Every person is different, and their taste for tattoo designs also varies. Although D letter tattoos are single letter designs, they beautifully express strong and deep emotions. Instead of getting a matching tattoo, many couples get their partner’s initial, giving it a deeper meaning. These D letter tattoo designs are usually subtle but hold sentimental meaning to the wearer.

These initial tattoos can also be a beautiful representation of someone close to your heart. Let us review this article for some of the best design options before getting it inked permanently.

20 D Letter Tattoo Designs With Meanings:

Although you can get a simple letter D as a tattoo, you can add different symbols like flowers, crowns, wings, etc., as per your preference. We present you with some design options you can go through before making a choice.

1. Intricate D Letter Design Tattoo:

This design can be a perfect choice if you are a fan of intricate patterns for your d letter tattoos. The small letter d has bold lines and thin vines across the letter with beautiful leaves. Although this design looks exception in black ink, you can use multiple colours to create an enhanced-looking tattoo.

2. Double-Lined Alphabet Tattoo:

We usually find tattoos filled with black ink, so this double-lined d letter tattoo is unique and makes the wearer stand out. The classic and retro finish of the design makes it a great sport, and it looks best when placed on the arm or ankle. You can leave this tattoo as is or add other elements if you want as per your choice.

3. D Alphabet Tattoo Design With Cartoon Head:

Cartoons have been a part of our childhood and will never go out of our lives anytime soon. Disney comes to mind when we think about cartoons, and this Disney-themed d letter tattoo design is a perfect choice for those who want to express their love for them and their childhood memories.

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4. Small Letter D Tattoo In The Calligraphic Font:

With different fonts available in tattoos, calligraphy is one of the standards and royal-looking fonts. Although small, the alphabet’s bold and stylish finish makes the wearer exude beauty and style in one go. The neck is a perfect place o get this tattoo engraved, which always gives you an option to cover up as per the situation.

5. Bewitching D Letter Tattoo Design On The Waist:

The waist is considered one of the body’s sensual parts, and some people prefer getting tattoos engraved in this area to give it personal meaning. The stylish d letter on the waist looks attractive and is usually selected by bold people to show off this area of their body.

6. Black And White D Alphabet Tattoo On Hand:

This d letter tattoo has double lines, but the difference in the alphabet’s inner area is filled with black ink. This gives the letter a black and white effect called gradient effect and looks fantastic on both men and women. You can also replace the black ink with other colour options for a different and lively look.

7. Stylish D Letter Tattoo:

This is perfect if you want to style your d letter tattoo design. The bold and thin lines of the alphabet look beautiful and suitable for anyone, irrespective of age. Unless you want to add some more elements to the design pattern, you may not be able to experiment much with this design.

8. Beautiful Tattoo Letter D Designs With Leaves:

This is a capital d tattoo design with double lines without filling. Although this might look common, this tattoo’s speciality comes from the leaves present on the vertical line of the letter d, similar to a climber attached to the letter reminding us of nature. You can add colours to this pattern’s elements, giving it a realistic finish.

9. Letter D With A Crown Tattoo:

Crowns are a common sight when it comes to single-letter tattoos. The letter d is relatively standard in a cursive font; the speciality comes when a beautiful crown is placed on the head of the letter d, giving it a regal finish. The crown’s black outline is filled with grey shadings that contrast the bold letter d.

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10. Letter D With Heart Tattoo Designs:

Hearts and tattoos go hand in hand, and people who are avid collectors of tattoos know that for a fact. But this tattoo combines the beauty of a heart shape and the personal meaning of the letter d exceptionally. It looks like the letter d is inside the heart, which might look similar to the wearer’s sentiment with the tattoo design.

11. Bold D Letter Tattoo Images:

The neck is a perfect and commonly chosen space for a single-letter tattoo. This gorgeous tattoo’s bold and thick lines exude elegance to the wearer. Although the pattern is straightforward, the placement gives the design all the effect. You can also use different colours as per your choice.

12. Alphabet D Tattoo With Flying Birds:

Birds represent cultural and aesthetic aspects of life and are important to us. The birds represent freedom, and it is chosen by people who love and respect their independence. It is a means to express your love for unlimited flight in the form of a d letter tattoo with birds as your medium.

13. D Letter Tattoo With A Star On The Ankle:

Stars are famous and fabulous elements added to your tattoos that enhance your d letter design tattoo’s overall look. Stars usually represent knowledge in the dark, divine leadership, or a guiding star. It can also mean a stylish addition to your single-letter tattoo, giving it a lasting finish.

14. Elaborate D Letter Tattoo Aligned With Nature:

This design can be a perfect choice if you have an eye for intricate and delicate designs for a d letter tattoo. This large d letter is covered with beautiful and colorful vines and flowers that design a natural and floral finish. The alphabet has a filling of black ink, and the surrounding elements are filled with a combination of colours. Although this design might look feminine, anyone can get this tattoo irrespective of gender.

15. Letter D Tattoo Ideas For Couples:

Couple tattoos are quite popular among lovers, partners, or even best friends. The simple initials have the power to represent the amount of love two people can share and describe it eternally. This can be a perfect option for people who love simple designs without other patterns.

16. D Letter Tattoo Designs On The Side Of The Wrist:

This d letter tattoo design represents nature by adding a butterfly, which young girls and women often choose. Butterflies not only look beautiful but also describe the process of transformation. This design looks gorgeous in simple black ink, but you can transform it using different colour options.

17. Letter D Tattoo With Heart:

This is yet another couple tattoo where the two alphabets are placed inside the heart giving it a romantic meaning. The heart is filled with red colour and is big enough to fit the two alphabets in medium size. The cursive font of the letters looks stylish, and the addition of a red heart gives the entire design a personal touch.

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18. Fruity D Letter Tattoo:

This d letter tattoo design is an artistic representation of multiple things in a beautiful way. This design looks like a heart, an apple, and a letter d from a different angle. This is a perfect tattoo design option for those who want to convey their feeling while keeping the letter d discreet. This design looks perfect when engraved on the wrist.

19. Unique D Fonts For Tattoos:

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If you have been to a pub, you must have come across a stamp similar to this d letter tattoo. This symbol also represents the democratic party, and many supporters have gotten it engraved. But the wearer’s perspective matters since it is your tattoo on your body. Using different colors can also add a lively look to it.

20. Letter D With A Crown Tattoo:

This is yet another d letter tattoo with a small crown on top of the alphabet suitable for everyone. Since the crown’s size and the letter can be engraved in small and medium-size, it looks the best on the wrist, ankle, and back of the neck. The crown looks similar to the one you can find on the playing cards. You can leave it in black ink or choose sparkling colors too.


The love for tattoos has been increasing dramatically among people irrespective of age. These body arts beautifully represent emotion and remind us always as a mark on our body. The best D letter tattoo designs mentioned in this article will give you an insight before finalizing the right one. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you make a choice.

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