Most of the Countdown Clocks features with the clear and easy-to-read LCD screen display. The boldface numerals with the large display make you can easily read the countdown timer from wherever you try to put your glance over it. You can freely set the countdown timer in these types of Countdown Clocks and you hear the loud and clear but not deafening sound. Some of the models do remind you to deal with your steamed or boiled food timely that makes you prepare your favourite food subtly and nicely. It possesses a moderate sound that can be heard from any of the rooms in your home, and last for a while. The Simple Countdown Clock Designs are extremely simple to use with the intuitive button given as its provision.

Best Countdown Clock Designs In India:

Here are our 25 simple and latest countdown clock designs with images. Let’s have a look in to them.

1. Red LED Digital Countdown Clock:

This clock has the display in the format of DD: HH: MM: SS and has the digit height approximately 1.8”. The overall size of the clock is 510x160x40mm. It is red shade with 3 unique functions- Countdown, Count up and Normal Clock 12/24hours. The brightness can be adjusted with the help of a remote given along with it. The lifetime of the LED is more than 100 hours. The maximum viewing distance is 100 meters.

2. Large Screen Countdown Alarm Cock:

It is the remarkable kind of Kitchen timer with a reminder, stopwatch, and countdown and also with alarm facility. This has a lovely shape with a large screen. It delivers a huge sound and has the measurement of 65mm W x 75 mm H x 30 mm D. It is manufactured in the pattern of a ribbon magnet with a hook that is along with bracket provision. These large countdown clocks make use of 1.5V AAAA battery version which is the most affordable option.

3. Digital Plastic Custom Countdown Clock:

This is a simple countdown clock that is of timers’ type with digital display. It is made out of plastic material and has the certification of CE/EU. It is featured with a stocked model clock that has been made according to the specific needs. This is a customized clock with power boxing timer of 1X AAA. It performs the function of timekeeping and has LCD Digital Kitchen timer.

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4. White Kitchen Countdown Clock:

The main feature of this best countdown clock is that it has clear and easy to read LCD screen display with big and bold digits. It has a loud alarm sound that can be heard very well from anywhere in the house. It’s not necessary that you need to keep your eye on the clock when you prepare food. It counts down from any time up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. It can also be made used as a stopwatch that can be kept for counting up from zero. They are ideal for cooking food, homework, gym workout, sports, games, office and classroom.

5. Square Silver Electronic Countdown Clocks:

It is easy to read and the alarm timer offers you the largest digits with the countdown facility. This big countdown clock has the feature of the adjustable counter set up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds. This can be readily hang onto a wall or any table stand of your home or office. It has the magnet for hanging or even can be made stand erect with a fold-out stand provided. It comes with the aluminum facing and also comprises a stopwatch.

6. Best Wedding Personalized Countdown Clock:

No gift would be as surprising as the one shown in countdown clock image. This is beautifully personalized and customized according to he needs of a specific individual. This has the countdown timer that has been set to count the number of days and number of hours remaining for the marriage. It would be the perfect gift for your beloved fiancé who is eagerly waiting for the appraisal.

7. Round Magnetic Countdown Timer Alarm Clock:

This simple countdown clock has the digital alarm clock with Kitchen Countdown Timer. The style given to this model is modish and has LED type screen. This antique style clock weighs about 37 grams and possesses a digital display. It has a width of 63 mm and has single face form. The entire set is made of plastic material and circular in shape. It comes with the appropriate diameter of about 63 mm only.

8. 60 Seconds Animated Countdown Clock:

Here comes the modern and too trendy set of an animated countdown clock. This has a total of 60 seconds countdown timer. The most important feature of this best countdown clock is its voice effect. It can talk and respond to the sound heard. It commands the digital time that is displayed on its LCD screen and gives you the extra prompted sound effect. The animated feature of this clock becomes its most appealing characteristics.

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9. Digital LCD Screen New Year’s Countdown Clock:

Get the latest range of New Year series of cool countdown clocks that has the unique feature enclosed with it. It performs the action of counting down the number of hours remaining for a New Year day. The colourful LED has the rating of about 100 hours. The viewing angle ranges from H:85 to V:85. The power source required for it is AC110-250V 50-60Hz, DC 5V with a USB connector. It also comes with the feature of IR remote control. The maximum viewing distance is 100 meters both in daylight and at night time.

10. Outdoor Christmas Countdown Clock:

This is a dazzling series of countdown clocks which displays the time remaining for a Christmas Eve. The whole clock is figured using a Christmas Santa with Hammacher Schlemmer. It is connected with a power cord delivering its DC voltage with a length f 2000 mm. And hence you can keep this décor anywhere in your home or even as an outdoor décor. The humidity ranges from 32° to 158 °F, (0° to 70 °C). It has an Aluminum enclosure and a hardware mounting system to accommodate the desired place.

11. Holiday Countdown Clock with Timer:

This is an easy to set holiday countdown clock that would display the time remaining for the upcoming holiday trip. When you need to perform various preparations for the trip, this would help you to manage the time effectively. It has the timer inbuilt in it that can be set easily for the required job. It uses only one AA size battery for its working and uses a simple mechanism.

