Custom Pillows are a nice way to make your home or car more decorative. And the process is very much simple – you buy decorative pillow covers for your existing pillows and then tuck them into those covers. And voila, you get a new and gorgeous looking pillow which is custom made. There’s nothing a better idea than personalizing your own pillows. That’s why this list will help you select the best ones for yourself and your family as well.

Best Custom Pillow Designs In India:

Here are our 9 simple and modern custom pillow designs, that make your interior more attractive. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Custom Designed Pillow Design:

If you like personalized pillows, then this will make you smile. This imported pillow is fully made up of cotton and is imported too. This eco-friendly pillow will help you insert your own picture or any type of text. This pillow can be used in either your home or in your car as well. Absolutely, the best-personalized pillow with a picture to be honest.

2. Personalized Home Decor Design Throw Pillows:

If you’re into personalized throw pillows, then this will be the best option for you. This pillow is made up of totally cotton-linen blend, and there is also a zipper to fully seal it. This pattern is only given on the front and it looks very beautiful. These new pillows will definitely make your other pillows look awesome too.

3. White Cotton Zipper Custom Pillow Design:

If you love using custom made pillows, you can try this one out. This pillow is made of soft and cotton materials, that are not only good for your skin but are also eco-friendly as well. It has also a zipper closure which stays invisible. The beautiful designs and patterns on the pillow do look great and lovely as well.

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4. Double-Sided Indoor Photo Custom Pillow Design:

This is one of the best custom printed pillows to buy right now. They are truly very much comfortable and look lovely. They are very much fading resistant and will also help to look at your room more lively. The pillows feature both sides print, with amazing quality on each side. This is one of the softest and stylish pillows.

5. Decorative Custom Pillow Case Design:

This is one of the most unique looking custom decorative pillows you could ever find. The pillowcases are made of lightweight, very durable texture as well as slightly rough too. The pillows cases have been created with extensive handcrafted professionals so that there would be no complaints and are perfectly fit for any use in the house. The zipper on it is also fully hidden too.

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6. Handmade Personalized Pillow Cases:

This is one of the most simple yet classy looking personalized decorative pillows you can find. The pillows cases are made with both polyester and wool and can be used every day and also be used as a great decor item too. The cases look very different, cute and charming to the common consumers. This handmade pillowcase also has a hidden zipper.

7. Custom Photo Pillow Case:

Personalized photo pillows are a great way to show off your style and family photos to your relatives and others. These cases not only look great but also create a statement. Absolutely essential for a modern home, and therefore a great buy for the whole of your family.

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8. Embroidered Cotton Throw Pillow Cover:

If you are planning to buy custom embroidered pillows, look at these options. These covers are made of thick cotton linen fabrics, with high-quality materials. These are very soft, cushiony like covers that look very nice and vibrant. These covers are one-sided print only and have hidden zippers too.

9. Delicate Organic Cotton Shell:

These custom-made throw pillows are great pillow shells for your little kids. These shells are handcrafted and are totally made of organic cotton, which are free from all harmful chemical and other substances. These are very fluffy and give nice soft support to your kids’ head and neck. These are also non-allergic as well.

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Thus, it should be totally clear to us now that there are so many ways you can customize your pillows. Whether by buying cases or shells, you can decorate them with various kinds of photos. They will all look great and thus will make sleep more comfortably and peacefully.


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