To your surprise, cucumber is actually a fruit! The nutrient-loaded cucumber is indispensable in the sandwich and probably in every salad, and it in fact is hard to think of a sandwich or salad without them. Much the same way, a pregnancy diet is hard to think of without cucumber. A cucumber for a pregnant woman is a much-needed one for certain reasons. Take a look at everything you need to know about eating them during pregnancy.

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Nutritional Values of Cucumber in Pregnancy:

The fruit contains a total of 45 calories and 0 fat. It has about 10 grams of protein and 2 grams of fibre. It also contains vitamin C (14% of RDI), vitamin K, magnesium, manganese and potassium. They are made of 96% of water and are best eaten unpeeled.

Unpeeled cucumbers carry the best nutrients with them. Peeling them can bring down the fibre content in them along with minerals and vitamins.

Is It Safe To Eat Cucumber (Kheera) During Pregnancy?

A little amount of cucumber is agreed to be okay during pregnancy. If you ask us if is cucumber good for pregnancy, we may it sure is, but you need to watch how much you eat. It can trigger allergic reactions in the body if over-consumed. Frequent urination can happen because of the water content in them. Talk to your doctor about how much you need to eat.

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Benefits of Eating Cucumber During Pregnancy:

Here are some reasons why we say it is safe to eat during pregnancy.

1. Calorie Watch:

For all those who are bothered about the amount of calorie that is going into your body, cucumber is one relief food. It does not add to the calorie count as it is considered to be a low-calorie food.

2. Skin Care:

The cooling property of cucumber will be good for the skin to keep it tight. The water content in cucumber keeps your skin fresh and hydrated.

3. Prevents Dehydration:

Since the fruit is rich in water content, there is no reason for you to suffer from dehydration. One of the essential things during pregnancy is to drink plenty of water so that your body stays hydrated.

4. Flushes Toxins:

The diuretic property of cucumber will help eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

5. Fibre:

The rich fibre content in the peel of the cucumber will be beneficial in enhancing bowel movement.

6. Blood Pressure Check:

Cucumbers can balance and maintain blood pressure levels in the body. The right balance of potassium and sodium in it can help maintain blood pressure.

7. Dental Health:

Cucumbers can treat gum problems and will neutralize the acids in the oral cavity.

Side Effects of Cucumber During Pregnancy:

Despite the benefits, here are some side effects of it.

  • Indigestion and gas formation are the prime side effects of eating cucumber during pregnancy.
  •  Belching is a frequent side effect of cucumber consumption during pregnancy.
  • The high water in cucumber will make you want to urinate very often.
  • They contain cucurbitacins and tetracyclic triterpenoids that are toxic. They contribute to the bitter taste and can be poisonous when consumed too much.

How To Consume Cucumber During Pregnancy?

The first thing we advise is to get consent from your doctor about including it in your diet. If that is yes, here are some ways to eat cucumber.

1. Salads:

Cut a fresh cucumber into smaller pieces and to your salad bowl that contains other fresh veggies. Cucumber, black olives, chilli and avocado make an excellent salad. Add cress to top it with some pepper and salt.

2. Sandwich:

Who can think of a salad without cucumber in them? Place thin slices of cucumber between the bread with chutneys of various sorts.

3. Soup:

Cucumber soup is refreshing. Sliced cucumbers, red onions, a clove of garlic, finely chopped dills and sour cream have to thoroughly blend. To that, add sour cream and cheese as a topping.

4. Cucumber pickle:

Another quick way to use cucumber is to make a classic pickle that will go well with your main course. In five cups of water, add one tablespoon of sugar, one tablespoon of salt, and some vinegar. Bring them to a rolling boil and allow them to cool. Cut a cucumber into pieces. Add the finely chopped dill leaves, garlic cloves and some olive oil. Add the cooled mixture to this and refrigerate for three days.

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Precautions To Take While Eating Cucumber:

Here are a couple of factors to exercise.

  • Talk to your doctor about being allowed to eat cucumber in the first place.
  • Ask your doctor about the limit of cucumber during pregnancy.
  • Be warned of the problem of belching and indigestion it can cause.

Cucumber is a safe bet for the skin and overall body health. However, cucumber for pregnant women comes with a certain level of caution factor. To keep yourself hydrated and your skin supple, there is nothing like cucumber.

Q1. Is Cucumber Juice Good for Pregnancy?

Ans: Cucumbers can be taken as juice too. As we said, you only need to ensure how much you are taking in to avoid any side effects.

Q2. Is Cucumber Pickle Safe to Eat During Pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to consume. You only need to be watchful about the intake of sodium intake. Homemade pickles are the best ones to have.

Q3. Is It Safe to Eat Cucumber During Breast Feeding?

Ans: Cucumber has to be taken in moderation while nursing. Since it has a lot of water content, there is no exact reason why it is beneficial or not beneficial to the body. Moderate consumption is a sure yes!


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