If you are an ardent watcher of American and western movies, you definitely may be aware of cowboys. Known for their bravery, strength, individualism, courage and heroic masculine looks, we love how cowboys bring ruggedness to the movies. So, today, we have a cowboy names list for fans like you. From riding their horses to whipping their lassos and giving a wild look, we love their appearance, nature and names. So, why wait?! Let us go ahead and explore all about the best and most unique cowboy names popular across the globe. Interesting, isn’t it?

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Best and Popular Cowboy Themed Names

Giving cowboy names for babies definitely gives a tough and wild feel. The names are the epitome of bravery and strength, with masculinity and adventure. If you prefer a unique and strong name choice, the cowboy inspired names list undoubtedly will charm you. Check these suggestions out!

Cowboy Inspired Names for Boys:

Let us begin with checking out the cowboy related names for boys. These suggested lists of names are famous globally and are unique, popular and meaningful. They are inspired by the meanings related to cowboys or the cowboy character. Exciting isn’t it! So let us check these best and most famous cowboy inspired names for boys!

1. Ames:

The name Ames originates from French. In the language, Ami or Amis means companion. In the Latin language, the name also symbolizes love.

2. Austin:

This may be quite a well-known name idea. The name Austin originates from Anglo-Saxian and resembles southwest roots. It is among the famous top cowboy inspired names.

3. Barret:

Barret is another French originated name. The original name in French is Baraud, which means bear. Interesting isn’t it!

4. Blaze:

We all may already guess the name Blaze. Blaze means a burning fire. It is an English name and is already pretty popular. Actress Kate Winslet has named her son Blaze.

5. Dakota:

This is a lesser-known and rare name. Dakota gives a cowboy feel, for which it means – a friendly being. This is also among famous cowboy nicknames idea.

6. Graham:

Graham is originally derived from Grantham, which means gravel and homestead. It is a combination of two words, grand and ham, which denotes these meanings. It has English origin.

7. Guy:

How about the simple name – Guy? Well, as popular as it may be, Guy sounds masculine and cool! This is among famous vintage cowboy names too!

8. Hadley:

The English originated the name, Hadley means the pasture of Heathers. So this name is indeed interesting and unique.

9. Hank:

Hank is another very famous and well-known name for boys. It comes from Hebrew origins, which means that God is merciful.

10. Handley:

Handley name has English origins. It means high and wood. This is a unique and interesting name, isn’t it!

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11. James:

How about another famous name? James is an Anglo-Saxian name and is among very famous cowboy names for boys.

12. Jeremy:

Jeremy is a short form for the name Jeremiah, which means ‘God uplifts.’ It gives an adventurous and heroic feel, nevertheless.

13. Josh:

Josh name is originated from Joshua. It means salvation in Hebrew origins. Several celebrities across the globe share the name.

14. Maverick:

Maverick means ‘free spirit.’ The English name is already pretty famous and is even popular in several other countries.

15. Morgan:

How about the name Morgan? It is derived from two welsh words, Mor and Cant. Mor means sea, and cant means circle. The famous English actor Morgan Freeman has this name!

16. Lane:

Lane initially depicts a path or road/way in English. The name is yet another unique and rare cowboy gender neutral name.

17. Palmer:

Palmer in Latin means a Palm tree. The name is a lesser-known and rare cowboy inspired name.

18. Pete:

Pete is short for Peter. It means ‘rock’ and resembles solid, strong and brave. It gives a good rugged cowboy feel.

19. Quentin:

The name originates from Roman and means the fifth. It is indeed an interesting name, isn’t it!

20. Randy:

Randy is a very famous cowboy name for boys. It has originated from names such as Randel and Randolf. It came from German origins, where rand means edge and Wulf means a wolf.

21. Ray:

Ray, in the English language, means a beam of light. It is a fascinating famous cowboy name too.

22. Ryder:

The name itself gives a feel of cowboys. Do you agree? Ryder could be a cowboy or motorcyclist, or adventurer.

23. Sawyer:

Sawyer is an ancient English name for someone who uses a saw and cuts wood. This name is famous in Mark Twain’s famous novel, Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It is also among the most voted popular cowboy names for boys.

24. Skyler:

Skyler symbolizes a scholar. It has Dutch origins. However, besides the meaning, the pronunciation and feel of the name give a rugged, adventurous idea. Isn’t it!

25. Trevor:

Trevor originates from the Welsh language. It came from two words, tref and Mawr. Tref means village, and Mawr means large.

