Want to look as gorgeous as Katy Perry? Your search ends at Covergirl. It is a leading cosmetic brand that is synonymous with glamour itself. The attitude reflects in its name, as it claims to transform every plane Jane into a stunning enchantress. Here are the nine best lip colours cover girl has in store for us.

Top Covergirl Lipsticks:

1. Covergirl Lip Perfection- Smitten-310:

It is a muted rose colour with brown undertones. It can be considered under a darker pinkish beige hue. A gorgeous colour that is sure to suit most skin tones and perfect for daily wear. It has a brilliant moisture rich formula that sustains on the long haul.

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2. Covergirl Lip Perfection – Heavenly-260:

True to the name it is a heavenly muted coral pink. It is a creamy lip colour which glides efffortlessly. It is long lasting and does not leave a dry chappy feeling with prolonged wear. Like the others in the lip perfection range, heavenly too helps create soft, smooth and beautiful pouts.

3. Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Hot-305:

A bright orange and red fusion shade made to make a lasting impact. This flashy colour is perfect bringing all the focus to your lips. It has a creamy texture and spreads evenly. Though quite similar to a MAC shade gesina, flame has a more glossy finish. It is a guaranteed conversation starter. It is also actress Sophia Veragera’s favourite.

4. Covergirl Lip Perfection- Fairytale-405:

Image Source: Covergirl

This shade is just too good to be true. The colour is a bright pink with hints of orange, giving it a rosey smooth texture. Like the other lip perfection lipsticks by Covergirl this one also delivers in terms of its enriched silk moisturizing complex.

5. Covergirl Lip Perfection- Siren-415:

Image Source: Covergirl

The name says it all. The beautiful hue glides over your lips like second skin and gives you a truly candy-liscious yummy smile. The best thing about these is that the tint does not feather or bleed. This is lip perfection redefined loud and clear.

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6. Covergirl Queen Collection- Fine Wine-Q400:

The flag bearer of the Queen collection lip colour range, this colour is truly amazing. With the revival of the nineties style of darker lips this hue is a confirmed winner in the glamour circuits. It exudes rich colour and fine texture which is synonymous with the brand.

7. Covergirl Queen Collection- Paint the town-Q515:

Red is an eternal shade that never falls out of style. A perfect red pout is what fantasies are made of. Covergirl’s lipstick in this sexy red shade is the ideal choice for the ladies, this Valentine’s Day. Made out of hydrating silk moisturizers this is one of the favourite picks by actress Queen Latifa, who is also the brand ambassador of this range.

8. Covergirl Queen Collection- Choco lotta-970:

Image Source: Covergirl

This shade justifies the versatility of the brand. A rich chocolate brown hue with reddish undertones suits all skin tones. Pure liquid cocoa colour, so true that will make your pouts pop. Add to that silk moisturizer infused formula, and we have a winner. Handpicked by actress Queen Latifa this shade is perfect for brown complexions.

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9. Covergirl BlastFlipstick- Stunner-840:

This is the most unique product by Covergirl. It is an expertly designed blendable dual lip colour. One can mix and match the cream and shimmer shades and create their own personalized texture. This shade is a stunning orange that effortlessly spreads over the lips with a lasting tint.

Covergirl provides a plethora of options for the consumer at very reasonable prices. The brand provides us access to the very best in style and fashion. Endorsed by almost half of Hollywood it is a prized possession in every make-up kit.


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