Endeavour these quick and easy crafts for your kids, who are left to be bored from time to time. Some parents really don’t have that particular creative talent to overcome their kid’s boredom. But getting into a ready-made solution is not sufficient. Rather, children need the support of their adults to understand their creative skills within themselves. So, for the parents of such situations, here comes the most versatile and sophisticated ideas on how to make easy crafts for kids. You can grab these simple ideas of crafting convenient yet amazing crafts for kids to make.

How To Make Crafts At Home:

Here are some top five easy ideas on how to make crafts at home.

1. Nice and Simple Felt Flower Craft:

If you are looking for some cool and easy-felt flower crafts for kids to make, then your hunt ends here. Explore this contemporary and brand new easy craft idea for kids to make at home, using the least cost materials.

It is through our creativity that we could make any number of flowers and attach them to one another, to create dazzling felts for any special event. Also, the steps involved in making this particular felt flower crafts are so unfussy and plain to understand, even by young kids. Taking minimum help of an adult, kids can really enjoy making this easy craft with utmost involvement.

The materials used here are:

  • Thick Velvet cloth (4 colours)
  • A small square piece of cardboard entirely covered
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Needle and thread.

First, the velvet cloth should be cut into strips. Here we are opting to make three colours of flowers and two green leaves. For that, we require a total of four colours of Velvet cloth strips. The green cloth is cut into a leaf shape, and it should be stitched along the corners, making use of a needle and green thread. And now, the three colours of Velvet cloth strips should be cut and folded, as shown in the image accordingly. Now the flowers and leaves are ready.

And next is the step to make a holder which carries these things. For that, we need a square-shaped cardboard piece, and it is also covered with a piece of paper or even with the Velvet cloth itself, but with a different shade. Finally, they are glued to the cardboard so that it displays elegant art, as shown in the image.

That’s it. We had done with it. Here we obtain the stunning and sensational look of the completed flower felt craft. Enjoy your day by making yourself happy and also making others glad by gifting this craft to them.

2. DIY Styrofoam Rose Ball Craft:

Making arts with Styrofoam material is too simple and light. The craft does not get messy, though it helps make things in place. But many kids would be in a state on how to make art and craft using this lightweight Styrofoam material. The answer is here. Try this craft, which is made using easily available materials in the market.

Also, the Styrofoam Rose Ball shown here uses only single-coloured paper for making roses. It is entirely our creativity that we can choose vibrant colours and additional ornaments to decorate the rose ball. No doubt that it can be considered as the most convenient and easy craft to make and sell even. Let’s get into it.

The materials required are:

  • Styrofoam ball
  • Crepe papers
  • Bow making ribbons
  • Glitterings
  • Beads
  • Glue
  • Scissors

The ball is first pierced with a centre hole to insert the ribbon, as shown. The crepe papers are cut into strips and folded as such to obtain the shape of a flower. It is made in more numbers, and finally, all are stuck on the ball in a unique pattern. Then, some glittering and beads are glued over them according to our own imagination in order to decorate it.

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3. Paper Bird Crafts for kids:

Here is a funny-looking project of paper birds that looks so graceful. It’s an easy craft to make at home that you can either hang it to decorate the room or can gift it to your friend gladly as your own innovation.

Crafts of this type could be loved by toddlers and pre-schoolers also. More than that, these young kids can also try making them. These crafts also teach them how to make such fun crafts, playful and so pleasing.

Here are the things you may need it and also the description of how to make this fun craft:

  • Colourful chart or craft papers
  • Black sketch pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

For each paper bird, you may need two coloured charts, which are cut into circle shapes with two different diameters. They have folded accordingly, as shown in the picture. A beak and its tail are also traced and cut into the shapes as displayed, which are then glued to the back of the circle-shaped papers. For adding some details, a black sketch is used.

Here, they are for you kids! It’s for sure that you found interesting in making such a simple and effortless craft. If your kids get into it once, don’t stop just until you do. Share this crafting idea with your friends even and help them give the complete tutorial.

4. Ten Sided Colourful Gift Box Crafts:

If you want to make your gift presentation a unique one, then opt for this artistic gift box that is handmade. This type of handicrafts making is damn easy to make. At times, we would feel that the gift to be given to our beloved ones is so special that they need to be covered to the same extent as special gift boxes. In such circumstances, we can make use of such crafts that create an outstanding range of gift boxes. This modish and decorous crafts to make at home require only one material of variant colours to finish the entire art.

The materials are:

  • Chart papers of ten colours
  • Black sketch
  • Glue and Scissors

These ten chart papers are first to cut into the shape of a hockey stick, whose sketch is shown in the image link. But the curves should be on both ends of the paper strips. Taking in one end, all the papers are joined together, making their curves adjoined. And similarly, the other end is also done. If needed, you can stick those curves together with glue if you feel they are loosened.

And hence, we have acquired a delightful art of gift boxes. Either you can use multiple colours or just two colours. It’s all up to you to choose your own creativity.

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5. Paper Star Home Decor Craft:

Find this authentic and nice DIY art to make paper Star home decor. It looks exceptionally beautiful! You can display the art in a glass bowl to decorate your tabletop or hang it to decorate your home. You have vibrant colours and designs to choose from to create your own design of the craft.

It would be great for Christmas decorations. When it is the Christmas season, stars are necessarily hung all over their home, which needs to celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm. These stars give that sparkling look to the entire home when they are decorated with additional accessories. Also, such type of art and craft activity is adorned by most of the kids and youngsters too. Since it also suits for other special occasions too.

Here are the things you may need and also the illustration on how to make DIY crafts:

  • Self Designed Gift wrappers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Designer threads.

The gift wrapping paper is cut into an exact square, and then the foldings are done as shown step-by-step in the picture link. And the four corners are cut and stuck accordingly. Similarly, you have to repeat the same process for a second one of the same design paper. Finally, both are glued to one another. And if needed, a thread is tied to make it hung from the roof.

To avoid the children in obtaining the wrong path of using modern-day electronic gadgets, they may be brought into the habit of making themselves engaged in such a kind of artistic crafting activities. The way opted by these kids to keep their boredom at bay is to fall back on televisions or any such digital devices. Instead, we, as adults, should teach them to take any physical habits such as gardening, writing, dancing, playing outdoor, or even making intact indoors with an art and craft activity.

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Here comes the significance of making arts and crafts for kids. They should be helped a bit to attain such stability. Making arts by kids directly relates them to elaborate and develop their fine motor skills. This makes them completely eligible to establish their academic-based projects. Hence, kids should be deliberately encouraged to take over such useful and remarkable handicrafts.


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