Cross over tops, as the name suggests, are women’s tops in a cross design. Cross over tops come in different colours and styles; versatile, tempting and always on-trend, wrap up tops can be a gem for your attractive look on any occasion. Although all kinds of fabrics work well for such tops, selecting a fabric according to the season and comfort is important.

Best and Stylish Models of Crossover Tops for Women:

Here are a few latest women’s cross-over tops for your passion appeal.

1. Black Crossover Wrap Top:

This is a plain black crossover wrap top with long sleeves. It is made of viscose and makes you feel luxuriously soft. These comfortable crossover tops are extremely sober and rich in appearance to fit the business environment.

2. Striped Crossover Deep V Neck Top:

The grey and black stripes over white colour make these crossover tops look stunning. This top has a V neck and ¾ sleeves to make it more adorable. You can imagine yourself wearing a top at the beach with blue denim and goggles! Yes, it is best to wear it during the summer.

3. Maroon Crossover Tops with a Pocket:

Go through any fashion article or magazine, and you will find this crossover top in the must-have list. What adds to its temptation are its bright maroon colour and a simple pocket at the heart of the top. Wear it with maroon lipstick, and you rock the show!

4. Threadbare Crossover Tops:

It looks like a draped jersey having an asymmetrical hem. These dark grey ladies tops are the best attire to wear on a warm summer night. The pleated strap on the right and spaghetti strap on the left add more to its charm.

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5. Blue Crossover Hit:

Blue and red are an ever-fascinating and eternal combination. This blue crossover hit presents a beautiful combination of bright blue and sparkling red diamond print. Wearing this with black or red trouser would make you shine like a star!

6. Navy Blue Crossover Shirt:

Navy blue is the favourite of almost half of the people in the world. Navy blue is the symbol of depth and mystery. This navy blue crossover shirt is enough for you to look classy and mysterious. The eyes will turn on at you once you appear on this shirt!

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7. Brown Lace Crossover Top:

A wonderful piece of elegance, this brown crossover top comes with a tied lace. This gives a luxurious appeal which comes with its scalloped edge detail. You’ll add more charm to your beauty by wearing this top at any evening party.

8. Emerald Green Silk Crossover Wrap Top:

This emerald green silk crossover wrap top is made of silk fabric. It drapes loosely over the frame forming a V neck that adds to its lustre. Wear it with loose trousers, and they will get you back to the 1970s vintage look.

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9. Crossover Puff Sleeve Top:

An eye-catching crop top comes with a unique design that ties at the waist. It has ¾ puff sleeves, which give it a look of an Italian princess. It is light and comfortable to wear so that you can wear it for any casual occasion or on an outing with friends. It has a cropped style that makes it stand out from all the other tops.

Every season some new style or theme comes into fashion. Now it’s the time for crossover tops that highlight the beauty of your collarbone, which is an ever recognized flattering spot. We have seen different crossover tops that come in different styles and colours. One can also wear it under a blazer to create a more elegant look.

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