Crochet braids are even known as latch hook braids. In this hair pattern, the hairs are arranged in braiding patterns which involve the use of hair extensions of synthetic nature along with the naturally grown hairs directly with the use of some hooks. You can also refer it to as a hybrid form of traditional braiding. You will not be able to differentiate it from the weaves. It is the African form of the hairstyle, and also, helps in providing a protective layer to the hair. At the same time, the hair growth mechanism works more appropriately. The best part is you can comfortably wear these braids in the straight, curly or twisted form as per your choice.

Basically, by making use of the hooks, the hair extension parts are easily grabbed, and you can easily pull them underneath the cornrows. Many decorating accessories like beads and balls are being made and used of having a unique look. You need to provide regular care and maintain it by applying the right quantum of moisturiser. Even when it comes to the removal of the braids, you need to be cautious. It will also prevent any further sort of hair breakage.

Latest and Besty Crochet Braid Hairstyles for Women:

Here are the most popular 7 crochet braid hairstyles for women in 2023.

1. Natural Crochets:

Crochets seemingly emerged from a natural look. It was safe and easy to do. Moreover, this classic crochet style helps you out for more than two months. You need to braid the cane rows going from the forehead back and thereafter sew the ends of the hair to the head. Use the needle to install a curly weave. Add shine by using the serum. This style is suited for all hair types and all face shapes.

  • Suitable for the face shape: Long shape faces.
  • Perfect occasion or party: Ideal for corporate meetings or parties.
  • Suitable age: Suits the female age groups between 25 to 45.
  • Best season to wear: Suits all the season.
  • Suitable dress: It best goes with the formal wear.

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2. Side Hawk Suzy Braid:

This micro braid hairstyle is a style always in fashion as it’s funkier and keeps the audience intrigued. For is sexy Mohawk style part hair where desired and then braid the hair into style and pin it up. Now, need to brad the other side in horizontal cane rows going from the parting to the ear. Thereafter need to sew the ends of the hair to the head. Use the needle to weave curly. Use a good spray for holding the style.

  • Suitable for the face shape: Heart, Round shape.
  • Perfect occasion or party: Wedding, parties.
  • Suitable age: Almost all age groups.
  • Best season to wear: Goes in all seasons but mainly winter, and autumn.
  • Suitable dress: Skirt, Saree, Churidars.

3. Patricia Passion Braid:

This is a very easy style wherein you need to weave in a curly ponytail. You need to first section out the circular parting for making your ponytail. Thereafter need to raid a cane row into a circular shape. Thereafter the ends need to be sewn from hair to head by keeping them in a circular shape. Once again install curly weave by the needle. You may thereafter braid the leftover hair into a secure ponytail. Use hairspray for holding a light. An oval face will best be suited for this hairstyle.

  • Suitable for the face shape: Long, Round, Diamond.
  • Perfect occasion or party: wedding, bridal parties.
  • Suitable age: Suits people of all age groups.
  • Best season to wear: It goes well in every season.
  • Suitable dress: Goes well with ethnic wear mainly the Saree, Lehenga.

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4. Nina’s Natural Curls:

Part your hair from ear to ear and section 3 portions of the hair in the front and then you may also overlap 3 braids. Thereafter pin all of them into place. Then you need to braid the cane rows going from the middle to part down. Once again sew the ends of the hair to the head and use the needle to install the curly weave. Using serum to add shine will get the best black braided hairstyle look.

  • Suitable for the face shape: Diamond, Square.
  • Perfect occasion or party: Public gatherings, parties.
  • Suitable age: Best suited for the age group between 25 to 40.
  • Best season to wear: Can consider the best summer look.
  • Suitable dress: Formal party dress.

5. Peek a Boo Pink:

Finger waves paired with crochet braid styles make a perfect mix of style and fashion. Part your hair wherever desired and braid it into style and pin and place the same. Brad another side into a lot of horizontal cane rows to go from the parting to the ear. Sew the ends of the hair to the head. Thereafter use a needle to install a natural weave. Use a spray for holding the look.

  • Suitable for the face shape: Square, Heart, Oval.
  • Perfect occasion or party: wedding, bridal, parties.
  • Suitable age: suits almost all teenagers, girls and women.
  • Best season to wear: It goes well in every season.
  • Suitable dress: Almost every party wear.

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6. Ribbon Braids:

The use of Ribbon for making the braids helps to gather many compliments from people even for short hair. You need to make use of the Ribbons for some of the twists in the front portion. Every section of the hair needs to be appropriately braided up with perfection. The tips of the braids are tied up with ribbons or threads. In the end, even you will find your face to be well surrounded by a smile.

  • Suitable for the face shape: Round, Diamond, Square.
  • Perfect occasion or party: wedding parties.
  • Suitable age: Women in the age group 18 to 30 years.
  • Best season to wear: It goes well in every season.
  • Suitable dress: Formal dress.

7. Crochet Braids with the Crown:

The entire volume of the hairs is properly curled up. Placing of the hair braids is done to the top portion of the head. In the shape of the crown, the hairs are assembled in the topmost portion. It gives a royal look. It is even easily made and provides a praiseworthy moment. You will be confidently flaunting your hair with the curls.

  • Suitable for the face shape: Round, Square, Oblong, Heart.
  • Perfect occasion or party: All kinds of parties.
  • Suitable age: Best suited for the age group 20 to 45 years.
  • Best season to wear: Almost all seasons except summer.
  • Suitable dress: Partywear.

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How to overcome the problems when it comes to wearing or removing the crochet braids?

You may have short crochet braids hairstyles or longer ones, and it is recommended to take proper care. It is necessary to make use of the conditioners that should be hydrated. Even the experts suggest not rubbing the braids during the washing mechanism. Also to prevent any particular sort of frizzes, you should clean the scalps till the hair length is in a vertical angle. Moreover, even when you are about to wear or remove the braids, they should be completely dehydrated. It may otherwise cause the growth of fungus, dandruff or any dead bodies. Even the use of astringents may prove to be beneficial.

Crochet braids help in adding grace to your beauty. There is no doubt in the fact that this hairstyling pattern suits people belonging to all age groups. You need to give the care and maintenance required from your end, to enjoy the best crochet hairstyles for an extended period.

So make use of the different crochet hairstyles and do provide us with your views. We are looking forward to your feedback. Hope you enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Do I need to take care of the braided hair extension on a regular basis?

Ans: Well, yes you need to give proper care to the hair. Almost every hair need requires an adequate quantum of moisturizer, lubricating creams, and protein elements. These three ingredients prevent any hair breakage. It not only makes the hair soft but at the same time works to repair and gives strength to the strands.

Q2. How often do I need to wash and provide conditioning to the hair?

Ans: One of the most common doubts prevailing in almost every mind but yes, the dirt clogs near the hair roots, so you need to take care that the scalps remain clean. It ultimately depends upon you how long you wish to keep the hairs in the extension. An expert recommends that you should wash your hair at least once every two weeks when the perspiration level is low. However, if the perspiration level is more than this cleaning work should be conducted once a week.

Q3. Can I swim with my crochet braids in the same manner as people do with normal hair?

Ans: You cannot refer to braided hair extensions as barriers to your swimming enjoyment. You only need to take proper care. However, people always recommend washing the braided portion of the extensions after the swimming work. You can regard it as a step to protect your hair irrespective of the fact that you do swimming in open water or a pool.


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