Top 9 Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair

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Curls are often sported by people on the Red Carpet and other shows. This is also commonly sported by people who like to stay in modern style. This can be sported with modern and traditional getups. These are also set using some setting sprays. There can be variety of looks that can be tried with these.

Curly hairstyles for girls

Best Hairstyles for Curly Hair Girls:

Below are the top 9 hairstyles for curly hair girls that a person should definitely try out.

1. Thick Full Curls:

Curly hairstyles for girls 1

This is a good style for those who have very frizzed sections. They can do very tight sections with their hair and then sport these for parties..

2. Long Stylish Disco Look:

Curly hairstyles for girls 2

This is very stylish attire. This can be worn on regular or day out occasions. This is also a good hairstyle look for girls. Polka dots and floral outfits can be worn with this. A person can use some water from a spray bottle to spray on the sections. This will give it a wet finish. Serum can be used to keep the sections detangled or these can become tangled with sprays if used.

3. Tight Afro Look:

Curly hairstyles for girls 3

This is a very common look for people having frizzy thick African texture for the sections. These can be also done on normal sleek sections from parlours. This can be done for parties. If required these can be clipped on the top to create a fashion like above.

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4. Puffy Messed Look:

hairstyles for curly hair girls4

This is a very voluminous look that can be done if the sections are long to medium. Some heated air from a blow dryer can be useful for this. This can also be done with some water from a spray bottle to give it a moist spray and to make this easy to brush. This can be sported for college by people on a regular basis.

5. Back Clipped Party Look:

hairstyles for curly hair girls5

This can be worn for parties. This is also a good hair look for college girls. This can be styled using some round brushes and some sprays. Serums can be used if required and the section can be clipped at the back.

6. Milk Maid Pleats:

hairstyles for curly hair girls6

This is a very common celebrity look that many people wear. This can be done with a pleating from the side and that can be clipped on the sides. The rest of the sections can be made into locks using some curlers. This can be made using some good quality setting spray. This is also good for traditional household gatherings and parties.

7. Half up Half down Look:

hairstyles for curly hair girls7

This is a popular party look and also can be worn for occasions and family functions. The top can be made into puffed and the rest of the sections can be kept loose and made into rolls.

8. Half Section Hairstyle:

hairstyles for curly hair girls8

This can be done with the help of some sprays and also can be done with the help of some clips to clip the side sections. This is very easily done and easy to sport on a regular basis.

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9. Messed Half Sectioned Curls:

hairstyles for curly hair girls9

This is another messed look that can be easily done with some serums and some velcros. This can be used with blow drying to make this into more volume. The sections can be flipped and then these can be blown using heated air and then flipped back. This helps to create more volume on the top. This can be adorned using some accessories like clips and a gear with floral accessories. This can be worn for parties and also for traditional functions.

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