Cotton was originally weaved by the Egyptian. It was brought to India by the traders of England. It was a hit here. It is grown in almost every state. Cotton is the most preferred choice of cloth here. It soaks sweat. It dries up quickly. It is light and super comfortable. Cotton top is most liked by everyone, be it old or young, be it male or female.

Latest Designs of Cotton Tops for Girls:

There are many styles in cotton tops. Here are few.

1. Checked Cotton Top Long:

The checked design was considered as so old fashioned. But it has made a comeback in the world of the cotton top. Checked cotton top is made of colours. The checks can be small and big too. Mostly the checked cotton tops are worn by both the sex. It is advised to wear them with jeans.

2. Crop Cotton Top Floral:

The crop is the new 21st-century style. Flat abs and curvy waist are flaunted very well with this style. Crop cotton top is added benefit to those sport it. It is light and breezy. You can wear them over skinny jeans and shorts. It is quite a thing among teenagers.

3. Summer T-Shirt Cotton Top:

T-shirt cotton top is made especially for summer. It is short mostly. They come in various print. Mostly young generation opt for hip prints like a cartoon or superhero. They are liked by all. It comes in unisex style. It is the most famous style all over the world. It can never go out of fashion and style.

4. Kurta Cotton Top for Girls:

Kurta Cotton top is mostly loved by Indian women. They can wear it without being scrutinized over tradition. They are available in all lengths, but mostly girls prefer it knee-length. You can wear leggings and jeans both.

5. Girls Lace Cotton Tops:

Lace cotton top is a stylish option for young girls. It is very girly because of the lace. It is the top favourite amongst girls. A lacy white cotton top with blue jeans and brown boots with a nude slim bag is the way to go.

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6. Sleeveless Formal Cotton Top:

Long office meetings can be very tiring, and to add to it the traffic and long travelling. This grilling routine can be taxing to your skin especially during summers. To our rescue comes the formal cotton top. They are available in all styles. You can team with your pants or skirts. They are even wrinkle-free.

7. Long Sleeve Cotton Top:

If you are not comfortable in short-sleeved tops, or if you forgot to wax, long sleeve cotton top is here for you. Since they are made of cotton, the heat is very less. You can wear with jeggings. It is mostly unisex.

8. Women’s Puff Sleeved Cotton Top:

Puff sleeved cotton top is a traditional Latin top. They have a puff on the shoulders. They are making a comeback. Many celebrities are seen sporting it. You can wear it in formal meetings with a pencil skirt.

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9. Stylish Spaghetti Cotton Top:

Spaghetti tops are best for summers. They are very comfortable. Spaghetti cotton top is like a boon. If you feel awkward, then you can wear with a shirt or jacket. They come in arrays of colour. Some even have small lace near the neckline.

10. Off Shoulder Cotton Tops for Events:

Off-shoulder cotton top is one of the stylish options you have. By its name, it has no sleeves. It is a bit similar to tube top. It is perfect for parties. You can wear for evening parties. Long flirty earing is the way to go.

11. Ladies Printed Cotton Tops:

The unique feature of cotton tops is, it can be printed in any style. You can block print, dye it or even hand paint it. Mostly they are used for daily purpose. You find in all styles and colours. They are very fresh and can be unique too. You can wear it to college without thinking too much.

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12. Tunic Cotton Top:

Tunic cotton top is long top till the knee. It is very comfortable and perfect for outings. Tunics are ideal for any occasion. Mostly it suits all kind of body type. They have perfect cuts and style for you to have an easy summer evening.

13. Beautiful Floral Cotton Top in Long:

A long cotton top is a traditional option for both men and women. They can be long till the knee in men and even much more below them for women. It is a very Indo- western style. They are great to hit for hot summer vacation weddings.

14. Designer Fish Cut Cotton Top:

The fish cut is a unique style of long top. It is tapering towards the end and short towards the knee. This style is very classy. Most of the women wear leggings and palazzos below it. High heels and traditional earing is a very stylish look, especially for cocktail evenings.

15. Embroidery Cotton Top:

Embroidery cotton top has embroidery around the neck and ends. Sometimes it is throughout the top. It one of the few options we have to wear during summer weddings. It looks very elegant and heavy. You don’t have to compromise on your comfort as it is made of cotton.

Cotton tops are worn all over the world. They come in all shapes, colours and style, you can even think of. They are worn for meetings or parties and even for college. Since most of the men opt for cotton shirts, they are made wrinkle-free nowadays. You even get pants made of cotton. Feel free to explore this style. There is no effort required to try it. It is suitable for all ages and all sexes.