Pajamas are a wonderful way to go to bed feeling relaxed and comfortable. The pajamas are a two piece set with a top and a bottom. Cotton is the choice of many during the hot summer months. This soft breathable material makes great sense for those humid nights. A pajama set is very comfortable and lets you sleep in any position without feeling awkward.

Latest Cotton Pajamas for Good Sleep in Summer:

Let we have to look at the top 15 cotton pajamas for gents and ladies in trend.

1. Blue Checked Cotton Pajamas:

Check out these cool blue checked cotton pajamas with the check pattern. The set is perfect for women who love to have freedom while sleeping. The cotton material is wonderful f or the summers as it is breathable and cool. This cool blue color is also something that most women love to have. It is soothing in the nights.

2. Egyptian Cotton Pajamas:

One of the finest cotton is considered to be the Egyptian cotton. This wonderful set for kids is done in blue and pink stripes. It is a set with a top and bottom. The button up top is comfortable and easy to wear. The 100 cotton pajamas are loose fitting and work well for all ages.

3. Brushed Cotton Pajamas:

One of the softer kinds of women’s cotton pajamas is the brushed cotton pajama. These pajama sets have a lovely soft feel to them. They are great for bed time and make a comfortable ensemble. The tartan pattern of the pajama is great too and looks cool and sophisticated.

4. Classic Cotton Pajama:

Most women prefer to have white cotton pajamas in their collection. The pure white pajamas are one of the classic pieces. This shirt collar top has buttons in the front. A pocket in front is also a great design element. These full sleeved pajama set make you look very chic.

5. Floral Cotton Pajama:

Ladies and flowers go hand in hand. This ladies’ cotton pajama set is super cool with tiny floral designs all over. The colors are very soothing and the print is not overpowering. The floral pajama set has a shirt collar and front buttons. The long sleeves make it perfect for chillier nights.

6. Frilly Cotton Pajama:

Frills are a great addition to any design. The frilly cotton pajama is a nice set that you can have in your collection. The white and pink set has a pink striped cotton pajama pant. The frill on the top collar looks very feminine and dainty. Contrasting pink buttons make the whole set very special.

7. Short Sleeve Cotton Pajama:

Try out these simple and elegant short sleeved 100 percent cotton pajama set. These come in different patterns like floral or striped. The simple pajama set has a loose fitting top with short sleeves. The pants are straight cut and have a nice elastic waist band for comfort.

8. Sleeveless Cotton Pajama:

The sleeveless top of the pajama set is also a great plus for many women. In places where it is very hot, the sleeveless tops are a great choice. The short pants of the pajama set are also something that is great for the summers. You can have these sets in contrasting colors or patterns.

9. Capri Cotton Pajama:

One more style that is great for the summers is the Capri. This below the knee pant style is perfect for the ease and comfort you need at night. The Capri gives you the coolness for your feet. All cotton pajamas come in great soft cotton material.

10. Puff Sleeve Cotton Pajama:

Kids look adorable in these lovely floral cotton pajamas that have puff sleeves. The sleeves are short and make a great easy choice for kids. Many of the pajamas have floral or cartoon characters on them. This is a good idea as kids enjoy the night time and their bed time stories.


11. Cotton Pajama Shorts:

Try out this cute blue striped cotton pajama set that has shorts instead of full pants. The shorts work well for hot weather and peak summers. This gives you the easy and breathable feeling. The shorts have an elastic waistband or they can have a tie. Either way the fit is perfect and makes you look quite chic.

12. Cap Sleeve Pajama Set:

One cute and dainty set that women love to wear is the cap sleeve top. The cotton pajama set here has a floral print that is very pretty. The top has cap sleeves and you can feel quite free in this set. The Capri style pants are also a plus for women who like breathable garments in the summers.

13. Tie up Cotton Pajama:

One great choice that we have in cotton pajamas is whether we would like it to be with elastic or with a tie. The latter is always a good choice because then you can adjust it according to your comfort level. The elastic can also become loose after some time and frequent use. So this tie up cotton pajama is a perfect way to have a carefree night sleep.

14. Men’s Cotton Pajama:

Men love to feel comfortable and easy during the night. This men’s cotton pajama set is a perfect way to keep him happy. The checked style of the set is great for men and the colors are normally darker. The loose fitting top and pant of the set is also something that works great for all nights.

15. Irish Cotton Pajama:

One more variety of cotton material is the Irish cotton. This is also pure and soft cotton that works great for all weather. The traditional Irish printed checks are seen here in the pajama set. The contrast piping on the shirt looks very stylish and most men like this little detail on the pajama set.

Cotton pajamas come in a variety of colors, patterns and prints. They can be full sleeved, half sleeved or even sleeveless. They also have pants that are full length, Capri or shorts. The pajama set works great for women, men and kids alike.

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