30 Best Curly Hairstyles for Men with Pictures

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Men with curly hair is very handsome and they can try the different types of curly hairstyles. Young ladies aren’t the main ones displaying twists nowadays! Their male counterparts too have grasped their common composition as well and those with commonly straight hair have even decided on inducing artificial curls at the salon.

Curly hairstyles for men

Variant Best Curly Hairstyles For Men With Images:

This article provides the top 30 hairstyles for curly hair men along with images that looks amazing on every one.

1. Layers Curly Hairstyles:

Curly hairstyles for men - Layers with Curls

This hairstyle gives the impression of a medium length hairstyle. This illusion is achieved by including layers in the hairstyle and also by inducing changes in the length of the hair in a short to long fashion. For attaining this look you should condition your hair and then put a small amount of hair cream and massage your hair with it. To finish it off, you will have to pump up your curls with the help of your palms by applying proper pressure with them.

2. Close Cut Hairstyle For Men With Curly Hair:

Close cut curls

This is another one of the curly hairstyles that falls under the short length category. Utilization of a holding gel is extremely important while styling your hair like this. Though, the strength of the hold, i.e., medium or strong will depend on how much control you want on your hair.

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3. The Classic Curly Hairstyles For Guys:

Curly hairstyles for men - Classic Curl

This curly hairstyle for men is definitely neat and classic. The hairstyle not only adds to your personality but it also makes you look more masculine. Styling like this is simple, just apply some styling cream to your hair and massage it throughout. The only condition that you are required to meet is that you need to have very short hair.

4. Casual Curly Hairstyle:

Curly hairstyles for men - Casual Curls

The curls are about a finger-length on the sides. This wavy cut was finished using scissors and is left a bit longer on top. Start by applying a quarter-sized measure of medium hold styling cream to fingertips followed by the application through dry hair by raking cream through the hair from front to back. Make sure to focus the item on the mid-lengths and closures instead of at the scalp.

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5. Short Spiraled Curly Hairstyles:

Curly hairstyles for men - Short Spiraled

The curls are far more distinct in this hairstyle where the position of almost all the curls is very prominent. This short hairstyle for curly hair portrays an extreme casual look. This look can definitely be attained by the utilization of a medium hold gel to style your hair. Some precautions that you need to follow are – you need to make sure that your hair is conditioned before you style it and after you are done styling your hair you must avoid using a hair dryer.

6. Messy Curls Hairstyle:

Messy curls

The messy curls provide a matte look to your hair though the styling of the hair is very basic. To attain this style the utilization of a matte styling cream or a gel is extremely significant and a must. Using your fingertips provide your hair with an irregular look by parting it here and there and give the finishing touches as you prefer.

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7. Curly Framed:

Curly hairstyles for men - Curly Framed

Commonly wavy hair styling into a round shape truly adjusts out a gloomy appearance shape. In the wake of showering, wring abundance water from hair with a towel. Work a small amount of twist control cream through your hair. Make certain to work it through all your hair and not just at any one single spot or on the top. Finally, permit your hair to air dry. This will get the first place in the list of different curly hairstyles for men.

8. Layered Curls With Locks:

Layered curls with locks

The hairstyle has layers turns the look into a charismatic one. The curls are generally trimmed into the form of layers, however, the length of the hair is maintained throughout. For styling your hair in this fashion you are required to put a preferred styling cream and style it starting from the mid-lengths and advancing towards the periphery. Ensure that before you begin, your hair is properly conditioned and dried.

9. Casual And Shaggy Curls:

Casual Curl Hairstyle

This is an extremely casual curly hairstyle. It includes a bit of shag too. The curls lay flat on your head and thus the messy look. To style like this, you should begin by parting your hair on one side and then applying a small amount of hair cream to it. Next up, you should brush your hair in the direction you want your curls to go and you’re done! For a more shaggier and messier look, after you are done parting in one direction do it in other directions too over the existing one. This will help randomize the hair direction.

