Cotton is the first choice of ladies because it gives physical ease to your body. It has quality of giving relaxation to body. Cotton fabric is made up of cotton seed and lot of products can be made from this cotton material. From variety of cotton textile product, one is cotton nighties for women.

Cotton nighties are used by girls, ladies and women at night. While sleeping, women need undisturbed and deep sleep. Cotton is an innocent material. It won’t be harmful to anybody’s skin. Since ages, cotton is being used in sleepwear. It does need ironing. There are many varieties in cotton nighty. Cotton is not much costly material and easily available in every store. Liked by all, it is matchless and first-rated material.

New Models of Ladies Nighties in Cotton Fabric:

Here is a list of 15 simple cotton nighties for girls wearing night at home.

1. Simple Cotton Nighty:

It is simple cotton nighty with white base color. It also has one small pocket on right side. On neck and sleeve, pink color piping is done with sober design on neck. It can be worn daily by women. It makes you feel good during hot summer days.

2. Round Neck Cotton Nighty:

This cotton nighty is very beautifully designed with red color and white color embroidery work on neck. In sleeves also, one frill is given. This is awesome piece of cotton nighty. The design of embroidery work is also elegant.

3. Batik Print Cotton Nighty:

This cotton nighty has batik print which is popular among ladies. Batik print is available in dress and nighty. Batik is all time favorite print. It can be worn in every season. Ladies have special craze for batik print. It gives perfect look to ladies.

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4. Kaftan Sleeve Cotton Nighty:

This cotton nighty has Kaftan Sleeve. It is not used by all. It gives you unusual look. Kaftan sleeve is easy and loose fitting sleeve for body. Air can pass on inside sleeves easily. It has V Neck and little above ankle length.

5. Cool Cotton Nighty for Girls:

Cotton nighty is available for girls too. This is short nighty fitting above knee and sleeveless. It also has little cute bear printed over nighty. Girls will really look cute in this nighty. It has benefit of giving comfort to girls at night.

6. Printed Cotton Nighties for Womens:

This cotton nighty has prints on it. Available in various colors, it has white color round spots printed on it. It is full length and coming with good design. Printed nighty has many pleasing designs and nice-looking. It will give different appearance to wearer.

7. Girls Sleeveless Cotton Nighties:

It is sleeveless and plain cotton nighty apt for girls. It is round high neck with black color border on neck and sleeve. Water blue color looks awesome on girls. It has some flower work embossed on bottom of nighty. It will look attractive on young girls.

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8. Latest Cotton Nighty:

This pattern in cotton nighty is newly arrived. It is two shades with mango motifs prints. It is beautifully designed to give impressive look. Black and Red color combination is done with short sleeves. It’s a new style in nighty and going to be crazy.

9. Full Sleeve Long Cotton Nighty:

This cotton nighty has full sleeves in nice color and floral design. Ladies can have this in winter and monsoon. It has buttons in front. This will look decent on all ladies. Not only while sleeping, but ladies can wear this decent nighty while doing work at home too.

10. Cotton Nighty with Beautiful Neck:

There also comes variety of neck designs on neck portion in cotton nighty. One of them is this embroidery work. The whole nighty is plain. Just only simple but excellent embroidery work is crafted on neck. It also has sides pocket.

11. Stylish Front Open Cotton Nighty:

This nighty has unusual design. It is opened from front side with button. It is red color short sleeve cotton nighty. it has buttons in overall nighty. It is to be worn like a shirt itself. It makes easy to wear and remove. This pattern is not much popular. It will be useful for ladies who have kids for easy feeding.

12. Comfortable Cotton Maternity Nighty:

This is maternity nighty for ladies who are pregnant. It comes in plus size so that women get easily fit on it. It is short and soft. Pregnant ladies prefer to use this nighty as she will get comfort in this. Her first need for nighty is that she should feel relax with her baby bump at night.

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13. Girls Cotton Night Wear Dress in White:

This is white colored cotton nighty specially liked by young girls. It has white camisole and short. Camisole has nice neck design with few frills. Girls love to wear this nighty is summer. Girls will look sexy in shorts. As it is white color, camisole has thin fabric.

14. Kids Cotton Nighty Smooth:

This cotton nighty is for small girls. They just look cute princess in it. On white nighty, black and pink color round spots are printed with little rabbit embossed. Small girls love this type of print. It is designed to wear it like a t-shirt.

15. Designer Cotton Nighty:

It is latest design in cotton nighty for ladies. It has extremely beautiful fur and lace work done on neck area. It looks really stunning work. It is unique pattern in cotton nighty. This pattern will stay much in demand. Here the lady is looking gorgeous in this cotton nighty by designer.

Cotton Nighties are available in so many different neck and sleeve pattern. Various style and design are available for ladies and girls. Ladies will really look marvelous and magnificent in cotton nighty. She will give fetching personality. The benefit of cotton nighty is that it is affordable and charming. Some designs in cotton nighty are just breathtaking. It gives astounding feeling at night while wearing. The credit goes to designers who give such awe-inspiring designs and patterns in cotton nighty.

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