Some fringed looks are trendy nowadays. Due to the availability of some DIY videos, such curly bang hairstyles are becoming quite common as well. If appropriately treated by professionals, such looks are quite easy to maintain, too. However, many do not like this concept of styling hair mainly because the process is quite tricky and does not suit someone without curly hair and bangs. Moreover, many other hairstyles can use for parties or some other special occasions.

Every girl struggles with recreating best bangs for curly hair. The top 9 Curly bang hairstyles for girls that any girl with natural curly bangs must try have provided below.

Latest and Super Curly Bang Hairstyles for Girls:

Below are the top 9 Curly bang hairstyles for girls that a person should definitely try out.

1. The Glamorous Professional Fringes:

This hairstyle is principally a party look and can do on long sections of hair. They are quite easy to recreate without any professional help. If a person wants to try, this looks more professional. Then high heat and other products must be used. So this style recommends under professionals from a reputed parlour just before the special occasion. This look is preferable for long curly hair with bangs and can be requested even at home, but the result is usually not that great and shows your lack of professional skills. They may fall out quite quickly, too. The use of some products might be helpful in such situations.

  • Suitable Face Type: It looks best on oval shaped face type with high cheekbones.
  • Suitable Occasions: You can try this hairstyle on party nights, meet-ups.
  • Adoptable Age Group: Women of all age groups and girls can try this out.
  • Best Season to Wear: It will look good in Summer and Spring Season.
  • The Fitting Dress: You should try wearing it with something with a low back.

2. Waved Chic Look:

If someone does not like the previously mentioned heavy look, this particular look called the Waved Chic Look can easy recreated. However, this also requires the usage of some Velcro along with some other types of products. This hairstyle can be useful for any girl attending a night party or a disco. This stylish look is quite the trend, and one of the uprising curly hair bangs hairstyles. This hairstyle is perfect with blunt bangs curly hair and also for girls with thick curly hair with bangs.

  • Acceptable Face Type: It will go the best with a straight face with defined features.
  • Perfect Occasion: You can try this out on Party nights, meet-ups, dates.
  • Preferred Age Group: Women and college girls should try this look.
  • Best Season to Wear: You can carry this look in Summer and Spring.
  • Suitable Dress: Casual, as well as Formal, goes best with it.

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3. The Shifted Short Look:

This look is another quite fashionable look and recommended for those who do not like to sport long heavy sections. It’s can also club with forehead bangs with curly hair. It looks like less time- consuming to recreate and also can be done quickly without the help of professionals. Try this look for curly hair and bangs hairstyle. This type of examination is pretty common, and nowadays, with the use of the perfect equipment, this look can be recreated back at home. Girls who love to sport short hair and can carry the look without any uncomfortable feeling are best suited to this type of look.

  • Suitable Face Type: Round face type girls should try this out.
  • Suitable Occasion: Party nights, meet-ups, wedding nights are the occasions this hairstyle goes best with.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women, girls, teenagers should try this look.
  • Best Season to Wear: This hairstyle is perfect for all seasons.
  • Adoptable Dress: Anything casual is ideal for this casual look.

4. Puffed Rolled Look:

Velcro rollers and heavy heat can be used to make this type of look. This haircut can quickly do for parties. The blowing applied to the hair can be used to create the airiness. It can also do for regular college wear. If a person is comfortable with keeping the back open, then this hairstyle is quite showy. The edged feel that these can be quite fashionable. The look suits those girls who have straight hair with curly bangs.

  • Adoptable Face Type: Would look great on girls with Straight face with sharp features
  • Acceptable Occasion: Party nights, meet-ups, dates, weddings like occasions.
  • Perfect Age Group: Women and college girls are perfect for this hairstyle.
  • Best Season to Wear: All seasons are perfectly comfortable for this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Dress: A flowing gown or something traditional are the best to compliment this hairstyle.

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5. Short Rolled Look:

This is a brief rolled look which can be done quickly with the help of a good design that can do from a parlour. It’s also professionally shaped and are best accompanied by wispy bang curly hair. It’s recommended that this should be professionally styled. Parlours use a variety of branded products to make this look more fashionable. This looks recommend for girls with long curly hair with bangs.

  • Suitable Face Type: This hairstyle looks great on Round face with a button nose.
  • Perfect Occasion: Party nights, meet-ups, date-nights, weddings are good to go occasion for this hairstyle
  • Ideal Age Group: Looks excellent on Women and college girls
  • Best Season to Wear: All seasons are perfect for choosing this hairstyle.
  • The Fitting Dress: Preferably casual dress is worth to team up with the short rolled look.

6. Showy Half up Half down:

It’s quite a favourite hairstyle nowadays. This look can also found with Chinese bangs with curly hair. The half and half rolled looks are easy to sport and also look quite glamorous. These are good for parties, and if a person has enough time, then these can also be done for regular wear or a shopping day-out with friends. These can accessorise with some floral or other types of clips. This look goes well with side swept bangs curly hair.

