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9 Rare & Stylish Cotton Jumpsuits for Women and Men

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Jumpsuit is one-piece clothing. Originally it was worn by skydivers, parachuters and race car drivers. The design of the jumpsuit then, was simple yet revolutionary and liberating. Tradesmen like cleaners, plumbers and auto-mechanics are the most common users of jumpsuits as they can be stitched with huge pockets to hold their tools.

However, nowadays Jumpsuits has found a variety of other uses. Ladies, gentlemen & kids all are found to be wearing jumpsuits.

Best and Simple Cotton Jumpsuits for Women and Men:

The Cotton Jumpsuits are a trendy addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Here are few simple cotton Jumpsuits to enhance your stylishness.

1. Navy Denim Cotton Jumpsuit:


A denim navy jumpsuit sleeveless and round neck, it is perfect for summer as the material is lightweight. It has two pockets and an elastic waistband. A real chick and suave outfit, they can be teamed with denim sport shoes to give a sporty look. Denim Jumpsuits come in stretch and non-stretch material.

2. Smart Fit Cotton Jumpsuit:

Smart Fit Cotton Jumpsuit

A black cotton jumpsuit of floral print, it is also known a play suit. It is short instead of the long trouser style. Two front pockets and a drawstring fastening at the waist. It has a full buttoned placket. The right summer wear and a favorite of college girls.

3. Spaghetti Strap Cotton Jumpsuit:

Spaghetti strapcottonJumpsuit

Trendy Spaghetti Strap Grey Cotton Jumpsuit, the material is a mixture of Cotton and spandex. The light material is very gentle on the skin. It is a beach style Women’s cotton jumpsuit, with a V neck and a low back. These are harem style which is loose, feeling relaxed and comfortable. They are a good casual wear or beach wear.

4. Girls White Cotton Jumpsuit:

Girls White Cotton Jumpsuit

A white cotton jumpsuit is a basic cotton jumpsuit for nursery goers and spaghetti string instead of the usual sleeveless pattern making the child look adorable. Front buttoned and a drawstring at the waist paired with Frills at the bottom. Pair it with white frilly socks and white shoes.

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5. Tuxedo Cotton Jumpsuit for Toddlers:

Tuxedo Cotton Jumpsuit for Toddlers

Perfect designer jumpsuit for toddlers, the material used is cotton with a design that looks like a Gentleman’s suit for baby boys. It can be worn on formal occasions like parties, weddings, first birthday, baptism, family photos, etc.

6. Pinstriped Cotton Jumpsuits:

Pinstriped Cotton Jumpsuit

A Sky-blue and cream colored jumpsuit, it is pinstriped and the material a blend of cotton and linen. At the waist a self-tie belt and a boned bodice and Capri-style pants. The zipper and hooks at the back and are concealed. Looks elegant for ladies with a pair of pencil heels.

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7. Men’s Hunting cotton Jumpsuits:

Men’s Hunting cottonJumpsuit

A Men’s Hunting Jumpsuit that is of Tree bark print. It is a wonderful Camouflage print. It is full length and full sleeves. Collared and front buttoned. Two front pockets, two open back pockets and two chest pockets.

8. Smoothly Belted cotton Jumpsuits:

Smoothly Belted cottonJumpsuit

It is heavy but still soft and smooth. The fabric is a mixture of Cotton and Polyester. It has a light tension elastic-back waist, which is very comfortable. It also has a two-way zipper which is concealed. It has a collar, two breast pockets, two side patch pockets that are pretty large and two rear pockets lined belt with an adjustable buckle.

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9. Mustard Yellow Printed Cotton Jumpsuits:

Mustard Yellow printed cottonJumpsuit

This mustard yellow printed cotton jumpsuit womens is made of cotton blend fabric. It is very comfortable to wear and keeps you at ease. It is ankle length with shoe strings lace to tie up. Front buttoned, V-neck and collar. Two Side pockets and elastic waist band can be paired with heels or flat major is for a cool look.

The Cotton Jumpsuits look suave on anyone be it a male or a female or even a kid. They are a very comfortable and practical wear. Originally jumpsuits were elegant and contemporary. It has lately emerged as a favorite evening wear coupled with a shiny bracelet, heels, long ear-rings an instant celebrity favorite.

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