Jewellery worn around the wrist is a bracelet. This might be solid round, fastened with a clasp, or cuff style. Bracelets are worn as religious symbols or to adorn with charms and precious stones. Trendy bracelets are made of metals like gold, silver and copper. Bracelets are also made of leather, plastic, wood, shells, rocks, and others.

Latest Custom Bracelets in Fashion:

Here are the top 9 Custom Bracelets in different designs, choose your best one from the below bracelets.

1. Tree of Life Custom Bracelet:

Tree of life bracelet has a charm with a tree. Each charm hanging represents a child with its name. A charm can be added to the bracelet at any point of time. This is popular amongst those who like to keep the name of dear ones near them. Generally, this silver plated bracelet is for mothers and grandmothers.

2. Engraved Cuff Custom Bracelets:

Bracelet is 6” in length and made of pure aluminum, brass or copper. Outer surface has an inscription that reads -‘and all I loved, I loved alone’. An individual can use his/her own words in desired font using 30 characters and spaces. The writing is hand stamped.

3. Gold Personalized Custom Bracelet:

Bracelet is handmade from 10kt yellow gold. Designer creates designs using soft ware and requests the individual to select one. Once the design is finalized by the individual, the designer completes the bracelet. The name is cut from flat gold sheets and it is connected using a 10K yellow gold chain.

4. Silver Name Custom Bracelet:

Bracelet is made of silver. The name of the individual as specified by him/her is added. Designers create the designs to choose from. After the design is selected, the bracelet is handmade after cutting from silver sheet. The individual can attach a birthstone to the bracelet. This would make the Silver Name bracelet more unique and attractive.

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5. Men’s Leather Custom Bracelet:

Men’s leather bracelet does not look very elegant on women.  Men can wear this bracelet made of braided leather strands to increase the durability. There is a stainless steel clasp  for adjusting the size of the leather bracelet. On the opposite side, there is a metal wound around the leather bracelet. On the outer surface of this metal, men can engrave their favourite words using any font.

6. Rustic Pebble Custom Bracelet:

The rustic pebble bracelet has a silver charm that hangs. This can be engraved using personalized characters by the prospective owner. The rustic pebble bracelet has double cords of leather so that it is durable and strong. This bracelet is available in a wide range of sizes. Hence, it can be worn by both women and men who fancy it.

7. Wooden Bead Custom Bracelet:

The Poplar wood is suitable for engraving and cutting into beads and others to make wooden bracelets.  These bracelets are available in dark and light coloured beaded bracelets on a stretchy cord.  The bracelet has an engraved name that is the owner’s name. The engraving is specially made using laser cut.

8. Copper Cuff Custom Bracelet:

Copper bracelet cuff made of copper is hammered and chiselled. Texture is hammered into the adjustable cuff. There are criss-cross engravings on the surface and folded edges. Copper is good for health so wearing this simple bracelet for daily use is perfect.

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9. Braided Copper Wire work Cuff Custom Bracelet:

This bracelet is uniquely designed since it resembles barbed wire tied with thin wire. Being a cuff styled bracelet this fits everyone and can be worn by both men and women. This bracelet is also made of copper wire work so the bracelet is for fashion more than health.

Going through the article, we can conclude that there are made kinds of Custom bracelets available. These are available for celebrating every occasion for both men and women. As per your choice you can buy them in your budget too, you will get good varieties in custom bracelets. Try them for your daily outing.


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