Are you struggling to revamp your drawing room to give it the much-needed uplift, but have a limited budget? Do not despair, because curtains are the most inexpensive solution for the problem on hand, and will give you stunning results while going easy on your pocket. The latest curtain designs for the drawing room not only enhance the look of the room but also play an essential role in the overall aesthetics of the house.

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There are a lot of curtain designs available in the market and online, but it is essential to choose the design based on your drawing room decor and match it to enhance your interiors. Curtains bring a room together, by blending in or standing out. If you have a good eye for the interior detailing of your house, read the article below to know more about how curtains define the general theme and ambience of the drawing room.

Best Curtain Designs For Drawing Room:

Here are our 12 simple and modern curtain designs for the drawing room. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Designer Curtain Design For Drawing Room:

These luxurious designer curtains with intricate floral paisleys and patterns on them complement the decor of the drawing room perfectly and create a camouflaged modernist look. The perfect pleats in the silky fabric add elegance and lend a royal look to the curtains. The matching details on the curtains and the cushions on the sofa add structural depth to the room and bring about a sophisticated look to the drawing room.

2. Fancy Curtain Style For Drawing Room:

These modern fancy curtains are sure to inject an element of playfulness and stand out in the monochromatic setting of the room. The intertwining twirls in deep red add rich boldness and a stark contrast to the room. These curtains are suitable for letting enough light in a while, blocking the heat and adding an aesthetic touch to the space.

3. Net Curtain Pattern For Drawing Room:

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Sheer net curtains are in rage nowadays because they tend to maximize the light in closed-off apartments and spaces. The monochrome curtains with tiny detailing on them match the complementary theme in the drawing room and add to the sheer elegance of the room without causing much distraction from the decor. These curtains are the right choice if you have limited space to work with and have the decor in muted lighter tones.

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4. Country Style Curtains For Drawing Room:

If you do not want your curtains to overpower your drawing room but want to add a fun element, nevertheless, these curtains are the perfect choice for you. These white curtains have quirky geometric and animal prints, which complement the flooring with colourful geometric patterns. These curtains are best to add a little surprise pop of colour to your room on a neutral-coloured curtain without overdoing it.

5. European Style Drawing Room Curtain:

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These gorgeous European-style curtains add a stunning backdrop to the vintage-styled room. The beautiful patterns on the cream curtains add a dreamy whimsical look to the room and complement the furniture perfectly. The intricately pleated drapes add a dignified sense of drama to the room and set the canvas for the rest of the furnishings. If you want to replicate a royal setting in your drawing room, these drapes are a fantastic option for you.

6. Printed Drawing Room Curtains:

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These pale linens with huge intersecting circles and contrasting intricate scenery in the background bring nature into your drawing room. They add a sense of warmth, energy, and serenity to the room. They emanate a relaxing effect while adding a glamorous touch to the furniture in grey tones. This curtain is perfect for playing up the already existing decor and is a marvellous backdrop to your drawing room.

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7. Jacquard Curtain Design For Drawing Room:

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Jacquard curtains are noted for their unique textures, wherein beautiful, intricate patterns are directly woven into the fabric. Tall drapes amplify the space in a room. These tall Jacquard curtains here have a geometric design on a neutral base, which is complementary to the rug and other furniture in the place. It blends in with the colour theme perfectly and effectively maximizes the light in the room to give it an edgy feeling. The sheer white curtain with a floral pattern adds a touch of opulence to the decor.

8. Korean Drawing Room Curtain:

These pleated Korean drapes are a cheerful little touch to the room and stand out in contrast to the lighter tones in the room. They bring in a fun element to the space with an extra pop of colour. The intricate floral creepers on the curtains with birds and leaves in different colours bring nature into the room and add an ethereal grace to the drawing room.

9. Drapes Curtain For Drawing Room:

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The metallic gold curtains with rich, creamy embellishments lend a royal opulence to this drawing room. These heavy, luxurious drapes also help grind the other formal wooden furniture in the room. The glossy curtains brighten up the matching wall colour and add charm and romance to the room. The asymmetric drape with a bow is a modern twist and brings in a contemporary outlook to the room.

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10. Latest Curtain Design For Drawing Room:

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This striking purple colour adds vibrancy and a fun element to the room. The matching cushions add a dose of extra charm and sophistication to the room decor. This curtain feels youthful while adding polish and dignity to the space. After all, who can ignore a dainty purple curtain exuding style in volumes?

11. Stylish Curtains For Drawing Room:

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This drawing room looks polished and elegant with its double layer of curtains in contrasting hues. The intricately woven pleats and frills give a sense of femininity and fantasy. The beige and cream combination makes the room look more dreamy and ethereal and complements the furniture perfectly. The added embellishments to the curtains bring about a royal look, and the sheer white curtain effectively lets in light to illuminate the entire room.

12. Decorated Drawing Room Curtains:

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The blend of white and wine-red curtains in pleats and layers adds depth to the room. The colour combination makes the room look both modern and laidback with vintage touches. It is a perfect blend of playful and refined and adds charm and romance to the room. This timeless design complements the red chair and table perfectly without overpowering the muted decor in the place. It creates a decorative frame for the windows, with attention to tiny details on the curtain, and allows natural light to stream in.

Curtains have both aesthetic and practical benefits for a room. They block out sunlight, dust, and heat from entering a room while livening up space and balancing out the furniture in the room. Depending on the decor and colour theme of your room, a well-matched appropriate set of curtains can amp up the look of your drawing room by leaps and bounds. We hope our compilation of the 12 most trending drawing room parda designs has helped you in your quest for the perfect set of curtains for your drawing room. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!


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