The precision with the little things plays an essential role in how the interiors of your house look. This is where the curtain holder designs come into the picture. Although seemingly insignificant, choosing the right curtain holder not only holds your curtain in place but adds a unique, sophisticated look to your humble home. Read on to learn more about the 15 latest curtain holder designs from this article.

Different Types of Curtain Holder Designs:

The colour, shape, and size of the curtain holder play a vital role in your house’s complete look. Here is the list of different types of curtain holders:

  • Single Curtain Holder: As the name suggests, these types of holders are best suited when you want to hang a single curtain.
  • Double Curtain Holder: These types of curtain holders give you a designer look by holding two curtains at different heights.
  • Center Support Curtain Holder: If you have a window with a span longer than 60 inches, these types of holders are the perfect option.
  • Elbow Curtain Holders: These types of holders help the rod re-align itself according to the wall’s corner. If you have a wall with multiple angles, then this is the perfect option for you.
  • Adjustable Curtain Holder: As the name suggests, these types of holders help adjust accordingly for any window.
  • No-Drill Curtain Holder: These curtain holders are best suited when you don’t want to spoil the wall by poking holes into it.

Best Curtain Holder Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern curtain holder designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Wooden Curtain Holder Design:

Wood is a material that never goes out of style. If you are looking for a cost-effective and straightforward way to hold your curtains then, a wooden curtain holder is a perfect choice. This simple holder is easy to install without elaborate decorations and can fit any curtain rod. The placing of curtains becomes quite simple because of the uncomplicated design.

2. Plastic Curtain Holders:

Plastic curtain holders are the best option if you are looking for a lightweight material with simple design features. These holders can be used for an extended period and are pretty cheap. These are considered an affordable and robust option with the strength to hold curtain rods effectively. The ease of functioning is an additional feature of these curtain holders.

3. Metal Curtain Holder Designs:

Metal curtain holders are the best option if you are looking for a rustic finish to the décor of your house. The pointy end of this holder has a ball that extends the look beautifully. Adding elegance without any gaudy decoration is the best feature of these metal holders. The copper finish enhances it further and can be suitable for any curtain rods.

4. Brass Curtain Holders:

Image Source:

The refined finish of these brass curtain holders not only adds to the beauty of your house but also gives a graceful look to your windows. Reliability is the crucial feature of brass material, so it is used to produce doorknobs, curtain rods, etc. They are also durable, making the purchase last for an extended period.

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5. Decorative Curtain Holder Design:

If a style is what you are after, then the decorative curtain holders are here to impress. The decorative element of these holders can be used for multiple purposes. The unique designs of these holders produced with many materials are available in the market that can easily be incorporated into your interiors. These are perfect modern curtain holders that are not only beautiful to look at but also give a pleasing finish to your home.

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6. Gold Curtain Holders:

Image Source: walmart

Gold curtain holders are a perfect choice for people who love to deck up their house royally. It is an inexpensive way to convert your simple room into a beautiful space. The cherry on top is a diamond-looking ball to finish up the royal look. It not only holds your curtain rods effectively but gives an imperial finish to any space making it one of the best curtain rod holders.

7. Steel Curtain Rod Holder Design:

Stainless steel is one of the popular materials used for many appliances, but did you know they can hold curtain rods too? Yes! Stainless steel curtain holders have a straightforward design but have a shiny finish making them attractive. The curtain holder has screws that help hold the rod in place, and the chance of the rod slipping is significantly less.

8. Corner Curtain Rod Holder:

Image Source: pinterest

Corner curtain rod holder is one of the types available in the market that can do two things in one shot. It is best used when you want to place curtains on windows that involve corners. This way, you can put rods for two windows with a single rod holder. This is a perfect choice for homes where there are a lot of L-shaped windows. There are screws available to get it fixed on the wall easily.

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9. Blue Curtain Rod Holders:

Image Source:

Color-coordination is gaining popularity among people who want to decorate their homes in a certain way. Blue curtain rod holders are a perfect option for decorating their house either around blue or matching the colour. It can easily be fixed into the wall with the help of screws, and another screw is available that holds the curtain rod in place.

10. Simple Curtain Holder Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Although these might look simple, it is one of the best curtain holders that can hold two curtain rods simultaneously. It can be used for muti-purposes, and the duality of these holders makes them very unique. Generally produced with wrought iron or fire, these holders can hold two kinds of curtain materials, enhancing the look of your house.

11. Fancy Curtain Rod Holders:

Fancy curtain holders are a perfect choice for people who like a quirky finish to their house, and they come in different finishes, like silver or copper. Choose as per your taste, the colour of your curtain, or the ones that complete the décor of your house. The simplicity of the design makes them suitable for any home and is very easy to install.

12. Rustic Curtain Rod Holders:

Image Source: pinterest

The rustic look is gaining prominence, where the décor retains most of the house’s natural features. The rustic curtain rod holder perfectly blends into such types of homes. The unaltered raw wood is a perfect example of a no-fuss aesthetic that beautifies the subdued hues. This is a comfortable furnishing that can easily blend into any room in the house.

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13. Adjustable Curtain Rod Holders:

The adjustable curtain rod holders are best known for their adjustability and are made with wrought iron. Depending on the need, you can use these holders for any window size using the adjustability range. The long durability of these curtain holders makes them one of the best choices for long-term use. The screw present in the socket helps hold the curtain rod in place without sliding off

14. Elephant Curtain Rod Holders:

If you are looking for a regal look for your living space, then these antique curtain rod holders are a perfect choice. Although these holders can handle only a single curtain, the gold finish, along with the beautiful elephant design, gives your house a beautiful finish. These holders’ intricate design work and the sleek finish make it the right choice for any conventional space.

15. Homemade Curtain Holder Design:

If you love to tinker, then this homemade curtain rod holder suits you the best. The simple design is easy to install and is very inexpensive. The raw feel of the curtain holder and rod’s materials give your home a serene look. This is a perfect choice for people who love simplicity.

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The décor is essential in intensifying the beauty of your house. The curtain holders may look simple, but the utility they provide in holding the curtain upright along with adding a degree of elegance to any room of your house makes them unique. These are the best curtain holder designs in the market, you can choose the one right for you without any hassle. Do let us know how the information we provided has helped you!


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