Indian attire is very interesting and makes a man look smart. The kurta pajama is a trendy outfit that can be worn casually for formal occasions. Try to get your hands on one of these pairs, and you are sure to make heads turn. Be it any festival or wedding ceremony, the kurta pajama is the essential attire to be worn by men. Cotton material makes the garment more breathable, perfect for Indian weather conditions.

Stylish Cotton Kurta Pajama Designs for Gents in Trend:

Check out these top 9 cotton kurta pajamas.

1. Formal Cotton Kurta Pajama:

This formal cotton kurta pajama is perfect for a function or ceremony. The Indian attire is made from pure white cotton. White is considered great for summer and special occasions. You can choose the kurta with the pockets at either end.

2. Embroidered Neck Kurta Pajama:

This is a cool cotton kurta pajama with embroidered at the neckline for a man. Drawing attention to the neck, this kurta makes a bold impression. The embroidery is delicate and unique to Indian artisans.

3. Thin Cotton Kurta Pajama:

Choose this blue pure cotton kurta pajama made thin for the hot and humid weather. The pajama and kurta set can be in contrasting colours as well. The blue and white combination is a perfect choice. These will go well for the summers and can be casual and formal.

4. Short-Sleeved Kurta Pajama:

Here is a nice white cotton kurta pajama with a short sleeve instead of the traditional long sleeves. These are great for casual wear. You can have the kurta stitched in a structured way to look chic.

5. Front Open Kurta Pajama:

Try this fashionable front-open white kurta pajama for men. This kurta has front-open buttons that are perfect for a formal look. The sleeves end in buttons as well. This looks very trendy and successful.

6. Front Embroidered Kurta:

Try this cotton kurta pyjama in black colour if you want something snazzy for your party. The kurta is made from pure cotton and accentuated with white embroidery. The design starts at the neckline and extends up to the waist on the front.

7. Traditional Cotton Kurta Pajama:

You can always wear traditional cotton kurta pajama as formal attire. The traditional set will also have a dupatta along with it. This is worn over the right shoulder and is usually very simple. This particular one is netted and has tassels at the ends.

8. Printed Cotton Kurta Pajama:

Look out for these lovely printed cotton kurta pajamas in trendy prints. The picture has the print of the word ‘Om’, a traditional word. You can have prints in Indian style, making it very good for casual wear.

9. Front Pocket Kurta:

Choose this stunning cotton white kurta pajama for a well-built man. This kurta has front pockets that make it look very sexy. The kurta pajama made from pure cotton looks like a structured and well-stitched garment. You can have the kurta pajama in various colours, like pastels.

Cotton kurta pajamas are wonderful Indian attire that looks good on all men. The long kurta gives length to the person, and the structured garment makes them look dapper. You can choose between white and other colours that will suit your occasion.

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