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How To Make And Use Cucumber for Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Dark circles have been a major problem, especially for the youth these days. Lack of sleep, genetics, improper diet, etc. can lead to dark circles. When it comes to homemade solutions for treating dark circles, cucumber for dark circles under eyes has proved to be the best effective ingredient.

Best Cucumber Gels For Dark Circles Under Eyes:

Here are some compelling ways to use cucumber for dark circles,

1. Simply Cucumber Slices:

Simply Cucumber Slices

How to Make:

This is the simplest way to use cucumber to remove dark circles. Placing the cucumbers on eyes dark circles would provide cool temperature to the eyes and surroundings that would help in reducing the swelling and clear out dark circles.

How to use:

For using this method, you just have to cut the cucumber into two circular sizes that would be around ¼ inch. Place the slices on the eyes as you rest on your favorite couch or bed. Leave them for nearly 20 minutes and allow them to work on your eyes.

How to Apply:

After 20 minutes of placing the cucumber on the eyes, remove them and use cool water to rinse your face. Pat dries your face by placing slight pressure on the eyes and surrounding.

2. Cucumber with Lemon Juice:

Cucumber with Lemon Juice

How to Make:

To make this miraculous liquid, you need to first peel a cucumber and chop it to make cucumber juice for dark circles. Take the chopped cucumber pieces and mix it along with ¼ th cup of lemon juice.

How to use:

For using the mixture, take a cotton ball and dip it in the mixture for cleaning the under-eye section.

How to Apply:

Pat the cotton on the skin after cleaning it. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse your face with cool water. Dry it using towel by patting it. You can store the left-over liquid in the refrigerator for using it.

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3. Cucumber and Sandalwood Powder:

Cucumber and Sandalwood Powder

How to Make:

The cucumber paste for dark circles is made with the help of sandalwood powder and cucumber, which helps in fighting against sunburn and also helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

How to use:

To make the cucumber mask for dark circles, you need to make a smooth puree of cucumber by blending it. Mix the cucumber puree with sandalwood powder to form a lump free paste.

How to Apply:

Using your fingers, apply the paste under the eyes equally forming a thick layer. Let the paste work on the dark circles for around 15 minutes. Wash away with cool water and dry your face using a towel smoothly.

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4. Cucumber with Potato:

Cucumber with Potato

How to Make:

Potato comes with naturally bleaching options which help in lightening the skin. When combined with cucumber, it helps in dealing with the dark circles smartly. To make the mixture, you need to have a cucumber and a potato too.

How to use:

To make the juice of potato and cucumber to get rid of dark circles, get a potato and chop it for blending it into puree. Strain the puree to separate the juice and the extract. Now peel the cucumber and make the puree similarly as you made potato puree. Mix both the purees properly.

How to Apply:

After mixing the juices, use a cotton ball for applying the juice under your eyes. Dip the cotton in the juice and pat on the dark circles. Leave the juice on the skin below the eyes and allow it to work for minimum 15 minutes. Remove the juice by washing it away with cool water and pat dry.

Along with this, there is cucumber gel for dark circles available in the market for direct use. The gel can also be used by mixing it with other ingredients and allowing it to dry or massage for better results. Other ingredients that are used include turmeric, green tea, mint, rose water, etc.

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