7 Best Crochet Braid Hairstyles

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Braids are always popular and we have almost more than 100 styles of wearing the same. Some look good on any and every face type while some are suited for long and round face. Crochet braid has always been in fashion but some extra style can make it more stylish. This style is fast and convenient. And yes, one must have a crochet needle for making that magic. Below we discuss some stylish crochet braids.

Top Crochet Braid Hairstyles:

1. Natural Crochets:

Crochet Braid Hairstyles

Crochets seemingly emerged from natural look. It was safe and easy to do. Moreover this classic crochet style helps you out for more than two months. You need to braid the cane rows going from the forehead back and thereafter sew the ends of the hair to head. Use the needle to install curly weave. Add shine by using serum. This style is suited for all hair types and all face shapes.

2. Side Hawk Suzy Braid:

Crochet braids2

This is a style always in fashion as it’s more funky and keeps the audience intrigued. For is sexy Mohawk style part hair where desired and then braid the hair into style and pin it up. Now need to brad the other side in horizontal cane rows going from the parting to ear. Thereafter need to sew the ends of the hair to the head. Use the needle to weave curly. Use a good spray for holding the style.

3. Patricia Passion Braid:

Crochet braids3

This is a very easy style wherein you need to weave in the curly pony tail. You need to first section out the circular parting for making your pony tail. Thereafter need to raid a cane row into circular shape. Thereafter the ends need to sewed from hair to head by keeping them in circular shape. Once again install curly weave by the needle. You may thereafter braid the left over hair into a secure ponytail. Use hairspray for holding light. Oval face will best be suited for this hairstyle.

4. Nina’s Natural Curls:

Crochet braids4

Part your hair from ear to ear and section 3 portions of the hair in the front and then you may also overlap 3 braids. Thereafter pin all of them into place. Then you need to braid the cane rows going from the middle to part down. Once again sew the ends of the hair to head and use the needle to install the curly weave. Using serum to add shine will get the best look.

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5. Hot Crossed Bun Braid:

Crochet braids5

This look is always subtle and classy and always stylish for any where you go. You need to section out circular parting where you will have pony tail. Thereafter braid one long cane row to give it circular shape. Sew the ends of the hair to the head in circular shape. Use needle to install straight weave instead of curly. Thereafter you may smooth your hair into a ponytail and twirl hair into a mini bun. Create on the bun with crocheted hair and use clip in plait to wrap around the bun. Use a spray to seal that perfect look.

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6. Twisted Crochet:

Crochet braids6

This looks wonderful with classic twists. Part the hair from the ear. Then part anther from the middle and twist it thereafter and pin into a place. Thereafter braid the cane rows going from the middle part to down. Sew the ends of the hair to head. Use the needle to install a straight weave and use a serum for the shine.

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7. Peek a Boo Pink:

Crochet braids7

Finger waves paired with crochet braid styles make a perfect mix of style and fashion. Part your hair wherever desired and braid into style and pin and place the same. Brad other side into lot of horizontal cane rows to go from the parting to the ear. Sew the ends of the hair to the head. Thereafter use needle to install natural weave. Use a spray for holding the look.

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