Anklets are also known as foot chains, ankle chains or more familiarly known as payal in India. Wearing anklets in both legs have been widely in existence since olden times. Currently, wearing anklets has become a fashion thing too. College girls, teenagers and young women wear anklets even on a single leg. Anklets are for flaunting those legs and feet. Let us now have a look into a new trend in anklets called crochet anklets.

Latest Crochet Anklets Designs for Men and Women:

A different look can be created by adding charms, hearts, stars, trinkets, beads etc., to the crochet anklets. So a woman can add new dimensions to fashion in the world of anklets by sporting these awesome anklets. Here look at our top 9 Crochet Anklets Designs in Trend.

1. Crochet Slave Anklet for Men:

The word slave in this anklet doesn’t mean a slave but is the pattern of which the crochet anklet is made. The grey anklet for men covers the feet and the ankle with lots of layers of crochet done up. Also, it has black and cream wooden beads to highlight the grey crochet work nicely to fit the man’s feet.

2. Howlite Stoned Crochet Anklet for Men:

Howlite stones are calming stones giving a peaceful and calm state of mind and relaxing and soothing the mind. This awesome wholeness anklet is made of howlite stones, beads with a lovely crochet design. The anklet has an olive green cross. This is to be worn by men exactly below the knotty bone on the feet.

3. Crochet Yoga Anklet for Men:

This is the perfect anklet in line with the colour too. This can be worn by a man for a calming yoga session by the beach and fits perfectly. This is not very layered or heavy, but the crochet work in a single line in yellow-orange beads looks nice on a man’s feet.

4. Crochet Anchored Anklet for Men:

This can be one ideal gift for the man. This is a two-layered thin crochet anklet with the clasp in the shape of an anchor. This anklet is a combination of two crocheted bands connected with the silver-plated anchor-shaped pendant. This is an ideal anklet to be paired with denim and casuals for men.

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5. Black Lace Patterned Crochet Anklets:

This black anklet in crochet looks so lovely that it feels that it is made with lace. The anklet is finished beautifully with a red rose in satin at the centre with a teardrop crystal. This is perfect for an evening party with a little black dress and a matching choker.

6. Crochet Boho Anklet:

This is a lovely looking crochet anklet with a boho-chic feel to it. The crochet anklet is made a bit thick in design, and coins are attached to it at every loop in the anklet. The coins are either metal or an alloy. One can match this anklet with a crochet choker in a similar boho design.

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7. White Crochet Wedding Anklets:

One woman will always wish for a destination beach wedding. What perfect way to make the wedding accessory more stylish is by wearing and flaunting these milk-white crochet sandal style anklets. Women can use this for a beach wedding, festival or even dance class. This is one lovely crochet work accessory doubled up as a foot sandal.

8. Crochet Anklets with Beads:

This is one crochet anklet that a woman can flaunt in those perfect pedicure legs. This anklet is handmade with assorted, multi-coloured glass beads intertwined in the crochet string made into a beautiful anklet.

9. Floral Crochet Anklet for Women:

This is the perfect anklet for a woman to flaunt during the summers or spring seasons. The alternate white and pink crochet flowers made into an anklet is ideal with a short wavy dress or light coloured clothes. The best part is the handmade feel that one gets on wearing this bright classic themed crochet anklet.

The best thing about these lovely crochet anklets is that they can be easily made at home with one’s imagination. One can use different threads to crochet anklet patterns and make one for actually every outfit. A different look can be created by adding charms, hearts, stars, trinkets, beads etc., to the crochet anklets. So a woman can add new dimensions to fashion in the world of anklets by sporting these awesome anklets.


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