26. Ty:

Are you looking for a very short and cute cowboy name? Ty is a short form of Tyson, which resembles a masculine and macho feel.

27. Vern:

Vern means ‘alder tree.’ It is originated from the name Vernon. This is fascinating, isn’t it!

28. Wade:

Wade is yet another popular and unique name idea for boys. It means ford.

29. West:

West is a very famous name in the United States. The American cowboy name idea is very popular and just means wild west. So it is indeed a perfect and fascinating cowboy name idea. What do you think of this in the American cowboy names list?

30. Zeb:

Zeb is a unique and short cute cowboy name for boys. It is a short form of Zebedee which symbolizes a part of God.

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Western Cowboy Male Names:

Let us also check out the best and most popular western cowboy names ideas. They are funny, special and unique as the wild west cowboy names, and we can’t wait to show them to you. Here we go!

31. Alonzo:

This is a fun name, and you would definitely agree with it! Alonzo name gives a brave feeling, and he is always ready to fight.

32. Arthur:

Arthur symbolizes a bear. It is a common and unique yet meaningful cowboy name idea. This is a good and famous choice among cowboy hero names too.

33. Carson:

Carson is a perfect western themed wild cowboy names idea. It means a person who lives in a swamp.

34. Clay:

Although clay resembles a clay maker, it definitely also gives a feeling of the cowboy.

35. Cole:

Cole means victory. It resembles a triumphant brave person and is a fun cowboy western name.

36. Cooper:

Cooper is yet another perfect and fun wild west name idea. It is a widespread name in the west too.

37. Dallas:

Dallas is definitely the name of the place, but it also resembles the name for cowboys! It is also among the funny western cowboy names list. What do you think?

38. Flynn:

Flynn means son of a red-haired man. The features and look give a feeling of the wild west name!

39. Holt:

Holt means a person who often resides in the forest. Now, this is definitely a cowboy inspired name for boys.

40. Lawrence:

Lawrence is an ancient name, yet it also means fierce. Interesting isn’t it! This is a good western cowboy name idea too!

41. Levi:

Levi means pledged. It is a unique and rarely found western name for boys.

42. Porter:

Porter means gatekeeper. This is an exciting and good west-inspired name. What do you think?

43. Rufus:

Originating from English, Rufus means red-haired. This is traditionally among old cowboy names too.

44. Tanner:

Tanner in English origins means a Leather maker. This is a famous and ancient western cowboy name idea.

45. Tex:

Tex is a short form for Texas. It also can be understood as a man who resides or is from Texas. This is a perfect western cowboy name idea.

46. Thayer:

Thayer in English origins means wild beast. The original word also is in Greek, which means animal tamer.

47. Walter:

Walter, in English, means a rule of the army. This is a masculine and brave, courageous western boy name.

48. Weston:

Weston, in English, means West Town if you are looking for traditional western cowboy names, nothing like this!

49. Woody:

Woody symbolizes wood. This is a unique and rare western cowboy name idea. It is of English origins.

50. Wyatt:

Wyatt resembles a guide and also symbolizes a brave adventurer!

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Cowboy Last Names:

How about also checking out the cowboy last names? If you haven’t come across them yet, they are worth checking out too. These last names are as popular as the first names and will impress you. Check out!

51. Brooks:

Brooks has English origins, and the last name means ‘small stream.’

52. Colton:

Colton typically means from the coal or a dark town. It has Irish origins. Interesting name it is, isn’t it!

53. Ford:

Ford is another popular last name and is a perfect blend of modern contemporary feel too. It is an ideal name for your little one to give a cowboy feel.

54. Fisher:

Fisher means a person who lives from fishing. It has an English origin and is a widely popular last name.

55. Houston:

Houston means huge. It has Scottish origin. It is a very famous last name inspired by the wild west.

56. Manning:

Manning means a valiant man according to Irish origin. It is another very famous and brave last name.

57. Miller:

Miller is an occupational last name for the miller. It also has English origins.

58. Pierce:

Pierce means a rock. Although lesser known, it has English origins and is a sharp rare name.

59. Rogers:

Rogers means ‘son of Rodgers.’ It has a German origin and is another famous cowboy inspired last name.

60. Walker:

Walker is another famous and well-known last name. It has German origins and means ‘the one who walks.’

So, how did you enjoy this list of Cowboy names for boys? These cowboy inspired names are all unique and signify bravery. They strongly symbolize an adventurous, brave, and masculine feel. Did you like these cowboy themed names? If yes, which are your favourites? We love to hear from you!


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