Bracelets are bands, hoops, or chains worn on the wrist or arm. Bracelets have recently become a fashion statement. Everyone is now hooked to accessorizing outfits with amazing bracelets. Bracelets look elegant on the hands and are easy to carry off with many outfits. They can be made of many different metals. Believe in making your own fashion statement and stand out in the crowd with the amazing cuff bracelets. They can never go out of fashion. They are not fully closed or chained but are open and get adjusted to one’s hands. Let us have a look into various Cuff bracelet designs.

Latest and Beautiful Designs of Cuff Bracelets for Men and Women:

Here are the top and trending models of cuff bracelets for gents and ladies.

1. Cuff Bracelets For Men:

Cuff bracelets are very popular among men to accessorize their casual look. They can be of stainless steel, oxidized metals, copper etc. Mostly cuff bracelets for men are of a single thick band of metal. These cuff bracelets enhance the coolness quotient in men.

2. Diamond Cuff Bracelets:

Diamonds are girls/women’s best friends. Incorporating diamonds into bracelets and that too in cuff patterns will be the best bet. Cuff bracelets look stunning in one piece dresses, off shoulder dresses, jeans etc. Diamond Bracelets are a class apart and just stand out. They can be on the expensive side but just one jewellery piece can speak for many things.

3. Funky Cuff Bracelets:

The best way to jazz up a casual outfit is by accessorizing properly with a funky cuff bracelet. They can be multi-coloured, shaded or layered and hence can be teamed up with any outfits for that glam look.

4. Silver Cuff Bracelets:

Silver looks classy in any form of jewellery. White silver, black, as well as oxidized cuff bracelets, look elegant when worn. Silver bracelets carry the looks of an expensive bracelet with grace and hence can be worn by persons of any age group.

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5. Upper Arm Cuff Bracelets:

Going back to the era of old Hindu manuscripts like Ramayana and Mahabharata, upper arm cuff bracelets remind one of jewellery worn by queens and princesses in Indian mythology. They wore upper arm cuffs in gold and precious stones. In a similar fashion, upper arm bracelets can be teamed up with sleeveless tops, sleeveless blouses etc. Upper arm cuff bracelets look very Indian in style.

6. Stone Cuff Bracelets:

Precious and semi-precious stones studded in a cuff bracelet can really be a style statement. Stones are very much in these days and one can customize the cuff according to one zodiac stone too.

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7. Multi-Coloured Cuffs:

Multi-coloured cuffs are for matching any outfit. Since they are multi-coloured, they will match with all the outfits. They look very funky and at the same time in trend too.

8. Golden Cuff Bracelets:

One can never ever go wrong with anything in gold or golden, so will cuff bracelets be left behind? These will be on the expensive side but they will be worth it. Team up with traditional wear or anything in black, white or golden and they will just be the highlight.

9. Personalised Cuff Bracelets:

Personalizing things are very much in to give a personal touch to everything. Cuffs can also be personalized using images, quotes and names to match one’s taste and interest.

That must-have accessory in men’s as well as women’s jewellery is bracelets. Elegance, class and oodles of style get reflected in different types of bracelets and patterns and styles. Cuff bracelets have that funky element attached to them. The variety of designs and patterns is what one can experiment in. Get one and flaunt it.


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