10. The Shaggy Curly:

Curly hairstyles for men - shaggy curl

Long, characteristic twists with bunches of long layers keep this wavy hairdo adjusted all through. To style like this begin in the shower by shampooing and molding your hair with items intended to make your wavy hair more manageable thereby giving you control over it. Then, dry your hair using a towel to eliminate abundant water. Depending on the preference of the hair cream you like, work a quarter-sized measure of low or medium hold styling cream through your hair.

11. Wild Curly Hairstyle:

Curly hairstyles for men - Wild Curls

This look will definitely make you stand out among the crowd. In this hairstyle you will get to boast about your curly hair. To style your hair in this fashion, simply apply a hair cream to the hair in the middle of your head and work it out towards the periphery. To finish off, it is recommended to use a hairspray which will help make your curls more manageable.

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12. Curls With Fringes:

Curly hairstyles for men - Curls with Fringes

Yes, men too can have fringes with their curls. This fringed curly hairstyle is iconic in itself and emerges as one of the most stylish hairstyles. To achieve this style, you must define the curls in your hair using a gel or cream to make them more prominent. Then you can style your hair in this fringed pattern and finish off by applying hair spray on top to hold it and make it manageable.

13. Sharp Curly Hairstyles:

Sharp curls

Sharp means extremely well-defined and so is this hairstyle. You must style your hair in such a fashion such that all the curls are prominent and separated from one another. You may not get this hairstyle perfect in one go, but as people say, practice makes perfect.

14. Long Curly Hairstyles For Men:

Curly hairstyles for men - long curls

For this, you need medium length hair with natural curls. This hairstyle incorporated a bit of layers and variable hair-length. In terms of hair length, the hair is relatively shorter in the front than it is at the back portion of your head. This is one of the best curly hairstyles for men with long hair which can make your look so beautiful.

15. Short Natural Curls:

Curly hairstyles for men - short natural curls

In this look, detached, characteristic twists are sliced closer to the head on the sides than in the top. Common surface is left to make its own particular arbitrary examples for a loose feel! Apply a quarter-sized measure of medium hold composition glue to dry hair. Use your fingertips to steer hair from the crown (top once again) of your head slantingly around the front.

16. The Manly Curly Hairstyle:

Curly Hairstyles for Men16

Looking for curly hairstyles for men? This is one of the best hairstyles for curly hair men so far. It has bee equipped with some unique curls and breathtaking patterns which make it look totally different from what you have seen till now. The hairstyle will go hand in hand with a beard and will bring out the dominant male personality within you. Girls dig it.

17. The Spiral Curly Hairstyle For Oval Faces:

Curly Hairstyles for Men17

This is one of the best curly hairstyles for men in African style. Here, we can see that the model in the picture flaunts some beautiful spiral curls which make him look so unique. The hairstyle is so desirable that anyone will easily fall for it. The length of the hair is really long and it extends to the shoulders. Many girls are often seen sporting such hairstyles. But this picture proves that men can also wear such amazing hairstyles.

18. The Front Out Curly Hairstyle For Men:

Curly Hairstyles for Men18

Men curly hairstyles are just so attractive. Here, we have a beautiful one, where the front part of the curly hair extends to the front and covers the forehead to an extent. Any guy with naturally curly hair can try this look. It is one of the impressive hairstyles for men and can easily make one look alluring. The hairstyle also sports a decent color which enhances the beauty of this look.

19. The Short Curly Hairstyle:

Curly Hairstyles for Men19

This one can also be termed as a celebrity hairstyle as it was sported by Bradley Cooper in a movie. This hairstyle is clearly one of the best hairstyles is one of the best hairstyles for men with short and curly hair. Men with beards will find this look suitable for them.

20. The Side Swept Curly Hairstyle:

Curly Hairstyles for Men20

This hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for men with curly hair. Men with such short length curly hair can make the best out of this look as it will look great on their hair. The front part of the hair has been pulled up and the sides are suitably curled. The party blonde color of the hair also makes it look pretty alluring and can easily convince any man with curly hair to try this look.

21. The Medium Length Curly Hairstyles For Men:

Curly Hairstyles for Men21

Here, we have another beautiful curly hairstyle, where the whole hair sorts beautiful curly patterns. The hair is somehow parted that too asymmetrically. Men with rugged and stubble look can make this hairstyle look great on them. This hipster-like look can make a guy look very attractive in the eyes of women.

