Shopping for curtains is often challenging when we renovate our homes or a particular room, and we tend to overlook permanent hardware like curtain rod designs. We must choose the right type of rod by way of colour and size, and the sturdiness and the look are essential as there is no use in hanging your expensive drapes and curtains from a cheap rod as over time it can bow marring the overall look of your curtains. Scroll down and explore some of the best options in curtain rods that bring out the best in your curtains without compromising on quality.

Different Types Of Curtain Rods:

Curtains create a significant impact on the overall appearance of a room; we place a lot of importance on the colour, the design, and the material, and we often tend to ignore the type of curtain rods used. We have different types of curtain rods, such as double curtain rods, single curtain rods, and small, and large curtain rods. We must ensure that we select the right type of hardware to bring out the beauty of the curtains and spice up the room, giving it an elegant look.

Latest Curtain Rod Designs In India:

Here are our 20 simple and modern curtain rod designs, that you can incorporate to bring elegance into your home.

1. Double Curtain Rods:

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This type of hanging curtain rod consists of two parallel rods that allow one to hang two sets of curtains, and the rods are held together with a bracket. They also help to give a two-dimensional effect and add depth to the window of the room. The layering of curtains adds to the visual appeal of the room with double curtain rods and also helps to filter out harsh sunlight by drawing one set of curtains.

2. Wooden Curtain Rods:

These window curtain rods made of wood give the room a warm and comfy feeling and add a touch of elegance to any window in your home. Curtain rods are made of different kinds of wood, and some of them are even made out of bamboo. The wood colour varies from light to dark and can be customized and works well with rustic décor giving it a cosy environment.

3. Brass Curtain Rods:

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If you want to add glamour to a room designed in contemporary style, then luxury curtain rods made out of brass are the right solution as they ideally provide a bright contrast in a room filled with wooden furniture. The brassy gold colour suits different décor styles and adds a touch of grandeur. There is a myriad of designs available, and you can choose anything from antique brass to burnished brass to emphasize the aesthetic beauty of your room.

4. Steel Curtain Rods:

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These simple curtain rods made of stainless steel with their neat minimalist look dramatically improve the look of a room and are known for their high functionality and sturdiness. It is in perfect harmony with the décor of the room and the drapes that are chosen. The double steel curtain rod complements your curtain and results in an attractive layered look where you can embellish your windows with creativity.

5. Aluminium Curtain Rod Design:

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We are familiar with the rods made of aluminium for curtains that we often see in offices and hotels. These rods are light and not difficult to handle and install and are available in a wide variety of designs and can be custom-designed. There are aluminium powder-coated curtain rods with double drapery rods. These double curtain rod designs are durable and are crack resistant and available at affordable rates.

6. Tension Curtain Rods:

These rods are often ideally placed as shower curtain rods and can be used in other places in our homes. Almost any curtain can be hung on this type of rod, which is durable, rust-resistant, and sturdy. They are also available in a wide range of sizes and help curtains slide easily without any hassle. These unique curtain rods are available in a sleek contemporary style, and the tension is consistent.

7. Curved Curtain Rod Design:

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Ideally, these latest curtain rod designs are suitable for corner windows in our homes, and being flexible can be customized to go along the shape of your window. They also suite arched windows and create a dramatic effect by giving it a look of warmth and cosiness. One can opt for this type of curtain rod as it makes it look decorative and highly functional.  These corner curtain rods are available in a wide variety of colours and designs and suit any bathroom décor.

8. Adjustable Curtain Rod:

This single curtain rod carries a subtle charm about it and suits the décor of any room. They are a smart choice and have decorative finials with enough space between the wall and the window. They offer hassle-free installation and are easy to adjust and can be quickly assembled with easy-to-understand instructions. There is a timeless elegance about these rods that fit according to the size of the window.

9. Corner Curtain Rod Design:

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These bedroom curtain rods are apt to frame the corner window of your bedroom or any other part of your home and offer a lot of scopes for decorative ideas. The corner curtain rods can transform the look of a room and create a cosy look. They can make your home look fancier than it is and make your windows look more prominent and airier.

