Top 9 Curly Bob Hairstyles

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There are various types of bob cuts that can be tried out. Usually with short looks people think that the options to style these are quite limited. However, there are various types of curled techniques that can be tried on these and these look quite glamorous.

Curly bob hairstyles

These can be worn on a regular casual basis for schools and also colleges. These are very showy. Below are the top 9 types of curly bob haircuts that a person should definitely try out.

Curly Bob Hairstyles:

1. Rolled Short Look:

Curly bob hairstyles - Rolled short look

This is an extremely stylish look that can be easily done on short length. The sections can be given heat and blowing to make them rolled. This is also quite fashionable and can be done for parties and other occasions. This is also less time consuming and these can be sport for regular college wear as well.

2. The Afro Look:

Curly bob hairstyles 2

This is quite frizzed texture look. The centralized sectioning can be done and shine serums can be used for that shine at the frontal and the sides. However, these should be clipped at the back and the rest of the length can be given heat and also afro style texturing which is quite fashionable. Many celebrities sport these on the fashion shows and also for model walks.

3. The Edgy Look:

Curly bob hairstyles 3

This is a casual and also quite stylish look that can be teamed with various types of out fits. A person can use some rollers and also heat equipments to get these types of finish. This can be good for friend party and also for wearing at other occasions. This can be worn with a centralized Maangtika for a more traditional feel and this can be teamed with salwar and other sarees.

4. The Glamorous African Look:

curly bob haircuts4

This is another type of voluminous look which can be tried for parties. If these are done with permanent methods from parlours which do these types of looks, then these can be sported on a regular basis. These can be made into clippings and these will look more glamorous.

5. The Edged Casual Look:

Curly bob hairstyles 5

Messed looks are quite popular and this is a type of that fashion. This can be worn for parties and also for other types of gatherings. The sections can be done from the back to the frontal and also the shaping should be done properly from a parlour. Since this is quite chopped up, the person should do this only if they are comfortable sporting these. Branded products and other equipment’s may be required for these.

6. The Casual Chic Look:

Curly bob hairstyles 6

This is a very casual type of style that can be sport on a regular basis. This can be done for parties and also for other types of occasions. These are easy to re create and can be done without professional help. However, the shaping and length should be done according to the comfort ability of the person from a reputed parlour. This can also be good for people having square face shapes.

7. The Party Girl Look:

Curly bob hairstyles 7

This is a very stylish look that can be done with the short length of sections.

8. Sided Crunched Look:

Curly bob hairstyles 8

This is a very easy to do party look. If a person wants then they can sport these with soem accessories for their parties.

9. The Centralized Row Look:

Curly bob hairstyles 9

This is a very curly and extremely short hair. The centralized position is given some rolls and this can be very fashionable if a person is comfortable to sport something like this.