12. Black Birthday Countdown Clocks:

It is the perfect way to remember one’s birthday with this cool countdown clock. It fits great on any shelf in your home. The clock measures 4″ wide by 2.5″ high in dimensions. And the vital feature of this clock is that when the clock reaches the milestone of the current reminder then it can reset to start counting again for another event.

13. Personalized Countdown Clock for Event:

We all would like to countdown to certain events such as the birthdays, weddings, vacations and similar such occasions. This small countdown clock is basically in a white shade which can display the event and the specified date that is needed to be reminded. All you have to do is to enter the event name and also to set the timer for the expected date.

14. Wedding Rings Embossed Wedding Countdown Clock:

Here is the ideal way to pass your hectic days waiting for your upcoming wedding event. This is a cool countdown clock that is embossed with wedding rings and roses print. The clock displays both the days and the time remaining for your favourite event of a wedding event.

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15. Handmade Vacation Countdown Clocks:

It is a perfect fun time to cut down your favourite vacation trip that is to be started in the next few days or months. This is the cool countdown clock that is made using die cut vacation countdown embellishments. It is just printed on a card bored just resembling a greeting card. With it attached the whole digital clock which displays the days and time remaining for the vacation.

16. Meeting Countdown Clock with Music Alarm:

It is a hard plastic countdown timer with LED digital display size of 5 x 3 cm. The countdown range varies from 1 second, 99 minutes 59 seconds. It comes with the unique memory function and can be used for all official purposes like meetings. This small countdown clock has the feature of a power cut off switch and also mute switch.

17. Office Use Retirement Countdown Clock:

This easy to set a countdown clock will display down the seconds that indicates how long you have the time until your retirement. Just enter the big day and wipe off the clubs with no hassle and wait for the exact reminder. It uses two AA size batteries and is perfect for the desk on offices. They can be reset for future reminder seven.

18. Expecting Baby Countdown Clock Designs:

Explore this fun way to count down for your big day of a new baby coming to your home. The simple countdown clock is made with a card that is embossed with Love Birds with Nest. The design is embellished on the card with countdown clock timer that is of 3.75″ x 3.75″ in size. It makes you look and feel like a high-end greeting card. It is easy to program and includes a huge magnet with batteries.

19. Small Reverse Countdown Clock:

Here you get to have a look on the countdown clock that counts reverse for the set event. It can be readily used for the purpose such as for games, training drills and much more. It is also the universal timer with basic features that a regular clock contains. The clock is easy to set and at the same time, it is also easy to read. It also features 24hr clock mode, countdown and counts up facility modes.

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20. 60 Second Yellow Countdown Clocks:

This is a small countdown clock dedicated for the purpose of counting 60 seconds only. The clock is patterned in a bright yellow shade that provokes a fresh feel for every start. It can be used for games purposes, official deals and also for domestic needs. It uses only one AA size battery and works with a simple mechanism.

21. Extra Small Countdown Clock:

Get the best of the brand new items of the timer that is displayed in the image link. It is a cute countdown clock that is an extra small size which makes you carry with ease every on the go. It has special features such as the indication of using LED lights. You can reverse the action, reset the timer and also set for a new event as a timer.

22. Soft Version of Countdown Clocks:

If you are not the one who prefers an ideal clock type view of the contemporary kind, then go for such software version of countdown clocks. They are just downloaded in its original format into your PC, Laptop or even in your androids. These are available in Resolution of 1920×1080 and file size of 5.3 MB. They are downloaded in the aspect ratio of 16:9, a frame rate of 23.97 fps and with a duration of 5 seconds.

23. 3” 9Digits Large LED Countdown Clock Designs:

Get know about the features of these 3 inches Digital LED Countdown clocks. This is the big countdown clock that has enough display space to accommodate 9 Digits. They can count down to every day, and also can be made to count up when the expected day is input. It also displays normal time in both formats of 12 and 24 hours.

24. Table Decor Digital Countdown Clock:

This clock is of the desktop kind countdown clock that has a jumping movement pattern and the size length of about 238 mm. It is of digital motivity type with a width of 85 mm. It is in a square shape with a traditional Chinese style. This is made out of plastic and functions with back light as well. They are available in all variable colours and shades. They weigh about 600 grams.

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25. 100 Hour Countdown Timer Clocks:

This particular timer and countdown clock is capable of counting both upwards and downwards. They can perform up or down for 100 hours in intervals of 1 second. It has the unique feature that tells you how much time has elapsed after the alarm sound in its countdown mode. It has the built-in stand, pocket clip, and a magnet.

Some of the clocks are provided with the remote control service which makes you even more comfortable to work with it. Most of the Countdown Clock Designs are embedded with LED digital display which would give the lifespan more than other superior quality of clocks. They always make the viewer ideal and convenient to read all its digits with its LCD or LED displays. It can be used as regular clocks as well.

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