high-class wedding or party. It has a majestic design. It will catch the attention of people in Marriage.

  • Blouse Design: Pink and White Corset Style Lehenga Blouse
  • Material: Net

14. Designer Corset Blouse:

The pattern of this corset blouse is spellbound. You will like it immediately as you see it. It is net fabric and red colour work is done to garnish it. This corset blouse will enhance the grace of the lady. A lady will feel honoured by seeing her praise in people’s eyes. No one can stop himself from liking this corset blouse.

  • Blouse Design: Red Embroidered Corset Style Blouse
  • Material: Net

15. Glittery Corset Blouse:

This is a very fancy corset blouse in white colour. A flower print in patchwork is created on the blouse. It is a full sleeve and looks like the floral print is adorned with glitter. You won’t need any ornaments to wear. Only this blouse is enough to adorn you. With this, even your personality will appear glorious.

  • Blouse Design: Cream Colour Corset Blouse With Heavy Floral Work
  • Material: Net

16. Party Wear Corset Blouse:

This is a very soothing colour corset blouse without sleeves. A nice pattern is made on a corset blouse to look more attractive. You will rock and look hot in this blouse. This corset blouse is specially designed for parties. It is a very delicate corset blouse which complements a toned body well!

  • Blouse Design: Light Green Illusion Style Corset Blouse
  • Material: Net

17. Corset Blouse Back Design:

This is a cute back design in a corset red colour blouse. It will be an adorable and beauteous look in Marriage. It will invite good comments from the crowd. Black colour plain saree with a red shimmering corset blouse will look grand on you. It possesses a delightful design that pleases the heart.

  • Blouse Design: Red Mirror Work Corset Style Blouse
  • Material: Georgette

18. Stylish Corset Blouse:

This is a stylish corset blouse with a green colour saree. The saree has worn in a fashionably elegant style. This corset blouse will look stunning on a lady. It is an ultra-modern and trendsetting corset blouse. This blouse has a sophisticated pattern that will make you look cool. It is strong enough to amuse people.

  • Blouse Design: Brown Corset Blouse With Contemporary Design
  • Material: Stretch Material

19. Embellished Corset Blouse:

This corset blouse is in gold concept and has a full sleeve. It has a neat and clean pattern. This corset blouse is significantly influential and of a high level. It is made interesting by the addition of decorative features. It is an artistic work. It is the work of a passionate artist and incredible too.

  • Blouse Design: Gold Corset Style Blouse With Sequin Work
  • Material: Shimmer

20. Unique Corset Blouse:

This is a unique printed corset blouse. It looks like a traditional blouse. It will be the unusual and classic design of a corset blouse. It will look lovely on ladies. It is like an old design with a new twist. This corset blouse design is rare to find. It is in multi-colour and is an excellent creation.

  • Blouse Design: Off-White Printed Corset Blouse
  • Material: Cotton

Corset blouses are mostly worn with plain sarees to show the corset blouse pattern clearly. Every design of the corset blouse is unique and different from one another. The corset blouse is distinguished from the regular one. A skilful artist is required to create this blouse. It is appropriate for every function and occasion. It is of fine and superior quality with a talented designer.

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