Couples these days love wearing lockets and displaying them as an act of love. It gives them a sense of love and makes them feel that they will stay together till eternity. They even wear matching lockets that complement each other, which shows that they belong to each other.

Stylish and Different Types of Lockets for Couples:

Here are a few of the best interlocking and matching lockets for couples.

1. Matching Lockets for Couples:

These matching lockets can be gifted to a couple on their wedding anniversary. It is a simple set of lockets that can be worn by the couple regularly and will remind them of each other every time they look at it.

2. Lock and Key Lockets for Couples:

These lock and key lockets send a very cute message like the couple have the key to each other’s hearts. It reminds them of their closeness and the unbreakable bond they cherish.

3. Hobbit Door Couple Lockets in Gold and Silver:

This is the perfect couple’s locket necklace for Lord of the Rings fans. The locket has identical hobbit doors, which might also imply that they can enter the doors of each other’s life. This is a very cute example of lockets for couples as it is trendy as well as symbolic.

4. Jewelry for Couples Interlocks:

This is a heart locket design divided into two parts and cut so that it seems like the two couple lockets are jigsaw pieces. Such lockets signify that the couple completes each other and complement each other.

5. Two-Pieced Heart Locket for Couples:

This is considered one of the most elegant designs of lockets for couples. It is made of gold and has a cute rose on the top. It signifies that the couple is a piece of each other’s hearts and are incomplete without each other.

6. Couple Photo Locket with Chain Design:

This has space for a photograph of a couple and beside it the name as well as the date on which they got married. This is a very special gift from a loved one, as it signifies the time since they were together.

7. Caged Heart Couple Locket:

This is a beautiful locket that has a letter attached to a caged heart. The structure of the heart is classy. When worn by couples, it lends a charming look to their attire. It is generally a design preferred for people looking for sophisticated jewellery.

8. Music Note Couple Locket with Alphabet:

This locket is recommended for all music lovers. Also, this locket signifies that one has added music to the silent life of the other. Along with the note, the letter that is studded with stones gives it a heavy look.

9. Cupid Couples Locket Necklace:

This cupid bow and arrow locket in love shape is a unique kind of locket for couples. It depicts the god of love, cupid, hitting his arrow on the heart of the other, hence making them fall in love with each other.

10. Food Couples Pendants Interlocking:

This one is for all the food lovers out there. Shaped like an Oreo with a heart on it, this is the cutest couple locket of all. It is brown and white and gives a funky look to one’s attire.

Couple lockets are being worn by all couples these days. Most famous are jewellery for couples interlocks, matching lockets for couples, couples locket necklaces, lock and key necklaces for couples, and so on.


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