50 Pictures of Latest Curtain Designs for Windows & Doors in India

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Earlier, curtains were used for windows but now it has evolved to various types of other parts of the interior too. Curtains have become an essential part of interior designs today. You need to select a correct type of curtain cloth and rod to bear its weight. Having a heavy curtain on the delicate rod can fall down. So it is necessary to have a strong rod or pole to have heavy curtains. You will find a variety of curtain cloth prints. It may be ready or in material too. By selecting curtain material you can stitch it as per your size requirement. You can even add some decoration idea to curtains to give a new form to it.

You can give a beautiful look to your doors and windows of the kitchen, bedroom, balcony and front yard. The eye catchy different curtain designs will be complementing and able to receive plenty of likeliness. To select the right choice of fabric and design for curtain demands sound knowledge of interiors. In today’s tough competition, you can also get designs and patterns of curtains on the internet. You will find a lot of information from the internet by sitting at your home only. You do not need to run here and there in searching for varieties in curtains. One can even order from there. One can even combine a few curtain clothes to make out a fresh curtain. This combination of curtain cloth will form out the latest piece of the curtain which will not be available anywhere else. It is called one’s own creativity.

In the present day, the number of creativeness is done in curtain cloth. By this, your curtain will look distinct. You can also design a curtain for yourself. Curtains can be stitched out from leftover fabrics of various designs. This mismatch patterns in curtain will give altogether a new look.

Different Types Of Curtain Designs With Pictures:

Everyone have their own choice of selecting different curtain designs. Kids like some other designs while elders like something else. Everybody’s choice will be met in market. Here we will explore our knowledge of few more latest curtain designs in the market.

1. Pencil Pleat Curtain:

It is pencil pleat latest curtain design for living room. At top creative pleats are given to curtain cloth. There is black colour layers carved out on curtain which is wide at some place while close at some other place. Layers on plain cloth look extremely stunning.

2. Rod Pocket Curtain:

Pocket like squeezed stitching is done at top of curtain. There is broad vertical line curtain design of dual colour. The floral string print is done on this curtain which is light in shade. The curtain is long compare to window and its thick fabric protects from direct sunlight.

3. Eyelet Curtain:

This beautiful curtain appears out to be elegant and sophisticated. There are coloured lining at top of curtain and rest is pure plain white. The cushion kept on chair is also getting matched with curtain design. The half of curtain is tied up with a broad white belt.

4. Tab Top Curtain Styles:

This curtain style is called tab top as its top is rolled over and is tabbed with button in front. The whole curtain is plain and is covered with a dark colour border. The curtain is simple in appearance but delivers a sober look. It gives modish look to your interior.

5. Pinch Pleat Curtain:

This simple curtain design is having pinch pleat where three pleats are combined together to give a pinch shape. The whole curtain is shaded with light and dark colour. The pleats are hanged up in a round clip which is rolled over a rod. This design is visible in most of houses.

6. Goblet Curtain:

This is goblet curtain idea where top pleats are given like rectangular box. Golden colour balls attached with gold strings are hanging with this goblet boxes. It is distinctive concept in curtain design. Goblet is stitched with hard material inside which will remain as it is.

7. Box Pleat Curtain:

This curtain cloth design is having box pleats which are broad enough. The plain pink curtain is covered with this box pleated material which is small in size and covers only top of curtain. This plain pink fabric is shining and looks like pure silk. It adds grace to room.

8. Sheer Curtain:

This is grey and white modern curtain design which is light in fabric. Two extra curtains are kept over rod with the help of which downfall layer is given on window. In between there is plain white curtain which is accompanied by plain grey curtain on both sides.

9. Pelmet Curtain:

This interior design curtain is having pelmets on windows over curtains. A tough box like pelmets is created over window. The curtain is having thick layer print of same colour which is tied up on both sides with same curtain belt. Pelmets reminds of traditional pattern.

10. Valance Curtain:

This home curtain is adding grace to room interior. The white short curtain is having yellow sunflower prints on it with checks on bottom. The belt used for tying up curtain is also having checks print. The top of curtain is having frill of sunflower print which is looking amazing.

11. Hanging Curtain:

This is the best curtain which is just hanged up over rod. Clothes of three colours are hanging of blue, white and green colour. This hanging cloth will be used for covering the middle part of white plain curtain. Bright colours on both side of white curtain are attractive.

12. Lace Overlay Curtain:

This curtain design idea is pleasing one. It is plain inside and outside, there is white lace fabric attached over it. There is floral pattern on this lace on upside. This curtain pattern depicts the knowledge of fashion and enlightens those who view it.

13. Modern Custom Curtain:

This curtain decoration idea is revolutionary in fashion industry. The whole curtain is having pinching pattern. It is half open and tied up from middle which is looking like a Jhula is hanging. Behind it there is white transparent printed curtain covering the whole window.