10. Decorative Curtain Rods:

If you want to bestow your home with a designer look, then decorative curtain rods are just what you need. It changes the look of your entire room, making it look visually appealing. These small and large curtain rods are available and are a creative way to decorate the rooms in your home. It enhances the décor and theme of your home with different types of decorations in the form of round balls, vines and leaves, etc.

11. Farmhouse Curtain Rods:

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If you want to achieve a farmhouse-themed look for your home, then you need curtain rods that ideally suit the wooden furniture, floors, and panels paired with matching drapery to enhance the decor’s rustic appearance. The curtain rods must be able to blend and merge with your furniture seamlessly. By doing this, one can achieve an authentic visual appearance successfully.

12. Rustic Curtain Rods:

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This is a rustic curtain rod made with wooden dowels, a round piece of wood that has a hole drilled into it. They can be made of different types of wood, such as birch, oak, mahogany, etc. and are a DIY curtain rod made of wooden dowels. Hanging curtains on these make it easy and comfortable to move them back and forth. It adds style to any type of décor and is highly functional and cost-effective too.

13. Custom Curtain Rods:

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This is a customized acrylic curtain rod that consists of transparent rods that resemble a glass curtain rod and can be used to hang elegant drapes. This gorgeous curtain rod is very sturdy and brings out the beauty of your curtains and drapes. The hooks for this kind of rod is that they are thick. Customized rods are handy and beneficial when you need a curtain rod of a longer length.

14. PVC Curtain Rod Design:

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This simple curtain rod is an extendable PVC curtain rod where a smaller curtain rod can fit into a larger pole and be adjusted accordingly. Here the two poles fit into each other whereas the smaller one can go into the diameter of the larger pole. PVC pipes are lighter in weight and can be easily manoeuvred. This is an inexpensive way of hanging your curtains and does not involve any cutting.

15. Antique Curtain Rods:

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If you want to add a traditional charm to your home, then living room curtain rods made of metals such as brass, and copper with intricate ornamentation add to the beauty of your home décor. Brass curtain rod finials, as seen above, give a perfect finishing touch to your sophisticated décor and consist of beautifully carved designs adding a decorative flair to your home.

16. Kids Curtain Rods:

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While choosing curtains, it is equally essential that we select the right kind of curtain rods, and kids would love to have fancy small curtain rods. Bright-coloured finials add to the beauty of the room when matched with the curtains.  Finials are available in different shapes and colours and offer you a wide range of choices.

17. Designer Curtain Rods:

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Many creative decorative finial ideas give a designer touch to your home, and these go a long way in creating a super classic visual look. Designer curtain rods are available with crystal finials that can embellish your living space. You can elevate your home décor with these luxury curtain rods that provide a look of grandeur based on style, colour, and theme according to the décor of your home.

18. Contemporary Curtain Rods:

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This rod’s design is ideal and a perfect example of a simple yet elegant modern curtain rod. It is simple in design and strong and durable and makes a style statement for modern rooms with a décor based on contemporary design.  Contemporary curtain rods aim to create a dramatic visual effect with matching brackets and are lovely for adding depth to a room.

19. Pink Curtain Rod Design:

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This pink-coloured bedroom curtain rod with smoothly moving rings is ideal for a teenage girl’s room and is an instant favourite as it creates a dramatic influence on how the room looks. This is one of the colours that is universally liked for a baby girl or a teenage girl and is a simple yet sure choice for any parent!

20. Butterfly Curtain Rod Design:

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This is one of the most creative designs undeniably loved by girls, and the beauty of these delicately crafted butterflies can create a new look at first glance. These crystal finials are an instant favourite among young girls and are available in sparkling pastel colours and are an ideal design for a young teen’s room along with plastic curtain rods in bright colours.

If you plan to give your home a much-needed upgrade and are shopping for curtains, ensure that you pay equal attention to the type of curtain rods. This extensive article shows you in detail how different types of curtain rods are used for various styles of curtains. The beauty of the curtains and the design of decorative curtain rods both go hand-in-hand. Curtain rods help us complement the beauty of the curtains and add to the overall aesthetic effect and the beauty of a room. Do let us know which curtain rod designs are best suited to your home the best!


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