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Best Cotton Bath Towels With Pictures – Our Top 9

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Cotton Towels are the most common type of towels used worldwide. Be it USA or India, everyone uses cotton towels. The shape or size or colours do vary from one country to another, depending on the kind of things people prefer. A good quality towel is known for its softness, absorption power and comfortable for bathing.

Latest & Luxury Cotton Towels in India:

Are you searching for the Best Cotton Towels, then your search ends here. In this article, you will find 9 Top Cotton Bath Towels with Images.

1. Cotton Bath Towels:

Cotton Bath Towels

Bath towels are generally rectangular in shape. They are highly absorbent and are used to dry oneself after a bath or shower. They are woven and are thick, which increases its absorption power. They are of various fabric but cotton ones are most popular.

2. Solid Colour Cotton Towels:

 Solid Colour Cotton Towels

Solid colour cotton towels come in single colours. They are generally bright but neutral coloured, without the touch of any other colour. Their white counterparts are used in hotels. While they are pretty good in absorbing moisture, their colours make them stand out in a crowd.

3. Printed Cotton Towels:

Printed Cotton Towels

This is an Indian version of thick heavy towels. They are not thick. Made of highly absorbent cotton, these towels are a little thicker than normal cotton cloth. They are printed and come in a wide variety of colours. Easy to wash and equally easy to clean, these dry out really fast. Given the kind of weather in India, it is essential that the towels dry out fast because one shower a day is just not sufficient, especially in summer.

4. Small Cotton Bath Towels:

Small Cotton Towels

Small towels or hand towels are generally smaller than bath towels. They are thick, woven pieces, generally used for wiping hands after washing them say post meal or when you come from outside. These are small rectangular pieces, also called napkins.

5. Kitchen Cotton Towels:

Kitchen Cotton Towels

Kitchen towels as the name suggests are used in the kitchen. They are generally available in dark colours as light coloured ones will look like a scrapbook full of colours by the end of the day. These are also of napkin size or similar, but thinner like printed ones.

6. Oversized Cotton Bath Towels:

Oversized Cotton Bath Towels

A normal bath towel is of a specific size. People who are on the heavier side, especially men, find it extremely difficult to wrap a normal sized cotton bath towel around their waists. In come the oversized ones. They are larger than regular bath towels and are easier to wrap around the waist. Other than their size there isn’t any difference between a normal cotton bath towel and an oversized cotton towel.

7. Kids Bath Towels:

Kids Bath Towels

Everything is incomplete without their “for kids” edition. So is the case with towels. Be it cotton towels or beach ones, Kids towels are always fun and full of colours. They might have prints on them or may be just too colourful, kids’ towel look super cool. They are thick like bath towels, just a little smaller to wrap their small bodies perfectly.

8. Egyptian Cotton Towels:

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Egyptian cotton is extremely high quality cotton. Towels made of Egyptian cotton have a thread count of 800 or higher. They are extra soft and highly absorbent. They are also known as Luxury towels because of their higher price range and quality.

9. Turkish Cotton Towels:

Turkish Cotton Towels

Turkish Cotton towels like their Egyptian counter parts are luxurious towels made of 100% Turkish cotton. They are fluffy and are available in muted shades. Naturally absorbent, these towels add a spa like feel to your bathrooms.

Whether bath towels or kitchen ones, there is nothing as soft and comforting as a good cotton towel. It gives you a feeling of being home. Given the number of options available these days, it’s easy to convert your washroom to feel like a spa.