Mostly we have seen Cristiano Ronaldo on field and off field sporting short hairstyles. By looking at his hairstyles it is quite easy to point out his fascination for spiky hair dos. Here is a list of some of his best hairstyles which has mesmerized fans all around the world.

Most Popular Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles:

Here are the most trendy and popular Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles.

1. Side Gelled Spikes:

This one is quite a familiar one as we have seen this look been donned by the famous dribbler (and an extremely talented one at that!) far too often. The hair length varies but is consistent along the sides of the hair length on either sides is maintained at an extreme short size by trimming it well. The hair, however, on the middle is kept relatively long and is slicked back with angular brushstrokes and spiking them at the ends. A strong hold gel is required to keep the spikes in place.

2. Pattern Trim:

Notice the inverted “Z” type pattern in the region of the trimmed hair? Well, that’s the uniqueness about this particular hairdo. Unlike Christiano, you can very well trim some other pattern such as the initials of your name or you can even put up the logo of your favorite team. Having said that, you need to visit a professional hair styler to get the job done neatly and precisely.

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3. Slicked to The Side:

The whole hair on the head is trimmed short leaving some collected strands at long length. Those long length strands are then gelled up to give then that polished and slick neat look. After you have achieved that look, you need to brush the hair sideways as you do in a normal side parted hairstyle. This hairstyle can be worn both on casual as well as professional occasions.

4. Angle Brushed:

Much like David Beckham’s angle brush hairstyle, this hairstyle too features a side part (which is more prominent in this case) and well-trimmed hair on either side. The hair which is brushed back is relatively long which after styling is rendered immovable by the application of a strong hold gel.

5. Vertical Spikes with Trimmed Sides:

Though funky in approach, this hairstyle may very well be highly professional in its approach. As usual as it is with Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles, the hair is trimmed on either side leaving relatively long hair at the front and back. The hair is spiked vertically upwards devoid of any side sweeping resulting out of a brushstroke. Utilization of a strong to medium hold gel is extremely necessary to keep the spikes well tamed.

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6. Side Slicked With Spikes:

He donned on this hairstyle many times after joining his present Spanish La Liga team Real Madrid. He is the most notable among the fans of the team and thus is also notable as one of the players which experiments with short hair quite often. The side parted brushstroke gives it a neat look while the application of a volumizing cream gives it a tad bit of volume and the spikes at the end are unique as usual.

7. Hanging Hair:

This hairstyle has a kind of a tousled look and feel to it. This hairstyle is the odd one out among the ones you’ve witnessed before, the reason being, unlike the other hairstyles (in which his hair is always neatly dealt with), this hairstyle features hair that separates from its main herd and hangs over his forehead. This definitely adds up to the charismatic quotient and makes this look quite unique.

8. Medium Waves With Strong Curls:

CR has naturally curly hair, but what we gander at in this hairstyle is wavy hair on top while the natural tight curls reveal themselves at the hair endings on top and especially at the rear end of his head.

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9. Faux Hawk:

Definitely not a Mohawk, but a Faux hawk. This hairstyle features moderately trimmed hair with regular spiked hair on top.


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