A cycling jersey is a specially designed jersey which is used for cycling purposes. However, it should be noted that most cyclists across the globe opt for more conventional cycling clothing; jerseys also offer some great advantages for sports enthusiasts. Most cycling jerseys are usually cut quite long at the back to ensure that the cyclist does not face any discomfort when in a hunched position. If pockets are added, they are usually done so in the back to avoid spills if they are placed in front. Most jerseys are fitted quite tightly in order to minimize air resistance. In fact, the fabric used to make most jerseys prevent sweat from sticking to a cyclists’ body to keep them cool. Here are some of the top cycling jerseys.

Best Cycling Jerseys:

1. The Cityscape Jersey:

Heavily inspired by the skyscrapers found in New York, this cycling jersey is cool and stylish in addition to being functional. Placed strategically on the front and at the bottom of the sleeves, the graphic design really makes a statement. The jersey is also water and sweat-resistant to make cycling more comfortable.

2. Graphic Jersey:

The youth of today are enamored by color blocking and graphic prints. This jersey is a fine example of how both these trends look good together. The bold yellow and black add a touch of style while the graphic print and text makes this jersey perfect for a cycling adventure.

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3. The Professional Jersey:

For professional cyclists, a jersey should be stylish, but more importantly it should be functional. The cyclist in this picture opts for a simple jersey design that offers both comfort and functionality. It also is sweat-resistant considering the amount of ground he may have had to cover.

4. Tribal Jersey:

The ever-efficient and stylish tribal jersey is great to look at and even greater to put on. Made from stretch fabric, the tribal design placed at the centre of the jersey is the main attraction. This design suits those cyclists that are considered to be rebels. This design is more suitable for men than it is for women.

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5. The Taxi Jersey:

Inspired by the taxi colors and the checkered flag waved at most a Formula One race, this jersey has been especially designed for those have a need for speed. The bright color and the quirky design makes these jerseys truly stand out.

6. The Geometric Jersey:

Geometric prints are the rage these days. This jersey has incorporated the use of this new fashion trend very well. It does not go overboard with the design and is functional and lightweight also. The use of light, summer colors makes it look cool. The stretch fabric is water and sweat-resistant, making it comfortable to wear.

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7. Jersey for Women:

Even women cyclists require jerseys that are fun, stylish and functional. This particular jersey has winter colors incorporated into it, giving it a warm and textured look and feel. The soothing tones will go well with all types of skin shades. The detailing on the side also makes the jersey quite graphic without being overpowering.

8. Two-Toned Jersey:

This two-toned jersey is perfect for cyclists who enjoy being a little conservative and bold at the same time. The inter-linking graphic which is spread all over the jersey is not overpowering but makes a powerful statement. The light material also ensures that the weight of the jersey does not hinder the cyclist during an expedition.

9. The Unisex Jersey:

This bold mix of color is perfect for both men and women. The lightweight material also ensures that the cyclist feels comfortable when riding. These jerseys are both sweat and water-resistant to ensure that it does not get too stuffy for the cyclist when riding a cycle.

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