14. Strip Curtain:

It is crystal clear colourful curtain design 2019 containing strip pattern. Strips of different five colours are hanging as curtains and it is allowing the light to pass through the room. This colourful strips as curtains will be in high demand in coming future.

15. Transparent Curtain:

It is lucid curtain pattern having transparent nature. The curtain cloth is having blue colour rose design in between. The top and bottom of curtain contains small leaves pattern of blue colour. This overall curtain is delivering powerful and impressive effect.

16. Metallic Curtain:

This home décor curtain is made up of metallic foil of silver and golden colour. This kind of curtains is especially used in party to attract the attention. It shines so nicely and gives a new life to whole room. It is again having a line of bulbs over curtain which is adding shine to it.

17. Vintage Curtain:

It is traditional curtain idea created from left over material. Cloth of three different patterns is stitched over one another to make a whole curtain. There is a wire of woollen balls kept in middle of curtain which is causing a great surprise. This woollen ball is adding glory.

18. Crocheted Flower Curtain:

This curtain decoration idea is unique concept. The curtain is made up of crochets having flower pattern. There is a colourful flower of woollens that are attached together and are hanged on white rod. This is a surprising pattern of curtain which is very uncommon.

19. Multi Coloured Curtain:

This is so graceful curtain design of multicolour cloth. Each curtain cloth is plain but is bewildering. This will spice up your balcony area. These astonishing curtain ideas are eye catchy and will snatch your heart. You will simply love it. It is dark and light combination.

20. Shower Curtain:

This different curtain design for home is used for bathroom. This curtain is to be hanged while going for shower. It covers the shower area. The curtain is having beautiful graphic print of a lady created with the help of butterflies and a chandelier beside her.

21. Classic Peacock Curtain:

This new curtains design possesses two peacock prints. One is big while another one is small. In middle of curtain there is a vintage print like a letter is written and on other side there is bird nest print. On both sides of curtain there is broad border.

22. Landscape Curtain Cloth Designs:

This curtain cloth design consists of a beautiful landscape print. There are big trees, waterfall, flying birds and river. Few people are on boat enjoying the nature. These designs of curtain give liveliness and freshness to people of home. It is just breathtaking experience.

23. Soft Home Window Curtains:

This home window curtain is so soft in fabric and looking lavish. This plain pink curtain is having frills at steps. This floor length curtain is looking grand and rich. One will not be able to look to anything else than this curtain. This gorgeous curtain is just looking luxurious.

24. Front Yard Curtain:

This simple curtain design is used in front yard of big houses. People do morning breakfast or evening tea in front yard under open sky. Such curtains are used to decorate this front yard and when needed can also protect from sunlight. This will enlighten your day.

25. Hello Kitty Curtain:

This curtain design pattern is having face print of Hello Kitty on lower portion. The white colour portion is plain and on pink portion there is round white dots. At top there is light pink shade with two layer of frills affixed and white polka dot design.

26. 3D Print Modern Curtains:

There is 3D print in modern curtain. The whole curtain is in two shades of yellow colour. There is one big yellow rose at side top and few other small roses. There is petal print in between. The viewer will feel like they are seeing the real flowers.

27. Overlapping Curtain:

This interior design curtain is created with overlapping concept. There is one transparent printed curtain and other two are plain. The transparent curtain is having knot at bottom and grey plain curtain is going in between from printed one. Nice design is given to it.

28. Toddler Room Curtain:

Kids love such home curtains of pink colour. Behind there is thick fabric curtain swinging and over it there is plain green and printed pink thin curtain. Pink printed curtain is having design of small baby girl. Small babies love to decorate their room with such curtains.

29. Digital Print Curtain:

This curtain decoration idea is simply mind blowing. The curtain is having digital print of sky. There are stars, half moon and small trees. Digital print gives you feel like you itself seeing it. This print will elaborate your whole room. There is one small ladder which reaches to moon.

30. Disney Land Curtain:

This latest curtain style is based on Disney land theme. On both sides there is orange curtain over which it is big bow pattern done with white fabric. In middle on white curtain there are Mickey and Minnie Mouse which itself is looking amusing.

31. Barbie Girl Curtain:

The kid’s room curtain idea is mostly consist of Barbie girl design. There are four big Barbie girl picture giving picturesque pose. On top there is shoes print and at bottom there is Barbie written in big letters. Curtain print is matching with pillow cover and blanket.

32. Balloon Print Curtain:

This is so beautiful curtain of blue colour. There is lace fabric over plain curtain. This lace curtain is having balloon print of small and big sizes. This light and dark blue shaded curtain is looking excellent and highly impressive. It depicts your high standard choice.

