One of the most phenomenal and innovative forms of Yoga is the Dahn Yoga which emerged in Korea several years ago. It has a very interesting history and is practised by millions of yoga centres and schools throughout the world. It focuses on increasing the core strength of your body and integrates the principles of Korean Oriental Medicine. It has various mind and body exercises, stretches and yoga practices that will improve your physical, mental and spiritual health. The basic understanding of Dahn Yoga has been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

Here are The Best Dahn Yoga Exercises and Benefits for Beginners.

1. Warming Up:

Before you start your session, it is important for you to warm up. This includes tapping, some abdominal exercises and stretches. These exercises will release all your tension from the body and prepare you for your workout. Since the practices are very dynamic, you must warm up before you begin.

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2. Basic Exercises:

After your warm up, you can start with some basic exercises such as stretching, twisting and joint rotation. They improve your blood circulation and increase your body strength.

3. Breathing:

Breathing is valuable in Dahn yoga. It relieves you from anxiety and helps you to soothe both your body and mind. It eases you from stress and helps you to slow down. They foster natural healing from various diseases and prepare you for the next step which is meditation.

4. Meditation:

Meditation makes you more compassionate. According to researchers, those who attend meditation classes were more likely to give away their seat to an old person than someone who doesn’t practice at all. It definitely has several benefits and helps people feel calmer and happier in life. People who attend meditation classes seem to have more empathy for others than those who don’t.

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5. Cooling Down:

After a good meditating session, it is important for you to cool down. For this you may do some stretching exercises. This will improve your overall wellness and also fight common health problems. Regular physical activities such as these shall surely make a big difference in your life. You will see the result for sure.

6. Tea Time:

Dahn Yoga also uses Tea Time for socializing with their companions and other friends who practice with them. It gives a chance to the students to have a good conversation with their instructors and share more about what they have been learning. This is mostly practiced in East Asia.

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7. Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is one of the most basic aspects of Dahn Yoga. It is a martial art designed for self defence but is also used here because of its several health and spiritual benefits. It involves the principle of Taoism and has been translated as “Supreme Ultimate Force”. Doing this will really help you learn more about and also give you the opportunity to develop your strength.

8. Korean Style Power Yoga:

Dahn Yoga offers to you the Korean style Power Yoga. It has five different poses and all of them are so interesting. They replenish energy in your body and bring about a complete transformation. They remove lethargy and make you feel good at the end of the session.

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9. Health Benefits of Dahn Yoga:

Dahn Yoga has several health benefits. First of all, it removes all joint pains; especially in your neck, feet, shoulders and legs. Secondly, it helps you sleep better. All those who suffer with insomnia or can’t sleep at night because of stress shall find a lot of relief doing Dahn yoga. Third, it takes care of headaches. It promotes blood circulation and relaxation throughout the body.


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