The first most popular cut shapes for diamonds are the round brilliant ones in perfect shape. Apart from these round brilliant ones, there are two more popular cuts in diamonds being princess cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds. The cushion cut diamonds have a square cut diamond with the corners being rounded like a cushion. This is extremely popular like the round diamonds of present day.

Latest Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings:

Here we will have a look into the top 9 splendid cushion cut engagement rings.

1. Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings:

This is a splendid gold diamond engagement ring. With awesome engagement rings cushion cut diamond in the center, the ring gets highlighted with the paved diamonds on the ring like a bridge. The cushion cut diamond in centre is brilliantly held in a halo with sparkling diamonds giving the ring a great thing to flaunt it on one’s finger.

Halo is the square diamond setting which holds the cushion cut diamond placed at the center in the ring.

2. Rose Gold Cushion Cut  Diamond Engagement Ring:

Rose gold jewellery looks ravishing and classy as the jewellery itself speaks for itself. This beautiful rose gold ring in 14 carats has sparkling cushion cut diamond ring embellished on the center. The ring also has small diamonds set beautifully across the ring in a bridge pattern.

3. White Gold Cushion Cut Engagement Ring:

Truly mesmerizing and ravishing are these white gold cushion cut engagement rings. In the center, the ring has a huge cushion cut diamond ring in prong setting with brilliant shiny white diamonds in paved pattern on the sides of the ring in the bridge. Further the cushion cut diamond is held by a halo of shiny diamonds.

4. Split Shank Cushion Cut Engagement Ring:

This wonderful engagement ring is made in 14 carat white gold with cushion cut diamonds in a white diamond halo with split shank design for the prong set side diamonds. The square halo perfectly holds the cushion cut diamonds and is accented by two rows of prong set side diamonds.The whole arrangement in white gold and white diamonds with the clear cushion cut diamond in center makes this even more desirable. Split shank refers to the style which features a band in the ring that part as it reaches the center setting. These designs have a visible gap between the band and the center diamond or halo.

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5. Pink Sapphire Cushion Cut Engagement Rings:

These are just awesome cushion engagement rings. One look at them and one can’t have a look at anything else. The cuts colour, and brilliance everything is just perfect for it to be an engagement ring. This 14 carat rose gold ring is in a split shank pattern having pink sapphires and diamonds. Further the ring has two halos which hold the center diamond in place. One halo is in white diamonds and the next one is of pink sapphires. The way in which the sapphires and diamonds are set in this rose gold ring is just spectacular.

6. Harry Winston Cushion Cut Engagement Ring:

Harry Winston is a style of setting found in cushion diamond rings and bands. These rings have a complete circle of round brilliant diamonds with the bar or the ring set in platinum. This Harry Winston rings setting in platinum   are an emblem of love and commitment of rile and hence is perfect as an engagement ring. The cushion cut diamond is held with a halo and the ring is set in platinum in Harry Winston style with diamonds.

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7. Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire:

Solitaires are one of the perfect ones for an engagement because of the setting of the diamond and the look of solitaires. This ring is in 2.05 carat cushion cut diamond solitaire in the center with lovely diamond accents on the thin ring thus completing the royal look of the ring. The cushion cut solitaire is perfectly held embellished on top in this amazing engagement ring.

8. Three Stoned Cushion Cut Engagement Ring:

As if one cushion cut diamond was not enough to be the centre of attraction in an engagement ring, this three stoned ring has three brilliant cushion cut diamonds placed beautifully in an amazing setting. Another striking feature is the full diamond band which holds the three stoned cushion cut diamonds in this ring.

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9. Tiffany Cushion cut Engagement Ring:

Tiffany is the world’s favorite engagement ring setting. The Tiffany setting for diamonds belong to the company tiff any for the special setting of diamonds with specific number of prongs that held the diamond in such a way that the diamond was the highlight in the ring. Tiffany designs believed in less metal obscuring the main attraction which is the cushion cut ring. This setting gives undivided attention to the cushion cut diamonds in the engagement rings.

Diamonds are perfect for an engagement ring. The different cuts in diamonds gives us an option to choose from the varied range like round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, square cut etc. The lustre, shine, brilliance and radiance of diamonds are the thing which makes these cushions cut engagement rings stand out always.


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