  • Perfect Face Type: Girls with Straight face with high cheekbones can happily choose this hairstyle
  • The Suitable Occasion: Party nights, meet-ups, weddings, date-nights are perfect for this hairstyle
  • Preferred Age Group: Women and college girls can go for this great hairdo.
  • Best Season to Wear: Ideal for all seasons only make sure you can take properly in summers.
  • Suitable dress: Any gown is preferred to make this hairstyle look stunning.

7. Long Afro Look:

This is for those people who like to keep the sections at the sides quite long. These can style in a very African pattern, and then this showy and very glamorous can be sported easily. These are good with any traditional as well as modern getups. The look is specifically suited to shoulder length curly hairstyles with bangs. These can also be worn with a centralised Maangtika for a more conventional feel. Girls with natural afro hair might find this hairstyle to be a real boon. This look is a must recommendation for girls with medium curly hair with bangs.

  • The Suitable Face Type: This would look great on all face types
  • Suitable Occasion: Party nights, meet-ups are mostly preferred occasions for this hairstyle.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women, college girls, teenagers.
  • Best Season to Wear: This hairstyle is ideal for all season.
  • The Fitting Dress: Something casual might be the best accompaniment.

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8. Edged Chic Look:

Nowadays the chopped look is quite popular. These can recreate easily. However, the shaping should be done appropriately from a reputed parlour. This look is also natural to team up with almost all types of outfits. Girls who have layered curly hair with bangs can easily sport this look. Honestly, this look is a little difficult to carry if you do not have the correct face cut. It is a little difficult to recreate too, but professional stylists can easily do it. With practice, one can easily recreate this look back at home and can easily sport this look anywhere, from college to any formal event to any party.

  • Adoptable Face Type: Women with Round face with defined features would look great with this hairdo.
  • Perfect Occasion: Great for Party nights, meet-ups, date-nights
  • Preferred Age Group: Women, college girls, teenagers are mostly loving this hairstyle
  • Best Season to Wear: Summer and Spring are the perfect seasons for this look.
  • Suitable Dress: Any casual attire will suit this hairstyle.

9. Loose Glamorous Curls:

This is another very glamorous look that can be tried with the side bangs. This is easily manageable and can be easily sported for various types of parties or a shopping day-out with friends. This look can also be accompanied by fringe bangs curly hair. These types of looks are becoming famous nowadays since most celebrities have started sporting this look. This look is also quite popular among the various short hair looks due to easy maintenance and the lovely look it provides to any kind of face. The hairstyle does not need a lot of hair products or a piece of equipment to be recreated at home.

  • Suitable Face Type: Straight face with a button nose would look great with hairstyle
  • Suitable Occasions: Party nights, meet-ups, date-nights, and weddings are good to go on occasions.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women, college girls, teenagers occasionally prefer this hairstyle
  • Best Season to Wear: Summer and Spring are the best seasons to try this classy loom.
  • The Fitting Dress: Formals will look best, but this look can also spot with anything casual.

Additional Tips:

  1. The products used while styling should be from good brands.
  2. Professional advice should take if you are going to attempt styling your hair on your own.
  3. Shampoo your hair and completely dry it before styling.
  4. The equipment that you are going to use should test.
  5. Care should take to maintain the styling done.
  6. Organic products should use for your hair to protect your hair from all the heat that it faced.
  7. If required, a hairspray can use to fix the style before stepping out of your house.
  8. A conditioner should use regularly when you shampoo your hair.
  9. Oiling your hair with supplements like Vitamin E is a good habit as it nourishes your hair and protects your hair from all forms of heat damage.

Everyone loves a new look, and it gives you a new identity and a new face. Many are also fills with new confidence. Become more confident about yourself by changing your hairstyle to curly hair bangs hairstyles. Be bold and play with some hair colours. Remember, you have the choice to change your look and further change the attitude of people towards you. What are you waiting for? Get your tools and products ready and emerge as a beautiful butterfly!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How to keep bangs straight and prevent them from curling?

Ans: Bangs usually curl up when the surrounding weather is humid. The following can use to prevent curling:

  1. Wash and condition hair. Dry completely.
  2. Apply a conditioner to the ends of the bangs.
  3. Blow dry using a paddle brush. This process prevents the curling process.
  4. Next, apply any product to the same area.
  5. Apply flat iron to the same.
  6. Finally, use hairspray to fix the look.
Q2. What is the best haircut for anyone with naturally curly hair?

Ans: There are some hairstyles recommends for girls with natural hair:

  1. Texturized layers and curls
  2. Layered super long bob with curls
  3. Long even layers on texturised curls
  4. Drastic layers with beachy waves
  5. Layered bob with bang curls
  6. Tightly coiled hair with uneven layers
  7. Shoulder length layers with low curls
  8. Curly bangs and shaggy coats
  9. Ginger curls with messy layers
  10. Bouncy curls and stepped layers
  11. Kinky curls with the subtly layered bob
Q3. Can curly hair design for hits without using heat?

Ans: Yes, curly hair can style for bangs without heat. The following steps need to pursue that:

  1. You should perfect hair cut for your curly hair.
  2. Wet your curly hair.
  3. Pick out a good curl definer according to your hair type and then apply it to your hair using your hands.
  4. Twist each curler and dry out each section of hair with the help of a hairdryer.


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