Cow crafts are another great animal themed crafts that kids enjoy doing. Make these lovely ideas for them to be entertained.

Best Cow Crafts And Ideas For Kids and Preschoolers:

Here are few cow crafts which you will surely like,

1. Cow Letterhead Craft:

Help kids make this cute cow craft for school activity. This letterhead has the picture of a cow on the top of the simple letterhead. The kids can decorate the cow with stickers and markers.

2. Candy Stick Cow Craft:

Another cool and simple design is the candy stick cow. The kids need to attach the head of a cow to the candy stick. They can add green paper grass near the mouth too. This is a cool cow craft idea. If you have few ice cream sticks then also you can made this craft for your kids

3. Clothes Pin Cows Craft:

This easy farm animal craft is made by cut out of the cows. You can make each cow stand using four clothespins. These are cute as the cow crafts for preschoolers as you can build a whole farm yard with different animals in the same way. This one is good idea to decorate your table in home.

4. Dancing Cow as a Craft:

Make this dainty dancing cow by showing the legs of the cow as thin lines. The other parts of the cow can be made with paper cut outs. The grass can be added too. This is nice for kids as cow crafts for toddlers. Funny craft gives mile on your kids face surely, try this idea.

5. Return Gift Cow Bags:

Here is a nice way to end a birthday party. Help kids make these cute return bags decorated as cows. The cow craft for kids will be popular and fun to do. They can make as many as needed to give out to their friends once the party is over. This is good and nice idea to give a this type of gift on your kids birthday party.

6. 3D Cow:

This is nice way to recycle an old box. This box is converted into a cow using toilet paper rolls as legs. You can add a cut out of the face and decorate the box with black spots. These are the entertaining cow craft projects that most kids will enjoy.

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7. Cow Mask:

Make this nice cow mask for a costume party or just for cow appreciation day. The paper plate is decorated with black spots and cut out for the eyes. You can add a ribbon as well. Make a pink mouth and fill in the smile. This cow art and craft is a great way to get kids engaged.

8. Cow Party Hats:

This is a cool party hat idea that all children will love to wear. The cone party hat is decorated with black spots and eyes. The top of the cone is painted black and little ears are attached. A pink mouth finishes the touch. The cow patterns crafts are simple fun to do.

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9. Toilet Paper Roll Cow:

Change a toilet paper roll into a lovely cow with just some simple steps. The roll is decorated with thin paper on top that shapes the legs and face in the front. Add in the spots of the cow for a complete look. This cow paper craft is very popular too.

Cow crafts are nice ways to teach kids about this versatile animal. Make cow headband craft as well for kids to wear around.

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