33. Creative Curtain:

This is just awesome curtain idea created with cloth frills. The whole rod is decorated with frill pattern and on both side bow is tied of lace. The curtain cloth is thin fabric and plain. Big and small pink balls are also hanging on wall. It is just unique concept.

34. Outdoor Curtain:

It is latest curtain design for outdoor venues. It seems like some cloth pieces are tied with each other and made a curtain string. Variety of colours and prints are combined together to give a new form of curtain. This pattern is directly appealing to senses.

35. Button Curtains:

It is one of the isolated curtain design patterns made up of buttons. Strings of variety of buttons are knitted in a thread. Curtains of different button strings are looking bright in room. It is one of its kinds and leaves a notable impression on one’s mind.

36. Floral Print Curtain:

This curtain design for home is in orange colour and having border of floral print. There are three floral borders and in between the cloth is transparent. This curtain is connected with a thin rod which is used to swing the curtain up and down.

37. Decorative Curtains:

This home decor curtains having creative pattern. On both sides of window there is white thick cloth with purple flower print is hanging. Inside it there are two white and purple curtain clothes hanged with creativity. They are mixed up with one another in a notable manner.

38. Nursery Curtain:

This home décor curtain is especially used in room of nursery going kids. A multicolour cloth pelmet is done over which three alphabets are written. Then different coloured plain curtain clothes are hanging inside pelmet. This curtain is decorated in a learned way for kids.

39. Latest Curtains Design:

This curtain design 2019 idea is eccentric one. There is shaded curtain cloth of white, blue and yellow colour. On top there are various prints on cloth. The curtain is tied up on both side and few area of cloth is left open to give pattern. Altogether this is looking very sweet.

40. Stunning Curtain:

This curtain cloth design is simply incredible. The curtain cloth is having lace pattern of white and blue colour. The white curtain is having two step layers where big blue flower pattern is affixed. This highlighting curtain is delivering phenomenal appearance.

41. Kitchen Window Curtain:

This curtain design is having blue checks prints on upside and white plain fabric on down. Both are having half round print having border of each other’s fabric. The upper curtain cloth is knotted with flower design lace. This two partition of curtains is exaggerating the kitchen.

42. Circular Print Curtain:

This pink polyester modern curtain is having white circular prints. At top there are three layers of pink and white frill pattern. Behind pink curtain, there is white curtain cloth hanging and it is having pink ball print. This two way curtain pattern is looking marvellous.

43. Fancy Curtain Design Ideas:

This curtain design idea is fancy one. Inside there is crystal clear white cloth. Over it on one side there is curtain cloth of yellow and white colour hanging in slant. On other side there is plain yellow curtain decorated with yellow artificial sunflower pattern.

44. Swinging Rod Curtain:

This is swinging interior design curtains. The curtain cloth is having vertical lining print of black and white colour. This cloth is attached with swinging rod. It is having stick connected with curtain which when pulled can move the curtain up and down.

45. Modish Curtain:

This modern curtain is having red thick border on top of curtain. On white part of curtain there is lines of red colour rose print. There are few leaves and rose print on floral lines. This flower print is adding fragrance to your room and will make your depressed mood.

46. Waves Curtain Design:

This is wave’s simple curtain design. The whole black curtain is having white prints like waves of river. On top there is broad white cloth in zigzag shape. The wave prints of curtain are having hypnotizing ability and it is not easy to move your eyes from it.

47. Wedding Backdrop Curtain:

In wedding mostly this kind of modern curtain design is used in background. They are mainly of light coloured and kept in a designer pattern. Over curtain heart shape made up of artificial flowers are affixed. Flowers and curtain decoration illuminate the marriage stage.

48. Embroidered Curtain Styles:

This new style curtain is having stupefying embroidery work. The whole white curtain cloth contains floral embroidery print of same colour. This long sober curtain is having startling look. It is purely delightful having sublime quality and lovely appearance.

49. Rain Curtain Design:

This is metallic curtain pattern and it looks like rain is falling. This white metal curtains are transparent and setting a divider in room. This metallic curtain will set a new trend and it is different from the rest. While sitting in your room you will feel like rain is falling.

50. Heart String Curtain:

This curtain decoration idea is romantic and interesting. The curtain is having red strings pattern with small heart shape design. This curtain design can be used in bedroom and it will arouse your temperament to spend quality time with your life partner.

When you visit the market, you will get to see even more modern and different curtain ideas. You need to be ready with your window or door measurements in order to have ready made curtains. While buying for curtain cloth even the shopkeeper and tailor can also guide you for specific patterns. You can search for new designs upcoming in curtains before finalizing it. Some ladies keep stock of best curtains at home as changing curtains after a few months can make you feel new at home.