22. Sides Shaved Curly Hairstyle:

Curly Hairstyles for Men22

The hairstyle was first spotted at Korean fashion festival and from then this look has been highly sported by men throughout the world who come from Korean culture. Here, some creativity has been implemented with the traditional curly look. The sides of the curly hair are shaved and the middle and back part of the hair sport trendy curls. This is one of the best men curly hairstyles.

23. The Smart And Short Curly Hairstyles:

Curly Hairstyles for Men23

Here, we can see a guy sporting a beautiful short curly hairstyle which will be suitable for formal occasions. The allure of this hairstyle has made one of the best hairstyles for curly hair men. Here, the front part of the hair has been beautifully decorated and the rest of the blonde hair just follows that pattern. The curly hairstyle will be ideal for men with long and thin face texture.

24. The Celebrity Curly Hairstyle:

Curly Hairstyles for Men24

This curly hairstyle for men will be suitable for those who would want to maintain the nerdy look. When this look is combined with nerdy specs it will create something extraordinary. Most of the fans follow this type of curly hairstyle men.

25. The Vacation Curly Hairstyle For Men:

Curly Hairstyles for Men25

This particularly curly hairstyle will bring on the vacation vibe. You can rock this year with this type of new curly hairstyle for gents. With medium length hair it is one of the perfect curly hairstyles for men that makes you complete person.

26. The Blonde Curly Look:

Curly Hairstyles For Men-blonde look

Men with naturally blonde hair can effortlessly rock this look. This is probably one of the best styles for all those men out there who want nothing but too look their best self and want to create and image in people’s mind about themselves. If you also have naturally blonde hair, then you should add some volume and create some texture to the hair to make it look attractive. Even though this is a celebrity look, it is totally attainable and you can easily rock this look during the summer times as well. It is one of those things that will bring something new to the table. Since, women and tired of looking at those swag side short and long top hairstyle, this is something that will excited them and help them keep their faith in those men who never fall short to make themselves look impressive. If you have that purpose also, then you know how to style your hair from now.

27. The short and Smart hairstyles for Curly hair:


An afro is definitely not the final option for curly hair. If you don’t find any of the previous looks suitable for you, then here is a pretty good one that will demand you to cut your curly hair short and style it effectively. it is one the most stylish ways to make the curly hair look attractive. There is probably the least effort that goes into keeping this hair right. If you are willing to look your best, then this is something that will suit you.

28. The Messy but neat and simple Curly hairstyle for Boys:

simple Curly hairstyle for Boys

This shaggy look definitely won’t suit the men out there. It will be suitable for the boys though. If you are willing to sport your best self, then this hairstyle will assist you to attain this look. The hairstyle comes with a messy pattern and that is what makes it look different from the other ideally styled ones. There is such a casual and simple thing about this look that all boys will prefer sporting such a look. There is zero effort, when it comes to styling the effort. However, if you to keep it neat and alluring, then you will have to break some sweat to make it look attractive. This can be said to be one of those hairstyles which will suitable for all boys who are college goers or simply for those who prefer the rugged but effective lifestyle.

29. The Medium length Curly Hairstyle:

Medium length Curly Hairstyle

This is one of the finest curly hairstyles that one can ever find. It will be totally suitable for medium-length hair and can be worn at some some of the best places possible. The pattern done on this hairstyle is very subtle and goes perfectly with the face. If you are looking for a simple but trendy and alluring hairstyle for your curly hair then definitely try this one out.

30. The latest Curly Looks:

latest Curly Looks

Here is a curly hairstyle for all those toned face boys that are willing to look their best this season. If you have curly hair, that shouldn’t be a problem from now on. The awesome patterns done on this hairstyle is so cool that you will surely love the way it shows off the blonde curls that are like bouncing off the hair. The cute patter that it displays is truly awesome and will be suitable for all the stud teens.

Above were some of the best curly hairstyles for men which are selected by experts and worn by some of the best personalities in the entertainment business and it is expected that you will find anyone of them suitable for yourself. Some hairstyles also come with their designated face texture on which these styles will look sober.